I wish you were here – Ep 18 – KAIRA MILAN

< div>Kartik is in deep ache. The two hearts which separated have united now after so lengthy. Naira feels his ache and- Kartik: Naira..have a look at me, dekho mujhe Naira: Kartik I cant try this…I’m ashamed of myself. I know that I have finished a grave mistake. Its all my mistake I ought to have died the mome-.. Before she may end her phrases Kartik’s hand covers her mouth shutting it Kartik: Everyone was telling that me you were useless however I by no means believed it. I trusted that you won’t ever dream of leaving me, and you – once more are talking like this. Naira takes his hand and squeezes it Kartik: I am sorry Naira, you beloved me and I l- Naira: Let me communicate Kartik…I all the time mentioned of that I beloved you greater than you love me however I all the time mess up, I all the time harm you. You love me probably the most. When everybody believed my dying you by no means misplaced confidence that I was alive and I – I don’t deserve you Kartik realises his Naira is aware of her mistake and Kartik: You won’t ever go away me once more na Naira: Kyu? Kya kami hai meri Kartik mein? He deserves all of the love on this world. Khabardar agar maine use chhod ke chale gaye Kartik pulls her into a good hug. Naira: Ill by no means harm you. I can not see you in ache, mendak Kartik: Mein bhi, Im sorry maine jhoot bola. Naira: Lets neglect this please Kartik kisses her on her cheek Kartik: I missed you meri sherni. I missed you a lot Naira: Im sorry once more mendak. Kartik: Naira, duniya mein sorry ke alava bhi phrases hai Naira: Fir… I love you?!? Kartik: I love you too, however chalo it’s time for medication Naira: Kartik yaar, mein to dishonest karungi! Aur papa aur dadi ki medication Kartik: Arrey ha! Its time for his or her medicines too. I haven’t forgotten them. When I heard you ask physician about being in hospital, you didn’t fear Naira: Because I have you Kartik: Haan lekin that point you didn’t know that Im the Kartik who you have been eager for and needed to…exchange that Kartik Naira: Aarya preferred Sid, in first sight Kartik: And Sid did too, in first sight Naira: What? Hain? No, Aarya chudail doesn’t deserve my Sid or Kartik.. she is unhealthy Kartik: Your Sid? Naira: Aur kya? Mera Mr Rishikesh, who did this sherni fall for on the banks of Ganga River Kartik: Kitne cute ho tum..ab chalo Naira takes Kartik to the dressing desk Naira: Kartik…your work is pending, although I am again Kartik: Which work? Naira takes the sindoor field and fingers over him Kartik: I have been ready to fill your, maang myself awaiting your return…now its time for me to fill Naira: Par meri line cross ki thi maine, na.. Holi ke din aur mandir mein bhi Kartik: That was by Aarya na Naira giggles. Kartik pulls her nearer Naira: I mentioned no extra of Aarya na Kartik: shorry na Kartik takes the sindoor and fills her maang. Their eyes are full of affection. Naira hugs him. Luv Kush come to Kaira room, and get excited at what they see Kartik doing.. They run down Luv and Kush: bhaiya bhabhi ka Milan hone wala hai! woohoooo! Gayu, Dadi, Swarna and Surekha snicker Luv Kush Gayu: At final my sister was accepted by Kartik Dadi: Gayu? Gayu: I realised how incorrect I was, Chachi, I harm my sister. Dadi: Its time for happiness now Swarna: Sach maaji. This Diwali will probably be crammed solely happiness, no unhappiness Surekha: Haan didi, haan Gayu, haan maaji… its so particular this yr, Kartik, aur Naira ka milan jo ho raha hai. Kaira room Kaira feed one another. They have a look at one another. Their eyes get moist which they discover for one another Kartik wipes her tears Kartik: Naira… Naira: My accident.. Kartik: Saza hai, for that phrase and you must be grateful and appreaciative to it too Naira: Thankful? Appreciative? Kartik: . Haan ji, madam you misplaced you reminiscence na Aur Naira tumhara accident hua, you are harm – Naira: Maine tumhe zyada harm kiya, Kartik: I have forgotten it and forgiven then kyu, why u nonetheless speaking about it Naira: Okay Sorry hereafter I won’t ever go away, or I wont struggle with you over something Kartik: Nahi.. na, thats boring.. us with out nok jhok will probably be like days with out khana. Naira: Tikhe hai, we are going to struggle however solely nok jhok. Kartik: That’s effective Akshu begins to cry and Naira runs to her Naira: We won’t ever be separate. An thought strikes and Naira smiles broad. Kartik: Naira? Naira stops smiling and remembers Samarth. Naira: Kartik, Samarth Chachu? Swarna comes Swarna: Chodo na Samarth bhai sab ko, he was evil, he deliberate to take Akhilesh away and hypnotize him. Kartik: Haan Naira, maa sahi ke rahi hai. Rajshri comes Rajshri: Haan bitiya, Samarth ko bhul jao. SCENE FREEZES PRECAP: NEW ENTRY VERY SOON? WHO IS FOLLOWING NAIRA? TWIST COMING. WHO IS THIS MYSTERY PERSON? (18)

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