I wish you were here – Ep 11 – Kaira – Nok Jhok

The sun rises and the sun rays sink into the hospital room. Sid is sleeping in the chair while Aarya is in the bed. The sun rays fall on Aarya’s face. Birds start chirp waking up SId. He notices the sun rays falling on Aarya’s face and rushes to pull the curtains closer. He then turns to look at a sleeping Aarya. He starts to admire her silently, he innocently smilez as she sleeps. Moments later Aarya wakes up stretching herself. She sees Sid staring at her and smiles at him

Sid: Good morning Aaryaji

Aarya: Good morning Sid. Krishna told me she had tests, how did they go?

Kairav runs inside and hugs Aarya. Naksh and Keerthi follow him

Keerthi: Aarya how are you now?

Aarya: Better Keerti di.

Sid: Discharge will be done soon. Ill do the procedures

Naksh: Ill come with you

Keerthi: Sid.. Aarya is coming home with us today

Keerti takes Sid outside the room

Naksh leaves

Sid: What? How?

Keerthi tells the happenings

Keerthi: She may have forgotten everything but will never forget her love

Kartik: Keerti but..

Keerthi: You are not cheating

Aarya: Kya cheating hai ji?

Aarya is outside

Keerthi: Woh..woh..he says that you will cheat about eating tablets

Sid: Of course she will!

Aarya: Mein toh bilkul nahi karungi.

Keerti: Dekha Sid.

Aarya: ab kya kehna hai

Sid: Fine I give up, but in serious note, I will be strict in medicine matter.

Aarya: Teacher kyu ban rahe ho tum?

Keerti laughs

Jolly: Kyunki tum bachon ki tarah ziddi ho. Kairav aur Akshu ki maa jaisi ho na?

Aarya: Ha hoon, toh kya?

Sid: Doh bachon ki maa ho kar ziddi ho tum.

Aarya: haan karungi zid

Sid: Hadh hai yaar Aarya. You never take care of your health

Aarya: Nahi mein zid karungi Kartik

Kartik is stunned to hear Kartik from her after so long but is unable show it out. Naksh and Keerthi get emotional

Aarya: Why did I get that name? he cheated me still..Im sorry

Sid: Do you think what Mayur told had happened?

Aarya thinks a second

Aarya: Dont change the topic Sid ji. I will cheat over medicines

Sid: NO means no

Kairav: Muma…papa you are behaving like kids

Naksh comes and takes Kairav in his arms

Keerthi: Discharge formalities over?

Sid: Haan ji

Naksh: Lets get back home then

They leave for home


Kartik aka Sid and Aarya are taken inside. Akshu was missing Kartik and is crying. Aarya takes her in her arms and pacifies her. Sid brings her medicines

Sid: Its time for the medicines to be taken before breakfast ji. Chup raho aur lo.

Swarna: Breakfast is ready too. I have made soup and salad

|Aarya: Aunty I want some chatpata food

Sid : Harkis nahi. Not atleast till the medicines are over

Swarna: Call me maa.

Aarya: Ok maa.

He makes her have the medicines

Aarya: Yuck I dont want this food

Sid: Nani maa take Akshu from her. If Akshu is with her then she too will not have healthy food

Rajshri gets Akshu

Aarya: I said na I dont want this

Sid takes the spoon and starts to feed her as she opens her mouth to argue

Swarna and Surekha think about the days when Naira was Pregnant with Akshu

Surekha: Only memories are lost feelings are still the same

Swarna: The same feelings the same pyar

Luv Kush: Same nok jhok

Aarya completes the food without leaving a spoon because of Sid. He gives her medicines and then gets to kitchen. Swarna meets him

Swarna: Thank You Kartik. Because of you even though she hates the name Kartik, you still succeeded making her love you.

Sid: Arrey maa its my duty.

Swarna: Ill get your breakfast to the living room.

Kartik and Naksh eat together. Kartik is happy for having Naira near him at least in the form of Aarya. The scene freezes

Its night Aarya is sleeping in the guest room, while Sid Kairav and Akshu are in the room. Kairav wakes up in the middle of the night and walks to Aarya crying. Aarya gets up hearing him. She hugs Kairav

Aarya: Kya hua bacha?

Kairav: I had a bad dream..I was scared but papa is not waking up

Aarya: Thats because of the medicines bacha…why are you scared of a dream

Kairav: Its so bad mumma …a monster was eating us all

Aarya picks Kairav and makes him sit on her lap. She tickles him and makes him laugh

Aarya: Next time when the monster comes to eat you.. you bring it to me. I will fight it for you. Now you have to sleep

Kairav: I want to sleep with you

Aarya is hesitant but Kairav is adamant so Aarya places Kairav on next to her and they get into the sleep world. The scene freezes

PRECAP: Badhai ho! Holi hai!

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