Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Guruji : Naagraj, Try to understand. Her birth is for a purpose and that is to save the earth, universe from all threats.

Naagraj : She can do it in Naaglok also.

Guruji : As per her Janam Kundali she will be turning completely human today evening. Moreover she has to live in this earth as that’s written in fate.

Naagraj : I won’t agree for this. My daughter will leave me forever if she did it.

Sitara : Pitaji, please. Why you think that I will leave you ? I will come and visit you . And I have powers like Viraj. We both will visit Naaglok .

Naagraj : Whatever you say I won’t agree for this.

Sakthimaan : What’s the solution now, Gurudev ?

Guruji : We will get a solution at Shivji’s mandir of Jungle.Let’s go there.

They all goes there. Present Pandit who is the son of Dead Pandit gets to know about it.

Pandit : Right after my father’s death, my mother also passed away after some years. So if he has predicted anything I don’t know about it. Whatever I heard was from my Maa only. But the holy water prepared by my father will show any way, I guess.

Naagraj : Fine. I will agree whatever we sees in it.

Pandit chant mantras and he sprinkles holy water at the floor before Shivji’s idol . All sees  images of Sithara as a brave woman who fights with some boys who were misbehaving with girls. First one was boys blocking girls when they were running scooty on the way

Second one they sees when Sitara questions, those boys ties Sitara with chains



Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

And in third one they sees Sitara breaking chains and fighting. She holds those boys at a gun point. They gets feared and runs.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

The images ends.

Sakthimaan : What does it mean Gurudev ?

Soon they finds a vast  form of Lord Shivji and Mata Parvathi in Ardha Nareeswar posture . All prays before them.


They hears voice over of Shivji and Devi Parvathi

Devi Parvathi : Sitara is born to become a girl in the human world because attrocities in human world hasn’t come to an end. Centuries and times have changed, but evilness hasn’t changed among some humans. Those days Draupadi’s self esteem was torned in public and these days also there are certain humans who behaves as indecent to women. Domestic violence, eve teasing, attempt of molestation are still existing. Everytime women can’t scream and ask help from Lord Krishna or any Hero to save her dignity. She should be sufficient enough to beat them. As in form of Kaali which means the source of Power I exists in deeper soul of each and every girl and woman. Just that girls are not identifying me.  For identifying that power Sitara had to be in this earth. She should train women for self defence though all women are not having super powers like Sitara,they should be self sufficient to deal when they face attrocities instead of bearing it. Sitara will be an example like her grandmother Maharani Sitara who was a brave warrior.

Shivji : Without Sakthi, Shiv has no existence. Sakthi is none other than my wife Devi Parvathi only. Devi and I combines to a form which is been worshipped by everyone. But what does it mean ? None of the humans never tried to enquire it. It means woman is the better half of a man , She and He are equal. They should travel together. None of the man is superior to any woman , he should respect his wife and the entire women of this society. Viraj as a super hero which is been called now is capable of destroying those evil things who are greedy just like Pratyusha, Kaali Nevla whenever an evil attacks the nature’s asset. Viraj should protect nature and it’s children which includes humans , animals, plants, birds, species, each and every one of this earth. He was born as the Protector again to do this. Sitara will stand as the shield in his journeys without fail. Both of them should save earth from attacks and evilness and for that both of us need to stay together in this earth. Naagraj’s concern to his daughter can be understood, but he should not forget that Sitara ‘s birth is for a purpose and for that she had to be a human being only . Sitara in human form will be able to convince entire womanhood for becoming brave rather than in the form of Naagin. In earth she can stay in form of girl. That’s written in this birth of her’s. Sakthimaan was also been separated from his son for years. Naagraj and Sakthimaan you both are disciples of Guru Mangaldev who was the path guide of you both. You both need to obey him. Sakthimaan should handover his powers to Viraj and Sitara and should become a saint and Naagraj must find a heir to this throne in  Naaglok. After that Sitara will become a complete human being by visiting Shivmandir of the Jungle..

Naagraj : Sitara was my only daughter, Shivji. If she goes, How can I find heir to the throne ? Who will be the Naagrani ?

Devi Parvathi : Your brother’s daughter Shivani will be the right choice. After you she will be the Naagrani of Naaglok. You have made her upbringing post her parents death.

Naagraj : I didn’t think about it. Thank you Mata Parvathi for showing us the right path, Thank you Mahadev for reminding me that Sitara is not just my daughter she is a precious gem of this human world.

Shivji and Devi Parvathi : Our blessings are always with you all. All prays before them and they vanishes .

Naagraj invited every one to Naaglok. With the help of Viraj and Sitara, Viraj’s parents were also able to come at the Naaglok. Naagraj makes Shivanya to sit at the throne of Naaglok. Sitara gives her Naagmani.


Shivani : Didi so now onwards you will not be a naagin ? How can I hold this big responsibility of your father Naagraj ? I feels scared to sit here.

Naagraj : Shivani, Devi Parvathi and Shivji selected you for this position. You should thank them and also you should do administration better than me.

Shivani and Sitara rendered prayers. As a Naagin that was the last moment of Sitara in Naaglok. Shivani and Sitara left good bye to each other with teary eyes.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Naagraj became the Rajguru of Naaglok.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Sitara and Viraj seeked blessings from them.

Naagraj : Sitara now the path is different for you and me. You need to leave.

Sitara weep in tears

Naagraj : I have been known for my strict and strong nature, a warrior in Naaglok. I never cries, don’t make me to cry , Sitara. Go beti.

Sitara : You always insisted every one to adddress you as Naagraj only, Pitaaji. I always respected that, but today you called me beti and I was waiting to hear this word for years, Pitaaji.

Naagraj : Sitara

Both of them hug each other and gets emotional.

Viraj : I will give all happiness to your daughter. We will visit Naaglok also. She is my queen and she will live life in that way only. It’s my promise

Siraj get blessings from Naagraj. After that Siraj and others reaches back to earth. All of them goes to Shiv mandir of the Bandhi forest.  Sithara prays before Shivji.  Soon a light from Shivling falls on her forehead and she completely transformed into a Human being.

Vish Ya Amrit

Viraj and his parents gets happy to see Sitara in human form. Sakthimaan handovers his powers to Viraj and Sitara. Now he has become a saint. Guruji and Sakthimaan blesses Siraj

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Viraj : You are my father, Sakthimaan will you don’t attend my marriage ?

Sakthimaan : Now I am not Sakthimaan, I am just a saint Gangadhar only. My connection to this materialistic world ends here. With Guruji we are going to Himalayas as now we have completely opted the path of Renunciation.

Guruji : You yourself need to find path, solutions and everything children. Whenever you feels so much confused then pray to Shivji and Parvathi Devi they will guide you.

Siraj seeks blessings from them. They leaves.

Dad : Viraj, Sitara , whatever we find now is unbelievable for us. We are normal human beings and we can’t live without our son. I knows that much only.

Mom :Viraj, beta you will not leave us naa ?

Viraj : No Mom. Now onwards I am always with you.

Sitara : Aunty

Mom : Aunty nahi beti, I am your mother. I am so happy , I got my son and a pretty daughter in law .

Dad : I am so happy to have you both in my life

Mom : Viraj, I was scared very much whether I will lose you ,but God give me my son again and also a lovely daughter in law , naa daughter to me.

Dad : How long you will keep talking like these ? Let them get some privacy. Come on we need to make preparations for their wedding.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Mom : Yeah. Viraj , Sithara – Make this moment as a romantic date and come soon

Dad : We will wait for you both. Bye

They smiles and leaves.

Viraj : Maharani Sithara

Sithara : Yes Maharaj Viraj

Viraj : Welcome to the most beautiful place, The Bandhi forest.  Let’s make our love journey more memorable here.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Viraj hold her hand and Sithara kept her hand on his cheek  . He was about to kiss at her forehead. Meanwhile they hears a sound “Nahi”

Viraj : What was that ?

Sithara : I too heard it,

Raam : Please turn your heads and look me.

Siraj finds Raam infront of them.

Rajpal Yadav

Raam : Sir ji you are loving a girl. But you was in love with a lioness .

Sithara : Is it, Viraaj ? You was in love with lioness ? You cheated me , I won’t talk to you.

Raam laughs. Siraj also laughs

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Viraj : Ek raaz kee baat  batawun,  Raam

Raam : Ji bilkul

Viraj : I was , I am and I will always love the girl who is brave like a lioness , good from heart and beautiful by birth. She is none other than my fiancee Sithara.

Raam : Madam , really you are Sir’s fiancee ?

Sithara : Toh tumne kyaa socha thaa ?

Raam : I felt you came to break up with him as he is in love with lioness , but I didn’t know that sir’s heart was stolen by these much beautiful Lioness like you Mam.  Kya jodi hein Lion aur Lioness kee, Matlab Sir aur Mam kee.

Viraj : Shaadi mein tum zaroor aana, there will be special guests

Raam ; Ji Sir.

Sithara : Serpants, Lion, Elephants – It’s the wedding of Forest officer with a Lioness. So we need to invite them naa ? And your wife will also gets special position , she is also lioness naa ?

Raam : Arrey aap donon jungle mein mangal manayiye, Mujhe chodiye, Mere ghar mein ek lioness hein, woh kaafi hein mujhe darane ke liye, Sir mujhe courier shaadi ke ladoo bhejiyega

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Raam runs away .

Sithara : Bechara

Viraj ; Ghar mein lioness raah dekh rahi hein

Sithara : By the way do I look like a lioness ?

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Viraj : No, I mean you are strong like lioness only. Trust me, my angry young bird.

Sithara : Viraj you are so naughty and I would like to be with you always.

Viraj : I also want to be with you Sithara forever and ever, They hug each other and  share an eyelock

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Viraj takes Sithara to a den of the forest. He lightened a candle there.

Viraj :Sorry in forest I couldn’t make better arrangements .

Sithara : It’s okay.

Viraj gives a balloon to her.


Sithara gets surprised to see SORRY written in balloon.

Sithara : Why are you saying sorry ?

Viraj : I hurt you at that day by saying that I can’t marry a Naagin. But after realising all truth I really feel regret on what I did with you. Sithara you came for me and I realised it much late. Even if you are a Naagin also I don’t have any problem in living with you. But as my parents are normal human beings they really wants a human girl as their daughter in law. But I am saying from heart I am ready to accept you in any form because love comes from heart. It should not look the external features. And I did a big mistake by hurting you which was entirely wrong, I am really very sorry.

Sithara  You have won my heart by saying this Viraj. You said that for your parents they need a normal human girl and I respect that thing . For you being a forest officer who saved a snake wasn’t able to accept a Naagin was very much shocking for me. But I too hide my identity which was also not right naa.

Viraj : You are right in your place Sithara. But I was out of control.

Sithara : Let’s forget those things and enjoy the moments when we are together. Now at day and night we both will be together, Viraj.

Viraj : Sithara , thanks for understanding me so well.  Will you dance with me Sithara ?

Sithara nodded her head. Both of them dances romantically

Viraj & Sitara


Viraj : Sithara I thought that you are a hazardous poison who was trapping , but after knowing everything I realize how fool I am to deny your love from myself. Now I am so much lucky that always you will remain as the Lovable Star of my Life.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

Sithara : I am also so happy to have a gentle man in my life, the moment first I saw you fighting for a snake I felt you as much special. That day you bear so many pain for me . I really can’t see you in pain because you are my soulmate.

Viraj : I truely love you from heart, Sithara. Will you marry me ?

Sithara : I too love you Viraj, Just take me with you, you don’t need to ask for my consent , it’s always Yes from me.

Viraj cupped her face and slowly both of them locked their lips and kissed passionately

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

After few months , Siraj gets married in Royal style as they were much inspired from the history of Late Maharaj Viraj Sashtri and Maharani Sithara Sashtri. . They were now ready to do start the new beginning of their lovelife and also for protecting earth, universe from all evilness.

Hazardous and Lovable Stars : Siraj Four Shots – Part Four {THE CLIMAX}

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