I wish you were here – Ep 10 – Behosh

A week has passed since valentines day. Naira and Kartik aka Aarya and Sid are meeting daily at the park. Aarya is trying hard to reduce her gazing but every try takes her closer to Sid. Sid awaits her to propose while Aarya is still hesitant. Now its a fresh morning. Kartik wearing a beautiful suit and goes to the park like every other day .
Today Akshu is at home while Kairav Vansh Luv Kush Krishna and Krish go with him. Aarya too comes there.

Aarya in mind: I have to propose him at any cost.

Aarya walks happily to Sid . They both greet each other

Aarya: Akshu did not come today?

Sid: Akshu is bit fussy from morning so maa said she will handle her. And kids wanted to play so me and these two noodles brought him here…

Aarya laughs when Sid aka Kartik calls Luv Kush noodles

Luv Kush: Kya bro, Aarya di ke samne humiliate kar rahe ho?

Sid: Oye, tum mere liye noodles hi ho, samjhe.

Aarya: Oh hello

Sid: Hello?

Aarya: Not hello, mere brothers ko noodles kya bula rahe ho?

Luv Kush: Thank you Naira Bhab- uh, Aarya di.

Aarya timidly smiles when Luv Kush nearly say Naira Bhabhi.

Suddenly Aarya feels dizzy and she faints. Sid holds her before she falls

SId: Aarya ji…Aarya ji…

Luv calls Manish and walks away

Sid: Aarya

Kush: Aarya di..

Sid: What happened to her? When I met her for the first time too

Kush: Woh..bhabhi had a clot in brain years ago.. and I went to the jail and asked Mayur about Aarya di, and he said Aarya has brain clot because of her very first love, Raghav.

Sid takes her in his arms and rush to the car in which Naksh comes there. They go to the hospital.

Sometime later

Doctor: Its all due to stress and depression. I contacted her doctor at Udaipur. He sent her latest reports too . Actually she is better than how she was during the test taken before you came here.

Naksh: Then she fainted?

Doctor: Mr.Singhania I said she is better and not totally recovered. She needs love and affection which is missing. Dont forget that it was that love and affection which made her win the surgery. I heard the full history from them

Nurse: She has gained consciousness

Aarya: What should we do now ji?

Manish gets happy to see him taking concern and responsibility

Doctor: Make her happy and make her feel loved. I hope you will do it

Sid: Sure ji..anything for her

Manish and Swarna talk something

Swarna: Aarya ji

Aarya: Arrey dont call me ji ji..im like your daughter call me Aarya

Swarna: Aarya…if you dont mind can you stay with us for few days. Sid has found a friend in you so it will be better, and if you are there you will feel better too and support her

Everyone get happy. Aarya slowly gains consciousness

Kairav: I want to see muma..papa take me

Kairav holds Kartik’s hand

Sid: Ill take you beta

Kartik/SId takes Kairav inside

Kairav: Papa…muma

Sid: Kairav..Ki… Aarya ji ( he remembers that she is Aarya)

Sid: How are you Aarya ji?

Aarya: Mein tikh hu. Woh I have-

Sid: I know about it, my wife had it too.

Kairav hugs Naira . The scene freezes


Its night. Aarya is advised to spend a night at the hospital. Keerthi and Sid stay back

Aarya: Keerthi ji can I know their love story? I think you will know it better

Keerthi in mind: Will I know your story better than you?

Aarya: If I should not then..

Keerthi: Arrey nahi nahi Ill tell

She tells Kaira’s love story to Naira herself who now having forgotten everything listens with awe

Aarya: I have forgotten everything still my love failure hurts me and poor Sid, he must be feeling alone, unable to accept the truth and unable to forget her too

Keerthi in mind: Naira will never stop caring for her Kartik

Aarya in mind: Sid Ill definitely try to fill the void and make you happy. Ill propose you very soon

There is a rattling sound and they rush inside. Aarya is struggling to get water. Sid runs to her and gives her water. He makes her drink and stares at her in the most loving way. Keerthi admires them.

Aarya: Thank you Sid

Sid: Its our duty to take care of you ji

Aarya smiles

Sid: Do you want anything to eat?

Aarya: No thanks

He makes her lie down and pulls the blanket over her. The scene freezes


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