Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Commissioner gives ultimatum to Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com The episode starts with Rajesh preparing halwa in kitch in a jovial mood. Amma walks in. Rajesh seeks her blessings. Amma says she should need her blessings her advice. Rajesh says she is right and says she is preparing halwa for Hrithik to calm him down. Amma gets excited hearing about halwa and asks if she will also get halwa. Rajesh says she is preparing halwa for everyone. Amma happily goes out to inform kids. Hrithik, Ranbir, and Chamchi return home. Amma asks Hrithik if she is still angry on his mother. Hrithik says he will not talk to his mummy from hereon. Ranbir describes yesterday night’s incident where Rajesh draped blanket over him and left without looking at Hrithik. Chamchi cries that mummy talks only about Ranbir and Hrithik and ignored her completely. Amma consoles her and tells Hrithik that Rajesh loves her and is preparing halwa for him. Hrithik gets happy. Ranbir disbelieves her and walks toward kitchen to check. Vimlesh rushes to Rajesh and informs that Roma sent a message to deliver parcel or else she will viral their video. Rajesh says she is not afraid of Roma and will not pick her call. Roma calls her and orders to meet her immediately to deliver the parcel. Rajesh acts as having network problem. Roma threatens to viral the video if she doesn’t reach in 15 minutes. Rajesh agrees. Ranbir walks to her and asks if she is preparing halwa. Rajesh gives him halwa bowl and asks him to inform other to take it themselves. Ranbir walks to living room enjoying halwa and informs that Rajesh gave him halwa and left saying others will look after themselves. Hrithik feels bad and cries. Dadaji tells Amma that differentiation between kids is not good, so she should confront Rajesh. Happu plays game with Manohar and scolds him when he wins. Commissioner walks in and congratulates Happu. Happu asks what did he do. Commissioner says they both arrested the smuggler and put him behind bars. Happu says they haven’t yet. Commissioner threatens Happu to suspend him from job if he doesn’t catch the thief. Happu promises to catch the smuggler soon and leaves with Manohar. Rajesh and Vimlesh meet Roma who humiliates them and orders to deliver her parcel to the destination soon. Kamlesh reaches to them in his auto and asks if they need any help. They both get into his auto and ask him to drive fast. Happu checks a vehicle at the check post. Manohar catches a biker and suspects him. Vehicle owner gives a befitting reply to Manohar. Happu lets the owner go. Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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