Happu ki Ultan Paltan Written Episode Update of 13th April 2022:- Rajjo Vimlesh decides to act as Gf more than wife

During candle light dinner, Happu praises Rajjo, she asks to fill house with ration. Happu says we shall do it, but stay romantic🥰. He says Rajjo is selected as best wife by vote. Rajjo says you are government employee, get adhar card made of ritik, ranveer and chamchi.
Happu tries to get romantic🥰, but Rajjo says I want my children document full.
Benny- Vimlesh talk romantic🥰 but Benny takes Ushma romantic moment, Vimlesh gets angry😡 hearing name Ushma. Benny says you are taking jagrati wrong way, vimlesh again get angry😡 and states anymore girl name.

Manohar and Kamlesh meet. Manohar asks Kamlesh to keep eye on couples. They talk about couples in code name using kabootar🕊️. Manohar orders Kamlesh to find couples in garden who get romantic🥰.

Later benny and Happu have drinks🍺 and comes to conclusion that their wives lost romance🥰. Rajjo and Vimlesh hears their talk.

Kat tries to put thread in needle but doesn’t get succeed. Kamlesh comes and does it. Malaika gets impressed. Kamlesh tells kat that he need help in catching couples in park for helping manohar. Kat get ready. Kamlesh says we shall get rs. 500💶 for it.

Nargis and Katori Amma talks about khodi, bad mouth about their mother-in-laws. Rajjo serves them tea☕. They both praises Rajjo. Rajjo request Nargis to have food and go later.

In kitchen Rajjo and Vimlesh discuss that their romance🥰 is lost. Rajjo says I am 9 children mother, and now only remember food and duty. Vimlesh says we are losing our gf lover🥰 side. Rajjo and Vimlesh says we shall make our wive sleep💤 and get gf mode ready. They both sing.

Precap:- Kat and Kamlesh find Benny, Happu romancing with Rajjo and Benny. Manohar arrest them. Rajjo and Vimlesh deny being their wives.

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