I wish you were here – Ep 13 – Nasha

Naksh sees Samarth at the Holi party. He plans to test him.

Naksh: Kush, jao aur two glasses baang ki lekar ao.

Kush: OK jiju.

He keeps baang glasses on a table

Sometime later

Aarya starts to dance in nasha

Luv: Bhabhi has drunk the baang I guess

Naksh: Oh my Gosh the plan flopped

Kush: One more glass is there na ji…

Before he completes Sid joins Aarya

Naksh: Before someone sees we have to do something

Luv: What to do?

Naksh: Lock Naira and Kartik in a room

Kush: What if bhaiya blurts the truth regarding his name

Samarth hears this and understands that something is hidden from Naira

Luv: They won’t remember anything after nasha is gone..its better we lock them alone atleast they will have some time alone

Luv and Kush drag Sid and Aarya to a room and lock them. Samarth gets near it after Luv and Kush leave. He places a camera in through the window and leaves

In the room

Its dark inside . Aarya follows Sid. She bumps into him as he stops. Sensing her Sid turns around, Aarya slips making Sid too fall. Sid falls on the ground while Aarya falls on him

Entire conversation in intoxicated tone

Aarya: Ouch

Sid: Laga?

Aarya: Haan

Sid: Kahan?

Aarya: Budhu mujhe nahi tumhe

Sid: Oh,,

They burst laughing . Sid puts his hands around her waist and pulls her closer

Sid: Aarya keep laughing like this

Aarya: Oh fo Kartik..not Aarya, its Naira..Kartik ki Naira, tumahari sherni

Sid: Mein toh Sid hoon

Naira: Nahi…you are Naira’s Kartik, my Kartik

Naira gets up and turns around

Naira: See Naira’s Kartik

Kartik gets up and kisses her tattoo. (Its still Kartik tattoo and not Kairav one)
Kartik: So you are Kartik’s Naira ..and I am

He rolls up his sleeve. Naira touches his tattoo

Naira: I am-

Kartik: Naira’s Kartik

Kartik: Haan..did you know how much I missed you

Naira blinks.

Naira: Where did I go?

Kartik: I dont know…you just disappeared

Kartik hugs her tightly as she starts to cry

Naira: Shorry..im so shorry

Kartik: Thats not enough

Naira: What else ?

Kartik: Ill tell you

Kartik sees a Garland and grabs it. He puts it around his neck

Kartik: Ill also put it around your neck

He too grabs a Garland and puts it around her neck

Naira: Ab maang baro na Sajna

Kartik: Sindoor?

Naira smiles like a child and takes out red holi colour

Kartik sees her filled maang
Kartik: Its already filled..ab kaise

Naira: You filled it..no issues fill again

Kartik: But

Naira starts to cry like a baby

Kartik: Ok ok bar raha hoon, chhoti bachi ki tara ho. Akshu se to bohot zyada ziddi.

He fills her hairline. And wipes her tears

Kartik: Why are you crying now?

Naira: I believed that Mayur and became Aarya ..how can you forget that I forget I am Kartik’s Naira

Kartik: You fell down and everyone told you died but I never believed and you…you believed in what Mayur said and became Aarya

Kartik: Mayur made me hate Kartik…I hated Kartik… never again

Kartik: How can you hate me?

Naira: Im a gadhi na thats why

Kartik: Tum gadhi nahi tum Sherni ho

Naira: Kya..?

Kartik: Budhu you dont remember anything…

Naira: Haan woh..I fell down na so I forgot..

Kartik: Even if you had how can you forget our story

She hits him

Kartik: Ouch…

Naira: Laga?

Kartik: Yeah

Naira: Good..you need because you can’t hit me

Kartik: Jitna maar na hai maaro but

He holds her closer and says I love you

Naira : I love you more

Kartik: No I love you more

Naira: No..

Kartik places his finger on her lips

Kartik: Kitna ladthi ho tum?

Naira: You started it

Kartik: No you

They start to laugh

Kartik: What holi is this? You did not apply colour to me

Naira: Ill apply now

Naira gets the colours and they apply to each other

Naira: Happy holi mere mendak

Kartik pulls her into a tight hug and whispers Happy holi meri sherni

Kartik: Kairav will search us..lets go

They get to the door and find that its locked

Naira: Kartikkkk its locked

Kartik: Now what do we do?

Kartik: Call someone

Naira: No lets be here.

He pulls her closer. Naira’s hands remove his shirt

Kartik: Naira….

Naira: Kartikkkk mera mendak, mujhe sab yaad agaya!

He bends down to kiss her but she turns around. He pulls her closer and gives her a peck on her neck. Naira turns and hugs him in a reflex

Kartik: Promise me that you wont leave me anymore

Naira: Promise

He feels her tears wetting his chest and pulls her off the hug

Kartik: Dont cry na please

Naira: Sorry

Kartik hugs her. The scene freezes


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