Gum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2022 Written Update: Virat denies to give a chance to Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th March 2022 Written Update on


Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2022 Written Updates

The episode begins with Sai apology for her mistake to Virat for her error and tears, asking Virat to accept her apology. She claims that her family hasn’t allowed her to meet Virat, and he demands her to go away. He says she doesn’t have to be concerned about her fake concern, as she is trying convincing him. Pakhi talks in the name of Virat and glares at her, begging her to be at a distance. He states that he’s able to speak about himself and doesn’t need any assistance from anyone. He demands Pakhi to keep away from his situation and becomes angry at Pakhi.

While Sai attempts to calm him. She gives him water however, he pushes her away, and the glass cracks. He calls Sai about how she had not believe in him and had made massive accusations against him. She is teary-eyed by the events of their lives and asks him to give her a second chance.

In this scene, Sai tells that she is just trying to take care of Virat. He reminisces about the time he came to her at the hostel. He says He also wanted to look after her because the girl was sick. She remembers that she did not allow Virat ever touch her, and is a bit embarrassed. He claims that she doesn’t have any right to him and talks of their separation. She explains to her that they’re already divorced.

Virat describes the story of how Sai made him break up with his relationship. She also asked what basis Sai is looking to marry? He claims that she has abandoned their relationship, and wants him to restart their relationship all over again. She claims that they are in love and want on giving their love chance, however Virat says he is not interested.

In another scene, Virat taunts Sai and insists that she live her dream of becoming a doctor. Sai recalls the flashback of how she broke up with Virat and blamed him for it. Virat adds that he went to meet Sadanand because he wanted to make sure that there isn’t any relationship the relationship between Shruti with him. He is angry thinking about all the allegations , and decides to make Sai quit the cabin.

Bhavani thanks Virat for taking Sai away from his existence. She claims that he’s deserved more than Sai. She is happy, and they express their worry for Virat however, he turns and tries to push the bell to contact the nurse. Samrat becomes worried for the man and asks him not to be too stressed. He tries to assist Virat but he is unable to accept any assistance from them. Virat requests the nurse to take her family out of the room. Pakhi and Bhavani refuse to leave from the room.

In the next scene, Bhavani taunts Sai and declares that for the it is the first time Virat has taken the right choice in Sai’s case. She is happy, while the Sai says that she will have Virat’s trust. Sai offers a fitting reply to Bhavani and Ashwini and Ninad insist on meeting Virat. Samrat states that they don’t want to meet them right now, and persuades the family to give Virat time to relax.

Sai discusses her issue with Pulkit and discusses why Virat doesn’t want to give her the chance. She is crying as she recounts her grief and regrets not believing her. Pulkit is trying to convince her, and says that he has a sense of Devyani’s worth only after having parted with her.

Furthermore, Pulkit ask Sai not to be worried and says that in the near future Virat will be able to see the way Sai has saved his life, and will be grateful to her. She is crying over her memories of her time with Virat as Pulkit encourages her to remain resilient. He encourages her to offer time to Virat because he has suffered a lot of hardships and underwent a major operation. He also encourages Sai’s confidence and asks her to care for her self “Tum bhi Kyo Gaye” track plays.

Precap: Chavans is introduced to Virat and Bhavani is happy about his decision to not accept Sai back. She is happy for him, however, the man denies calling them his family. He recalls the way they have treated him. He insults Samrat and claims that he didn’t remember the moment when he attempted to murder him. He breaks his voice, remembering the crimes they committed and informs Ninad about the curse he hurled at him. Ninad is trying to explain but Virat says he is unable to forget them.

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