Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Reunites Shivani And Rajiv

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajiv seeks forgiveness from Shivani. He says he was commitment phobic and accepts his mistake. He says he realized his mistake after the death of his mother and wants to seek Shivani’s forgiveness. Shivani cries vigorously lookig at him and says she can’t trust him anymore. He kneels down and says he understands her ordeal and accepts that he has done a huge crime by running away from their marriage. He insists her to give him one chance to prove himself and assures that will not let her complain about anything again. Shivani looks at Sai, confused, and seeks her help to decide. Rajiv jail mate request her to accept Rajiv’s proposal. Sai assks Shivani to think well and take her decision from the heart and comforts her. Virat gets more furious at Sai.

Shivani kneels down to Rajiv’s level, accepts his apology, and forgives him for his mistakes. He gets immensely happy and hugs her trough the jail door bars. Everyone are amazed to see their reunion. Virat tries to make Shivani understand that she shouldn’t trust Rajiv. Shivani smiles at Virat and says that she knows he really cares for her, but she will not change her decision. She then asks Sai to bail out Rajiv. Sai says case isn’t valid anymore as it’s filed in her name. Rajiv excitedly says he don’t mind staying inside the jail after getting Shivani’s forgiveness. Sai and Shivani laugh seeing his excitement.

Chavans get worried for Shivani as she went with Sai and try to contact them. Bhavani frowns and asks Pakhi if she could contact them. Pakhi denies. Sonali provokes Bhavani saying Sai and Shivani are conspiring against them.

Sai tells Shivani that Rajiv will be out of the jail. Shivani signs bail papers and thanks Sai for helping her. She says hugs Sai and says Sai can do anything. Sai thinks about Virat and murmurs about her love for him. Shivani feels excited hearfing Sai’s feelings for Virat and assures to help her. Rajiv walks to Sai and thanks her for helping them reunite. Shivani tells Rajiv that the girl who reunited them still hasn’t expressed her love towards her husband. Rajiv asks how is it possible. Sai says its a long story. Shivani says Sai misunderstood Virat earlier, but now Virat is angry on Sai. Rajiv assures that he will help her to win her husband’s love. Shivani says Rajiv is an expert in love advice. Rajiv lift Shivani excitedly. Sai recalls Virat lifting her and feels sad. Rajiv asks if Virat lifted her similarly. Sai asks how does he know. He says he can judge looking at lover’s eyes. Shivani says he is expert in talks.

Sai asks Shivani if she wants to come home or wants to go on a date with Rajiv. Rajiv says that’s a good idea. Sai picks her phone to book a cab and her phone switches off. Shivani says she didn’t bring her phone as she didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone. Rajiv says he will book a cab and go on a date with them to Chavan Nivas. Shivani says her family will not spare him. Rajiv says he sees Sai is the smartest among Shivani’s family. Their discussion continues. Sai says only Virat can convince Chavan family for their wedding. Rajiv requests her to somehow convince Virat to help them.

Precap: Sai shows Virat their wedding dresses.
Virat frustrated asks if she is planning their marriage again. She says she wants his help in reuniting 2 broken hearts like them and get them married.

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