Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

As soon as Viraj left Sitara felt much sad. She recalled her moments with Viraj .


Hearty welcome to Bandhi Forest Sir, Myself Ram, your Assistant.

Viraj : Thanks a lot .

Ram : Sir , this forest is not very much safe comparing to others. Thing is wild animals are very much and you should take care.

Viraj : Actually I heard that here not the animals but some humans are very much wild, they catches elephants illegally and breaks their tusks , some sandal trees are been cut off their woods are send to places without checking the lorries and moreover I heard that certain species of birds, snakes are also been caught by people. What’s happening here ?

Arhaan behll

Ram ; Sir you got these much information from which source ?

Viraj : Mr. Ram, I am a Forest Officer and it’s my duty to know about the forest and it’s happening before getting into work. Is that enough ?

Ram : Yeah, Sir.

Viraj ; Ram take the jeep . I want to see the whole forest in a glance.

Ram : Why Sir ? You can sit at the office and you can check files , that’s also your duty naa ?

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Viraj ; Do what I say. First I need to get a picture about this forest. It’s important for my work.

Ram : Ji.

Viraj and Ram starts roaming in forest through the jeep. Meanwhile Viraj goes to a waterfall and enjoys the scenario.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Ram : Sir , we need to go back. Actually after evening this forest will be entirely dark and also animals like lion, tiger will be arriving.

Viraj : Is it ? I love to see them

Ram : Sir if you wants to love a lion then it’s your wish. But please sir I am able to love my wife only. I am a newly wedded man, I need to go.

Viraj smiles .

Viraj : Fine, You may leave, I will come myself.

Ram : Are you sure, Sir ? But Sir how will you come ? I will go back in jeep only.

Viraj : I will reach office after an evening walk. Don’t worry I use to walk so many kilometeres when I was in duty. So this is not a new thing. You may leave now.

Ram : Sir aapki shaadi nahi huyi hein kyaa ?

Viraj : No,I am single.

Ram : That’s why you are loving lion , If you have loved a girl then you won’t say that you love a lion.

Viraj : Are you leaving or not ? Shall I say to lion that it should love you also ?

Ram :No sir, Bilkul nahi. I am happy with my wife. She is also not less than any lioness in nature. Bye sir, Please don’t make late.

Viraj : Yeah bye.

As Viraj was looking again in waterfalls suddenly he sees some men holding sticks at a corner . Viraj rushed there

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

He finds they were beating a snake .

Viraj : Hey what are you doing here ?

One of the guy : We are beating this snake to get the naag mani. This snake has hold that mani in it’s head.

Viraj : Are you people mad ? Seems you all are obsessed with Naagin type serials. There is nothing called Naagmani and beating snake in this forest area is prohibhited.

Guy 2 : Who are you to tell this ?

Viraj : I am the forest officer here. You are not supposed to do this.

Guy : Until and unless we will not get the naagmani we will beat this snake, this snake bitted one of our friend also.

Viraj ; You people attacked it and for self protection it used it’s powers. There is nothing wrong in that .

Guy 1 : Aey officer, you are talking too much.

They and Viraj had an immense fight and it went long , One of them beated at Viraj’s forehead and he fell down.

Guy 1 : What you did ? You killed this officer ?

Guy 2 : No, I beated his head.

Guy 1 : Blood is coming from his head and he will die soon. Let’s go from here. Other wise this will be a police case.

They all ran away .

Meanwhile the snake which was wounded was able to see everything through it’s eyes as it wasn’t a normal snake, but it was a Naagin. Slowly snake was transforming as the time was reaching night.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Now she was in her naagin attire and she looked him painfully. She prayed to Naagraj who is the king of Naagaloka through heart and she was managed to get a better attire of a normal human  girl .

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

But her pain wasn’t cured. She heard an oracle from the sky

” Sitara, you haven’t gained powers to cure yourself. You wasn’t able to protect naagmani properly though you didn’t lost it. You failed at the task which was assigned to you. We asked you to bring the particular nectar of blue flower so that the serpants of naaglok can become powerful. But you didn’t able to do it. I did a big mistake by giving you Naagmani . ”

Sitara : But only Naagmani knows the way of inner forest from which I can get the blue flower. I tried my best but they beated me. This gentle man helped me by saving me but he is been severely injured, His wounds are to be cured soon. I need to take him to  hospital as I have no supernatural powers except changing myself to a human being at nights. So I am unable to cure him. I was failing to use that power beacuse of pain and that’s why I prayed you to change me as a normal girl, Naagraj. I can’t leave this man like these.

” Sitara , You are good hearted but without blue flower you can’t enter to Naaglok again. So until you finds it you have to stay at thi forest. I am taking Naagmani away from you. ”

Sitara ; But Naagraj

Soon a big serpant comes before her and she handovers Naagmani which was kept deeper inside at her forehead.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

The serpant disappears with it.

” Sitara after getting blue flower you can arrive Naagloka. Till then you have to stay at this forest, It’s my order .”

Sitara : Naagraj , please don’t do this to me.

The oracle was not heard more and Sitara looked at Viraj , She feels much worried to see his wounded head. Sitara covers his head with the bit of her shawl. As she was also feeling paining she was finding much hard to pick Viraj. Meanwhile she hears the bell sounds of a bullock cart passing near the forest. Sitara goes there and stops it. She asks for help. The man who was running the bullock cart lifted Viraj in his arms and he made him to lie at his cart. Sitara sits beside Viraja and keeps his head on her lap. She felt much sad for  seeing Viraj in that condition.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

They managed to reach hospital in time. The man who was running bullock cart went away as he was in an emergency to reach him. Sitara was praying for Viraj’s health.

Doctor : You are also wounded, nurse apply this ointment.

Sitara : No, Thank you. I will apply myself. By the way how is he doctor.

Doctor : He will be gaining conscioussness soon . Wound is deeper so he should take rest.

Sitara :Okay doctor.

After a while Viraj was able to open his eyes. He sees Sitara , Doctor and nurse there

Doctor : How are you feeling now ?

Viraj : Better. By the way how I reached here, Doctor ? Those guys were fighting with me and …

Doctor : Please don’t take stress. This girl saved you, you should thank her.

Viraj looks Sitara.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara also looks him.

Viraj : Thanks

Sitara : Actually thanks to you too.

Viraj : For what ?

Sitara : Wooh those guys was scared of you naa ,

Viraj : They were beating a snake and you was not there .

Sitara : Actually I asked them not to kill snake, but one of them tried to misbehave with me and for saving myself I ran and hide behind a tree. I watched everything by standing there only.

Viraj ; How’s that snake ?

Sitara : It went away to it’s den. I mean I took it to it’s place.

Viraj : You won’t get scared to take a snake in hand ?

Sitara : Not at all, I know them very well.I mean snakes are really good until humans won’t attack them.

Viraj : Nice to hear this. Any ways thanks again. Doctor  I need to leave.

Doctor : But you should take rest.

Viraj : Doctor I am forest officer Viraj and in night times if I won’t stay at forest I can’t find what all illegal activities are going there , so please now I am cured. So I can go.

Doctor : I won’t stop you Mr. Viraj. But please take care off yourself.

Viraj ; Okay .

Siraj goes towards the exit

Viraj ; By the way I am Viraj and you ?

Sitara : I am Sitara

Both of them look each other again

Vish Ya Amrit

Tere sang pyaar kaa instrumental plays…

Viraj : Sitara I will drop you

Sitara : No I will go myself

Viraj : Listen, it’s night and being a girl if you go alone it’s not safe for you.

Sitara : But

Viraj : Please Come Sitara

Sitara nodded her head. Both of them were travelling in an auto rickshaw. Sitara was much fearing as time was reaching 11 pm and she was fearing with few hours night will change and she will slowly get back to the shape of serpant only. At a point Sitara asked the auto to stop

Viraj : This is the temple near Jungle only.

Sitara : Actually my big brother  is Panditji of this temple. So Iam going there.

Viraj : Okay.

Sitara gets into the temple, Viraj goes from there.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara comes in her form of Naagin at the temple

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Pandit sees this and comes infront of Sitara.

Pandit : Tum sitara ho naa ?

Sitara : Ji, Aap mujhe Jaante hein ?

Pandit : Yes beti, Your desire to get the blue flower will succeed soon. But for that you have to be with the Rakshak- the protector.

Sitara : How you knows that I came to this forest for the search of blue flower only ? And who is the Rakshak ?

Pandit : Your Maa Vrinda once saved my dad’s life and this Shivji’s idol when some dacaits were looting this temple , that day only my dad  got belief that naagins are still existing. She told him  that her daughter is the one who is selected for bringing blue flower to Naagaloka. One day she will arrive at this temple and whoever be the Pandit has to show the Rakshak who will help her to get this one. Sitara just few minutes , I will chant mantras and will show you his face at the holy water. You pray from heart and look at that water, you will see the Rakshak’s face.

Sitara : How can I trust you Panditji ?

Pandit : See this Sitara

He takes her to a inner room and shows her mom’s handwritten scripts

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara reads them and gets emotional

Sitara : My maa lost her life here only

Panditji : Ji behan

Sitara : I told few minutes ago to some one that I am the sister of Panditji of this temple. I lied to him .

Panditji : You haven’t lied, I am like your big brother only Sitara. That’s why I am showing you the path.

Sitara : Then you must be know when I can go back to Nagaloka also ?

Panditji : I can’t predict things Sitara. I can show you the face of the Protector. That much I can help you. After that you have to find him and convince him to take there for picking flower.

Sitara : Ji.

Panditji chant mantras and sprinkles holy water at the floor. Soon Sitara sees a river and she also sees the face of Rakshak whose eyes were turning blue

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara gets surprised

Sitara : He was with me only just now, Viraj is the Rakshak

Panditji nods his head.

Panditji :Go and meet him , Convince him to take you to path of blue flower.

Sitara : But he is an ordinary human being, how can he find the blue flower ?

Panditji : He has some powers which is hidden and he doesn’t knows it. You should find him and only he can take you there. . Take this holy water and make him to drink this. Then things will be easy for you.

Sitara :Okay. Shivji, please bless me.

Next Day { At night }

Sitara arrives as girl in Viraj’s office .

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Ram : Who are you ?

Sitara ; Ji mujhe Viraj Sir se milna hein.

Ram : Lekin unse kyun ?

Sitara : I am her fiancee

Ram : But he is in love with a lion, not with a girl

Sitara : Your wife is also like a lioness only , isn’t it ?

Ram : Yeh baat aapko kaise pata chala ?

Sitara : Please let me get in , it’s an emergency .

Ram ; Madam, Viraj Sir is busy , he won’t allow visitors.

Viraj : Ram who is there ?

Ram : Sir a lioness oops a girl has come to meet you.

Viraj : Send her to cabin.

Ram : Jaayiye Madam lioness.

Sitara smiles and goes inside.

Viraj : Sitara , you ?

Sitara ; Hello sir, How is your health ?

Viraj : I am good. Why you came here ?

Sitara : This is a special water of this forest. Once you drinks it you will never forget it’s taste. I bought it for you specially, please have it.

Viraj : Thank you.

He drinks few drops and soon Viraj stared Sitara. Sitara felt it as strange. She moved backwards as he was coming close to her and accidentally her leg slipped. But soon Viraj hold her and both of them looked keenly at each other’s eyes

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara : Viraj what are you doing ?

Viraj : You wants to know naa where is Blue flower ?

Sitara : Yeah

Viraj : I will take you there.

Sitara recalled Panditji’s words and understood that it was the magic of holy water which worked in Viraj and he was doing all these things only. Viraj takes Sitara in his arms and starts walking out. Ram calls them but he doesn’t stopped. The whole way he was looking at her only.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two


Finally both of them reached at the deeper of forest side. Suddenly Viraj lend down Sitara from his arms. Sitara finds Viraj’s eyes turning blue and she gets shocked

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Viraj extends his hand upwards and all of a sudden the stem of the blue flower from a huge tree started flying downwards to his hands. Sitara was watching him surprisingly.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

He offered that to Sitara.

Sitara : Thankyou Rakshak, You saved me , you saved the entire naagaloka.

Viraj wasn’t able to tell anything as soon he fainted there, Sitara gets shocked.

Another oracle was heard to her

” You proved you are loyal serpant, Sitara. Now you can come to Naagaloka. ”

Sitara : But what about Viraj – The Rakshak ? I can’t leave him alone.

” Sitara, these humans are enemys of serpants. Post giving flower to you, Rakshak’s power has been become low, now he is just a human being- Viraj only. ”

Sitara : But why ? How he got powers ? Why he was called Rakshak ?He saved me once and I can’t leave him like these. You can take flower from me Naagraj. But without knowing answers I won’t come back to Naagalok.

Flower from her hands were taken aback, Sitara looked at Viraj , she looked at the bottle of holy water and find that a drop was there only. She sprinkled it again on his face, Viraj opened his eyes and looked her

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Viraj : How I came here ?

Sitara : Aapko kuch bhi yaad nahi ? You lifted me in your arms and take me here.

Viraj : What ? Are you mad ? Why are you uttering non-sense ?

Sitara : I am telling non-sense, Go and ask your assistant. He will tell you.

Viraj feels confused.He rushed back to the office and sees Raam

Viraj : Did I lifted any girl ?

Raam : Sir you may lift any lion, your fiancee , mujhe kyaa ?

Viraj : Answer to my question only , Raam.

Raam : Sir you lifted Sitara madam who said she is your fiancee.

Viraj : What ?

Viraj goes inside and thinks about Sitara. Next day evening he goes to the mandir where he dropped Sitara.

Viraj : Panditji , where is your sister ?

Panditji : She will be arriving soon.

Viraj : I want to say sorry to her. Actually I lifted her in my arms unknowingly. I should not have done that.

Panditji : Destiny had bought Sitara and Viraj together again, now you both should not separate.

Viraj : How you knows my name ?

Panditji : Sitara told me that you are a forest officer, the mission of yours to save forest is still in your blood. You haven’t changed, Rakshak.

Viraj : Rakshak !!

Panditji : I mean forest officer is like a Rakshak of forest , that’s it.

Viraj prays and waits for her. He was feeling desparate why Sitara was not coming there. As soon as the time changed to 8 pm Sitara arrives there. She offers the flowers and prays to Shivji. Viraj looks her and smiles

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara turnes her face from him

Sitara : Why was you staring me Viraj ?

Viraj : I couldn’t take my eyes from you, Sitara. You are looking so much beautiful.

Sitara : Viraj you really don’t remember anything ?

Viraj : I am sorry for taking you in my arms . I don’t know what happened to me at that time. I am sorry.

Sitara : It’s okay, Viraj. Let’s be friends.

Viraj and Sitara shook their hands together. Now it was a usual practice that Sitara comes on Viraj’s way at night times either in temple, or in office, or in his way to quarters and both of them spend some time together. One night some dust got stuck inside Sithara’s eyes and she was screaming in pain.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Viraj gave water to her and she poured in her eyes

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Still she was feeling irritation. Viraj quickly blowed at her eyes and kissed on them

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Sitara opened her eyes and looks him. Both of them share a romantic eyelock


Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Two

Tere sang pyaar kaa plays…

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