Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update of 7th April 2022:- Rangeela Vimlesh lie caught by children

Rangeela asks Vimlesh did she talked about his case to Benny. Vimlesh says he is busy, and you are wrost actor. Rangeela says i did my work sincerely. Vimlesh says don’t think🤔 much as it was my plan. Ranveer, Ritik and Chamchi says we also know your plan. They ask to do our work, otherwise we shall open your seceret.

They all go to police station. Happu scolds them, but Manohar asks they are so innocent, but get scolds by happu. Ritik, Chamchi and Ranveer do drama, and cries😭 and emotionally blackmail him asking to forgive them. Manohar cries😭 as well. Happu says its ok, and study.
Vimlesh brings Rangeela. Ritik asks to watch Happu and Mine past life as we have fight alot. Rangeela agrees and does same drama.
He says Ritik and Happu too had role reversal. Rangeela says Happu use to trouble Ritik. Chamchi says shame on you happu.
Rangeela asks that currently its your right time before Ritik sale your house and trouble you more. Vimlesh asks for solution.
Rangeela asks that Happu should behave as Ritik’s child. Happu denies, but Vimlesh says before Ritik throw you out and trouble you do as rangeela says. Ritik asks to bring noodles🍜.

Gabbar brings local news channel people and meet Kamlesh. Gabbar says currently sanskar award is going on, and which will be won by Rajjo. Kat comes wearing burqa, but gabbar hold her. Kamlesh says she is our classmate. Gabbar and channel people goes inside.

Rajjo scolds😡 Katori Amma to work fast as she is too slow. Gabbar and channel people gets shocked😱. Amma complaints about work. Gabbar scolds Rajjo for behaving bad with Katori Amma. Rajjo says need is required to do so.
Gabbar scolds😡 Rajjo, but Amma says she is not wrong, and thinks🤔 I am feeling angry😡.

Kamlesh and Kat having noddles🍜, when Happu arrives asking about girl? Kamlesh says she is ruksana. Ruksana’s father come and happu says kamlesh will make your daughter fail as well. Ruksana’s father beat Kamelsh warning not to meet her daughter. Real ruksana arrives to meet her father. Kat truth comes out, and says sorry. Kamlesh getting beaten👋🏻by happu again.

Happu drags Kat home and warns her not to meet kamlesh again. Ritik asks for noodles🍜 and money💶 while asking happu to allow kat to meet kamlesh. Happu agrees.
Kat gets surprised😱 hearing all this

Precap:- Rajjo feels bad and decide to end drama. She convey this to Amma, but Amma says we need to continue as she don’t want her son and DIL relation end.

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