Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Roma blackmails rajesh and vimlesh

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The episode starts with Happu doing a duty at checkpost with Manohar to catch the smuggler. He orders Manohar to check all the vehicles and not let the smuggler escape. Beni walks to him with alcohol in a tea thermos and snacks. Happu asks why did he come here. Beni says it’s their daily liquor session time and since he is busy in his duty, he came here. Happu scolds him for disturbing him during duty, but hesitantly agrees to have a session. Beni is about to serve him when the commissioner enters and insists to have tea. Happu tries to convince him not to have as it’s really bad. Commissioner gets adamant to have tea. Happu throws the thermos away angirly, leaving commissioner and Manhor in shock.

Amma asks Rajesh who among her 2 sons Ranbir and Hrithik she likes the most. Rajesh says Ranbir. Amma says she used to like Hrithik before. Rajesh says Hrithik’s time is gone and Ranbir’s time is going. Dadaji says even he likes Ranbir. Amma scolds him for differentiating between his grandsons. Dadaji says he was talking about film actors. Amma asks Rajesh if she also was talking about film actors. Rajesh says yes. Amma says Hrithik heard her conversation with Vimlesh and is crying since then, she should have stressed the word films at least. She asks her to console Hhritik.

At night, Rajesh goes to check on her sleeping children and seeing Ranbhir’s blanket off drapes it over him. Hrithrik removes his blanket seeing that. Rajesh then walks towards Hritihik when she gets a message and walks away. Hrithik feels bad seeing that and cries loudly. Ranbir and Chamchi wake up and ask reason. Hrithik says mummy loves only Ranbir and describes the incident. Chamchi feels rejected and says that mummy at least took her 2 sons’ names, but didn’t even bother to take her name.

Beni gets romantic with Vimlesh when she gets Roma’s message and rushes out to meet Rajesh. They both show Roma’s video of them involved in smuggling activity. Roma calls them and threatens them to be their agent or else she will viral their video and get them arrested. They both get afraid and agree to work for her. Kamlesh sleeping in his auto notices them and asks what are they doing at midnight. They both scold him and walk away.

Rajesh returns to her room where Happu gets romantic and she rejects his moves. He reveals that gold smuggling is going in the city and if catches the smuggler, he will be promoted to ACP. Rajesh gets tensed and tries to frighten him to stay away from dangerous smugglers. Happu says smugglers should be afraid of him instead. She asks what would be the punishment if smuggler is caught. Happu says life imprisonment. Rajesh says smugglers must be under pressure and helplessly doing smuggling. Happu denies her theory. Rajesh asks about the area of his surveillance. Happu says even he doesn’t know as he gets a tip tomorrow. She asks who gives him tip and asks him to take a leave from work tomorrow.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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