I wish you were here – Ep 12 – HOLI

RECAP: Kartik wakes up and comes out and he is surprised to see Kairav sleeping in Aarya’s embrace

He picks up Akshu and goes to Aarya’s room.

His eyes have tears on seeing Kairav and Aarya together. Akshu starts to cry thus waking up Aarya and Kairav.

Kairav: Good morning Papa

Sid: Good morning baby

Kairav: Pap are we having holi party tomorrow ? Like in Udaipur

Manish comes there

Manish: Not that grand beta but we will have one here for sure

Kairav: Yaaayyyy.. Mumma we will enjoy a lot here

Aarya: Sure Bacha

Kairav runs to Vansh

Aarya : Sorry Sid woh..raat ko…Kairav, woh-

Sid: I should say sorry for disturbing your sleep Aarya

Aarya: Sid I must admit that today I slept so peacefully with Kairav. Feels like I have a connect with him. Dont know what it is but it’s special

Sid: Aarya

Aarya: Haan

Sid: Its time for your medicines. You must have them and your food too

Aarya: But Sid

Sid: No buts..come soon

Manish smiles at Kartik

Sid goes down

Manish: Beta you cannot escape the medicines now

He hugs her. The scene freezes

Market place

Rajshri and Kartik are walking to the market to get the stuff for Holi. They spot someone familiar

Kartik: Nani Maa..that is…..

Rajshri: Its.. Samarth right

Kartik: Haan what is chachu doing here?

Rajshri: Maybe being in jail changed him and he is here for pilgrimage

Kartik: Shall I go to him

Kartik takes a step but Rajshri stops him

Rajshri: Not now Kartik beta..see Naira is coming towards us..if Samarth calls you as Kartik then…bohot badi gadbad ho jayegi.

Kartik: But Nani maa

Rajshri: Ill send Manish beta to meet Samarth

Rajshri takes Kartik with her. Samarth notices them and starts to follow them

Before Samarth could come Aarya gets to Rajshri and Kartik

Aarya: Ji I have brought stuff from my friend’s husband’s shop for the holi celebration

Sid gets the bags from her.

Aarya in mind: Ill propose you during holi for sure Sid

Sid catches her glance and blushes. He sighs deep at her beauty.


Kartik gets ready for the holi party. His memories fly to the holi celebrations with Naira

Kartik: Naira you always used to say that whats a holi party without a raas leela..today you are with me but no raas leela will happen.

Kairav runs in with colours

Kartik: Beta..please

Kairav: I know papa you want to be first coloured by mumma.. I won’t disturb that. But help me with this water gun

Kartik repairs it for him when Aarya walks in. She is stunned by Kartik’s looks and enters the dream world

Kartik in mind: I will propose to you Naira today

Sid pulls Aarya away from everyone. His touch creates a blush on her face. He gently grabs the colours and smears them all over her. Aarya pushes Sid away and grabs colours in her arms. He starts to run but she chases him and finally smears the colours on him. Once the colour is all over him she turns to leave but he pulls her closer and his face is rested on her shoulder.She could feel his breath in her ears. Once she feels it her whole body turns red due to blush rather than the colours applied. Sid senses it and turns her around facing him. He gently bends to kiss her

Sid notices that Aarya is smiling broad. Aarya understands that her bullet has reached his heart and her majnu is in dream world, and Kartik’s Laila is in dreamworld too.

Aarya: Hmmhmmm.. Sid

Sid jitters and: Haan Aarya

Aarya: Chale..for holi party?

Sid: Yeah sure

Kairav holds their hands and takes them down

Aarya in mind: Kya sapna tha..woah…kaash it becomes true..kaash he accepts my love and me

Sometime later

Aarya in mind: Ganga maiya make sure that Sid is the first to apply colours on me

Thinking so she carries the colour plate in her hand. Sid is carrying drinks for everyone. He collides on Aarya and the red colour falls on her and fills her maang too. She gets emotional

Sid: Oops sorry sorry

He is about to wipe it

Aarya: Leave it ji..its all part and parcel of holi

Aarya walks off with a smile. Sid is surprised

PRECAP: SidYa, will they become Kaira?


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