Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ninad Supports Virat’s Decision

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani asks Virat why he wants to ruin their family’s dignity for Sai. Virat asks how can she try to humiliate a woman herself being a woman. He asks if she wouldn’t have felt good of Nagesh kaka saheb had changed his name to Nagesh Bhavani Chavan. Bhavani asks how dare he is to insult his kaka saheb. Virat says kaka saheb is his idol and he can never think of kaka saheb. Ashwini asks him to think how his father will think. Omkar says Virat could become an IPS officer because of Ninad dada. Virat gets a message. He sends Sunny and Pulkit somewhere and says let us hear baba’s opinion. Sai says she doesn’t want to hurt baba and hence doesn’t want him to change his surname because of her.

Virat tells family that they are criticizing Sai, but they saw how supportive Sai is. He plays Ninad video in which Ninad expresses his happiness and approval with Virat’s decision. Ashwini says she doesn’t have any problem when Ninad doesn’t have any problem. Bhavani objects and yells at Ashwini and Virat. Virat says he respects her, but she value even his feelings. He announces that from hereon, he will be called as Virat Sai Chavan. He asks Sai to write his new name in the rice thali. Ashwini also encourages her. Sai emotionally writes his new name.

Bhavani asks Panditji to scold Virat for his wrong decision. Pandit says its proved in their holi scriptures like Ram Seeta, Lakshmi Narayan, and Radha Krishna, so they should have progressive thinking and get out of their rigid mentality. Bhavani angrily asks Sonali to pay panditji’s fees and orders Panditji to never return to her house again. Sunny and Pulkit wish happy married life to Virat Sai Chavan and Sai Virat Chavan. Rajiv asks Shivani if he also should his name. Shivani says no as different people have different ways to express their love. Samrat taunts Pakhi that now Sai’s name is completely associated with Virat. Pakhi yells now that he knows everything, he can divorce her. Samrat stands silently.

Sai and Virat reach their room and are surprised to see it decorated for suhagraat. They ask each other if they decorated it. Sunny and Devyani enter and say its their surprise for them. Virat thanks them and signals them to leave. They continue to chat. Vriat forcefully sends them out and locks door. Sai admires Virat’s pic. Virat removes the curtain between their bed. They both express their love for each other and hug each other.

Precap: Virat tells Sai that he doesn’t want any interference between them today, so he lied to Bhavani. Sai says she cannot lie to Bhavani or else it would be a disrespect to her Aaba’s teaching. She decides to reveal truth to Bhavani and walks towards Bhavani.

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