I wish you were here – Ep 16 – ANGER

Everyone get happy that Naira has got back her memory. Swarna calls Keerthi

Keerthi: Maa

Swarna: Keerthi Naira has got back her memory

Keerthi: Great maa…how is she now?

Swarna: She has a few fractures beta..

The conversation goes on and Akshu cries. Kairav runs to her and takes her in his arms

Kairav: Akshu…why are you crying? Are you missing muma…dont worry Akshu muma and papa will come back soon. I wish mumma completes her secret mission soon and comes back.
Akshu doesn’t stop crying

Kairav: Akshu dont cry Akshu see Big bro is here with you na then why are you crying? Ill sing lori for you

Kairav hums the lori and puts Akshu to sleep. Keerthi disconnects the call and looks at them

Keerthi: Kairav ?

Kairav: Bua woh Akshu roh rahi thi thats why

Keerthi: Sorry Kairav woh

Kairav: Its okay bua..bua when will muma and papa come?

Keerthi: They will come in the morning beta. Now bacho it’s sleeping time..come come

Keerthi gets Akshu in her arms and the kids follow her to the bedroom. The scene freezes


Kartik: Maa all of you leave Ill stay back with Naira

Manish: Par beta

Kartik: Papa only one can stay so Ill be here..all of you go and rest

Dadi: Kittu sahi ke raha hai.

Naksh: Let him be papa.. he wont listen to us. Kartik Ill come in the morning to discharge Naira

Everyone leave. Kartik walks in with a food plate and sits near Naira

Kartik: Naira eat something then you can sleep

He starts to feed her and his eyes get wet without him knowing. Naira notices it. Her hands extend to wipe his tears but he pushes it away

Kartik: Naira I can wipe my own tears..like how I was doing till now

Those words make her realise his pain

Naira: Im sorry Kartik ..those words were out of anger and that time I…

Kartik: I know Naira but Im not used to such words in your voice. The thing which makes it worse is you did not have even 1% of trust which I had . Trust se upar you never had patience to listen to me. You trusted Mayur but

Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: Okay I lied but did you wait to listen or think about why I did it? Cant you understand my love? Leave it too..its agreed that you did not remember anything …its fine you could have got angry and slapped me even but how can you question my character with that word? Now open your mouth and eat soon…
Naira: Ill eat myself..why are you straining?

Kartik: How can you with your arm fractured? Chup chap khana khao

He feeds her and makes her lie down. Her eyes dont want to sleep as they will miss seeing him but to avoid his anger getting worse she closes her eyes and tries to go to sleep. Kartik sits nearby .His heart aches as that one word keeps coming back like a boomerang

Kartik in mind: God why is this situation like this? My prayers for Naira being alive aur uski memories coming back have come true but why did you give so much pain that Im unable to celebrate this moment happily?

Tumhari yaadon ka mela hai sang mere hum safar

Unhi yaadon ko mud mud ke dekhe koyi si nazar

Ae kaash ke ye ho paata ye waqt wafa kar jatha

Dil ve bas hokar reh jaata hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

Naira wipes her tears and in mind: Bhagwan ji why didn’t I die the moment I fell? Why did I come up alive forgetting everything and hurting my mendak? He must have found it like hell when I myself was telling that I hate Kartik. Why did you bring Mayur and play games like this? Why did I use that word for my Kartik? I have ruined his life…

Sunaayi deti thi bin bole khamoshiyon ki sadaa

Haan koyi raaz nahi thanek duje se judaa

Hum raaz ka haath jo choota dil pehli baar yoon toota

Toota dil pal pal gabhratha hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

Both the hearts which love each other unconditionally are unable to sleep at peace. When guilt has occupied her heart his heart is occupied by wounds caused by her word.

Fir kyun wo aangan choota Kyun vishwaas woh toota

Khud kho dil samjaa naa paata hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

The night passes with utter difficulty but somehow Kartik and Naira fall asleep.

Goenka Villa

Naira and Kartik get back home. They are stopped at the door step

Dadi: Swarna do the aarti and welcome Naira home

Naira stumbles and Kartik tightens his hold on her and makes her stand. She could feel his love despite his anger being prominent

Once aarti is done Kartik helps Naira to get in. His eyes scan the walls from which Naira’s photo and the garland has been removed . It was the sight he was yearning for so long but his heart has no mood to rejoice it. Naira is seated on the couch and Kairav runs to her

Kairav: Mumma!…

He hugs Naira

Naira: Kairav

Kairav: Mumma is your secret mission over? Will you be here hereafter?

Kartik: Baby don’t disturb Mumma..she needs to rest

Naira: Kairav secret mission is over and mumma will be here only

Kairav: Then no more of Aarya Sharma?

Naira: No more, now it is only Naira Kartik Goenka.

Kartik: No more of it..hereafter its Kartik, Naira, Kairav and Akshu

They have happy time

Akshu starts to cry and Kartik runs to take her in his arms while Manish and Luv Kush take Naira to Kaira’s room. She remembers their happy moments there


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