Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Shivani And Rajiv’s Emotional Meeting

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi asks Chavans about Rajiv. Bhavani says he is the mistake of their past which they want to forget and if Sai tries to remind them about their mistake, she will not spare Sai. Karishma asks if she should call Sai. Ashwini says Sai already left for college. Sonalis says they should question Shivani as she must be knowing everything. Karishma says she saw Shivani getting ready and leaving house. Pakhi asks if Sai and Shivani went to meet Rajiv. Bhavani frowns.

Sai waits for Shivani outside police station. Shivani reaches there. Sai says she thought she wouldn’t come. Shivani says she had to come to fix the mistake her family did. Sai asks her to go in and meet Rajiv and wishes her all the best. Shivani asks if she should. Sai says she should listen to him once and then decide what to do next. Inside police station, Virat asks inspector that it is family issue and make sure there is no lapse. Inspector says he needs to take Shivani’s statement. Virat says Shivani will not come here. Shivani enters and says he is already here. Virat says she must be hurt with Sai’s act and apologizes her on her behalf. Shivani says only Sai understood her pain when no one in her family could. Virat angrily looks at Sai. Shivani says she came to meet Rajiv. Virat takes her aside. Sai says she came with Shivani and will go if she wants her to. Virat warns her to stay out of it and starts badmouthing about Rajiv.

Shivani warns him to mind his language. Virat blames Sai and says she talked about closure last night for the same reason. Shivani says he is insulting her repeatedly wit his words, he never understood her, she will meet Rajiv right now. Sai walks to inspector and asks if Shivani can meet Rajiv. Virat frightens inspector with his angry gaze. Sai asks if a victim can meet her accused or not. Inspector agrees. Shivani walks toward Rajiv’s cell and sees him drawing her sketch on a wall. Rajiv’s jail mates praise him for his passion for love. Shivani calls Rajiv. Rajiv gets very happy seeing her and tells his jail mates that his prayers came true. He tells Sai that Shivani came to meet her because of her and describes how excited he was when he heard Shivani is coming to meet him and prepared her favorite food, but got disappointed when Sai came instead, etc.

Shivani shouts at him to shut up and says she came to how why he left her at the mandap. He says she has right to vent out her anger on him for his sin. She slaps him. He shows his other cheek and asks to slap him again. She slaps him continuously and vents out her frustration. He says she must be tired and can rest and start again as he will not go anywhere. She cries more vigorously and questions him again. He offers his kerchief and her perfume bottle. She recalls the event where he keeps her perfume to remember her in her absence. She says they are marrying in 7 days. He says her perfume smell will remind her presence till then. Out of flashback, she asks if he still kept it. He says its smell is lost, but the smell of her love is still intact. He continues expressing his love for her and pleads to give him one more chance.

Precap: Sai shows Virat their wedding dresses.
Virat frustrated asks if she is planning their marriage again. She says she wants his help in reuniting 2 broken hearts like them and get them married.

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