I wish you were here – Ep 14 – Truth and Heartbreak

Its next morning when Sid and Aarya wake up. They are shocked to be in each other’s arms.

Aarya: Sorry Sid ji…Im so sorry

Sid: Its okay Aarya….you are not alone at fault

Both of them rush to the door and find it open

Sid: What happened how did we end up here?

Aarya blinks blank. Naksh rushes there

Naksh: Kar- Sid and Aarya are you fine?

Aarya: What happened Naksh ji?

Luv: Bro ,Aarya di, you were in nasha aur somehow got..

Aarya: Oh My God

Kush: Bhaiya Akshu is crying

Sid: Ill go at once

Sid rushes to Akshu when he bumps into Samarth

Sid: Chachu…

Samarth: Hai Kartik..dekho ye kya hai

Samarth shows the video to Kartik. He is shocked

Kartik: Chachu..

Samarth: Im going to show this to Naira aka Aarya…that you are Kartik

Kartik: Chachu please dont do it..please chachu

Samarth: Didnt you know that Im your chachu when you got me arrested

He pushes off Kartik and goes with his mobile towards Naira/Aarya. Kartik is tensed. He runs behind him

Swarna: Sid …Akshu is crying

Unable to bear the crying of his princess Kartik leaves Samarth and goes to Akshu. The fear of the outcome increases his heart rate.


Aarya leaves from the room is embarrassment

Aarya in mind: Kitna acha din ta propose karne ka..but you drank baang and lost consciousness. Now when will I propose him?

She bumps into Samarth

Aarya: Sorry ji

Samarth: Aarya..I want to show something to you

Samarth gives the mobile to Aarya. She watches the video when Naksh notices Samarth and rushes there

Naksh: Samarth

Samarth: Hello Naksh enjoy

Samarth smirks and leaves. Naksh notices that Aarya’s face changing as she sees the video

Naksh: Aarya ji…woh Sid ke

Aarya: ..how can you all lie like this?

Naksh is shocked

Aarya throws the mobile and rushes inside

Sid is handling Akshu when Aarya barges in

Rajshri: Beta..come and have your breakfast

Aarya: Not now Nani Maa

Aarya goes to Kartik

Aarya: Why did you lie like this?

Manish: What are you telling beta?

Aarya: Uncle.. I know all the truth now..your entire family is cheater. You have been cheating me with a fake name..was pushing me off the hill not enough Kartik?
Everyone get shocked on hearing it

Aarya: I have caught your lies at last. Thank God I knew it before I could have proposed you

Keerthi: Propose?

Aarya: Haan …I fell for him …not realising that It was a trap. I was believing your lies like a child. Im a fool Mayur tried to protect me but I …..left him and came with you. You exploiter, you cheated me.

Kartik is deeply wounded by the word.

Keerti: How dare you take such a word for my brother

Kartik: leave her …please Keerti woh meri Naira hai

Aarya: Im not Naira …Im Aarya

Kartik: You are right you believe all the lies like a child…but the lies did not start with me..it started with Mayur…you believed all that he told…that Kartik..pushed you down and you are Aarya…he is good for you and me..who loves you like anything is bad. He is the real- mujhe kehna bhi nahi hai

Kartik breaks down as the word exploiter keeps ringing in his ears. He slumps on the ground

Naksh: Dekha tune kya kiya uske saath..Naira,..

Aarya: Im Aarya not Kartik

Naira is slapped hard. she turns to see Swarna

Swarna: Kya Aarya Aarya kar rahe ho…Kartik is right…you are still believing the lies Naira…If what Kartik told is a lie then the matter of you being Aarya Sharma and Kartik deceiving you is a lie too..do you know how you fell? Kartik did not push you buddhu, you..

Kartik: Maa no maa dont tell anything to her ..

Manish: No she must know it

Aarya: What should I know hereafter?

Naksh: Pagal ho tum? One boy told that you are Aarya and you believed par an entire family is telling that you are Naira but its a lie for you

Aarya: I believed the entire family in Sid matter

Kartik: Who said its a lie? Im Sid and Im Kartik too…

Aarya: Again a lie

Kartik: Not it is not. Tumne bhi pehli baar Kartik se hi mili thi,…if you have doubts go to Rishikesh and ask about Kartik..every street know Kartik there. And when you lost your memory, I became Sid, to bring you back.

Saying this Kartik walks off . He gets into the car and leaves

Naksh: Papa…Kartik has

Swarna: I know him ..he will be going to Singhania Sadan..he cannot take wrong decisions after knowing that Naira is alive

Gayu: Lets go too..if he doesn’t want to stay here..why should we?

Everyone agree and get ready to leave

Manish give the address card to Aarya aka Naira

Manish: If you ever feel that all these tears and anger are not lies come to Goenka house. Its your house phir bhi Im in such a situation to give the address card of his house to my daughter like daughter-in-law.

Kairav: Mumma..ek na ek din apko sab kuch yaad aayega..isi umeed ke saath hum jaa rahe hai
As everyone get into the car Kairav hugs Naira

Naksh: Kairav beta chalo

Kairav: Nahi..Ill not come without mumma

Luv : Kairav..mumma will come after her secret mission is over..lets go

Krishna: Haan Kairav…

Keerthi: Naira..a kid wont lie of anyone being a maa…

Naksh: Keerthi come..if their love has power Naira will realise it one day

The cars leave. Aarya stands there confused. The scene freezes


Kartik is driving home. His tears keep flowing down his cheeks as Naira’s harsh words ring in his mind. His heart tries to console him that his Naira is Aarya now and its her who spoke those words but his mind says that the heart which was loving him has lost trust on him and has questioned his character. Unable to drive amidst the fight between heart and mind Kartik stops the car in the middle. He breaks down. His heart aches as it was never used to such harsh words from his Naira. The voice which was ringing with all beautiful promises and vows is now ringing with such a word. The anger which never doubted his character is doubting it now.

“Rahi Naa kyu pehle jaise

Teri meri baatein Sajna

Lage dil pein teeron jaisi

Teri meri baatein Sajna”

Naksh’s car stops seeing Kartik’s car. He gets down and runs to him. Naksh is shocked to see Kartik crying out loud

Naksh: Kartik

He opens the door and gets him out.

Naksh: Kartik dont cry..if you believe in your love

Rajshri: Haan beta …if fate can bring Naira who was supposed to be dead as a live person cant it break this misunderstanding and bring her to you?

Gayu goes to Kartik

Gayu: Kartik is not crying for that ..he is crying for that word that came from her mouth. Kartik she is not in senses.. once she gets it.. she will definitely get back to you as your Naira

Keerthi: Lets go home now.. Kartik needs rest.
They again start their journey

Scene shifts to Aarya’s dance studio

She is thinking about all that happened.

Aarya in mind: What if Mayur’s words were a lie? What if I am Naira…this also makes sense…as per Mayur Im born and brought up here.. Kartik came here and loved me…pushed me off the hill for my proposal and left here.. he never mentioned kids but Kartik has 2 kids…Why should I feel a sudden connect with them? Why should Mayur try to separate me from them.. was he protecting me or was he protecting his lies?

She realises that Kartik just lied about his name and the love she felt was for him and not the name. She realises that her heart felt for him before knowing the name as he remembers their first meet. Kartik’s words “madamji patha nahi kyu par when I saw you collapsing I felt like a part of me falling apart” ring in her ears. Thats when reality hits Naira . She decides to confront Mayur

Aarya leaves to meet Mayur. On seeing her he hugs her

Mayur: I know you will throw him away and come for me. My Aarya wont leave me..you are the Aarya I….

He gasps

Aarya: Mayur ab jhoot mat bolo, I know everything. Am I really Aarya? Or did you make me Aarya? Tell me the truth now

She raises her voice

Mayur: Woh…Woh….

Mayur says something. Aarya’s face changes . She breaks down as she remembers calling Kartik an exploiter. Her regret for that overtakes her anger on Mayur . Naira walks off shedding her identity as Aarya. As she walks down the street she slumps on the road. She cries out loud as she realises that all the things related to Aarya which she considered as her identity has been proved as a lie . She tries hard to remember her life as Naira and that trial brings Kartik’s broken state to her mind. She remembers how hurt he was when she called him an exploiter. She slaps herself for using such a word to him without knowing the truth. She feels her heart is burning with guilt and remorse. It starts to rain as if it wanted to wash off her tears allowing room for more of them.

Man mein kaise halchal hai

Bikhra bikhra har pal hai

Dil ko deepak ki tarah woh jalatha hai

Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai

Naira spends the entire day crying. Thats when she realises her next move to be done. She takes the address card and decides to go to Udaipur.

Dark Room

As soon as they reached home Kartik rushes to the dark room. He doesn’t know how to handle his sorrow thats when he spots Naira’s gungroo. |He takes it in his hand

Kartik: Naira, kyu mujhe chod kar chali gayi.

He looks at Naira’s photo and his sorrow deepens

Vishwaas banya tumne his meri jeevan ka aashaon ko

Kartik: Sherni…you gave me everything which I lost due to foolishness and made my every dream come true…you gave a life which every boy dreams of..you were such a life partner that every boy envies of but now life has snatched me from you…

Zindagi bhi tumse hai Roshini bhi tumse hai

Kartik: You were the light of my life…you are my life but that accident…that accident it spoilt everything..it spoilt our love…that Mayur…why did you believe him and not me?

Oh joke hawa ke na jane kaise

Hue andhiyon ke jaise

Taba karke hum dono ki pyari duniya

Naira doesn’t know which angers him the most was it the fate that caused the accident? Was it Mayur’s lie she believed or was it Naira believing the lie ? Was it the word which she used for him?

All this makes him dance faster and faster that he finally get semi unconscious down. Krishna runs in hearing the sound. She gives water to Kartik and makes him drink it

Krishna: Kitkit.. Didi will realise everything soon. She will get back to you . Don’t worry kitkit


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