Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th March 2022 Written Update: Virat accepts Devyani’s request

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th March 2022 Written Update on


Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th March 2022 Written TellyUpdates

The episode starts with Sai entering her home, Chavan Niwas. She walks around the house and is emotional as she recalls all the memories from there. She also has flashes of her first visit to the house in the house, when people refused to accept her. She smiles and says that these are the same situations and decides to convince her family once more. She turns to god’s temple and prays over her issues. She claims that God has already assisted her in getting inside the home and he insists to stay with her until she succeeds in getting the forgiveness of Virat. She demonstrates her faith to God. She then goes to God and then goes into Virat’s bedroom.

This is where Virat is feeling pains in his arms. He attempts to drink the water, but fails and at this point, Sai arrives and assists Virat with the problem. He stares at her and asks what’s she doing in his bedroom. He tells her to return to the room that was hers. she remindsher that she was not able to accept as husband, and that’s the reason she decided to live in a separate place from him.

Sai decides to stay with Virat in the same room and tells him that in the near future she’ll be able to convince Virat to accept her apology. Virat is annoyed by her, and says she cannot force to forgive him and insists that she has didn’t trust him. She apologizes for her mistake and states that she is aware of the error. She claims that she really is sorry for him and explains that she is sorry for her error constantly.

And, in another episode, Virat makes fun of Sai and says that he will not be able to forgive Sai for her. He says she entered the house in a frenzied manner and was unable to gain access to his room. He yells at her while she becomes angry at her. He is scolding Sai while Devyani appears. tellyupdates

Devyani is scared by Virat’s anger and wonders whether he’ll scold her as well? He assures her that he will not, as Sai is trying to soothe her by saying that she’s his favorite sister and he won’t be angry at her. Devyani is adamant with Sai insisting that she remain still. Devyani blames all the blame on Sai and asks Virat to share prasad together with family.

Then, Virat denies to eat together with the Chavans and Devyani asks her to. He eventually agrees and sits alongside his loved ones. Sai is also there and makes Bhavani annoyed. She tries to praise Pakhi before the entire world and claims that she cooks delicious Prasad. Sai knows her motives and states she believes that prasad always tastes great regardless of the person who cooks it.

Pakhi is adamant about the God and claims that every time she attempts at impressing Virat, Sai comes in between them. Bhavani praises Ashwini as well for not being an emotionally fooled by Sai and not arguing with her. Ashwini scolds Sai and says that she will not be able to remain in the room for a long period of time, and Sai warns them to call the inspector to come back.

In addition, everyone is raving about Pakhi’s prasad made by hand. Ninad begins to cough while Sai rushes to offer the water, but he refuses the offer to drink from her hands. Mansi requests him not to delay the issue and instructs him to drink it and then he removes the water from Sai. In the meantime, Chavans ask Virta not to think about Sai and request Sai to live in peace while he remains still. In the meantime, Bhavani insists Pakhi to serve the sweets to Virat as Sai asks her why she’s more focused on serving Virat rather than the husband of her Samrat. tellyupdates

Precap: Bhavani states that Sai will cook for them. She requests Sai to bring her own cooking equipment and separate her food from them. Sai protests and asks Ashwini to help Bhavani accept, while Bhavani is begs Sai to not involve her. Sai says that she is already upset due to Sai she has lost her son, and she doesn’t want to be separated from her family. Sai gets shocked, and Virat says that he will not ever eat together. Chavans is awestruck.

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