Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Shows Her Concern For Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai informs Shivani that Rajiv is in jail because of her. Shivani shocked says she didn’t complain against Rajiv. Sai says Virat got Rajiv arrested on her behalf. She says Shivani must be thinking why she is interfering in her issues, but she can see Shivani still loves Rajiv and is unable to move on. Shivani says Rajiv disappeared on their wedding day, she cannot forgive him for that. Sai says Rajiv happily got himself arrested for her sake, Virat hit him and got him arrested, but Rajiv didn’t utter a word and says he deserves this punishment for his mistake. Shivani asks Virat hit Rajiv. Sai says yes, Rajiv has returned for her. Shivani says wy did he return now when she doesn’t need him. Sai describes in detail what Rajiv told her. Shivani feels sad haring about Rajiv’s mother’s demise.

Virat recalls Sai’s words that Shivani still loves Rajiv. He hears door knock and thinking it’s Sai says he doesn’t want to talk to her right now. Pakhi walks in with food for him and asks if he fine, she heard his and Sai’s argument. Virat says he will not shout and disturb her from hereon. She says she is his friend and is worried for him. She then insists him to have food. He stands silently. She asks him to accept his friend’s request. then starts badmouthing about Sai, and warns him to stay away from Sai. Virat doesn’t reply. She says if he wants a friend to share his ordeal, she is there for him always. He says he doesn’t why people interfere in other’s matters. She apologizes and tries to leave. He says he is talking about Sai.

Shivani cries remembering Rajiv’s mother and says she used to love her a lot. Sai suggests her to meet Rajiv once and leaves. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai forcefully interferes in other’s lives. Samrat searches for Virat and walks towards his room where he notice es Pakhi there and thinks Pakhi gets attracted towards Virat even if she tries not to. He walks away from there sadly. Pakhi asks Virat what did Sai do this time. Virat says Sai went to meet Rajiv. Pakhi asks who is Rajiv. Virat says he doesn’t want to talk about Rajiv. Pakhi thanks him for opening up considering her as a friend.

Sai returns to her room and seeing Pakhi confronts her for barging into her room often. Virat supports Pakhi and gets angry on Sai. Pakhi asks Sai what did she do that Virat is angry on her and who is Rajiv. Sai says she should question her best friend and says she came to her room to rest, but seeing the situation here, she thinks of going out for a fresh air, without disturbing them. Pakhi leaves and returns to her room thinking about asking Samrat who Rajiv. She sees him asleep and thinks she should ask Bhavani in the morning. Samrat lying down recalls Pakhi expressing her love for Virat.

Next morning, Pakhi during breakfast informs Bhavani that Virat and Sai fought because of some Rajiv and asks who is Rajiv. Bhavani’s team gets angry hearing about Rajiv. Omkar says he will break Rajiv’s legs if he returns and tries to trouble Shivani. Pakhi questions how is he related to Shivani. Mansi warns her to stop enquiring and concentrate on her work. Karishma comments that Pakhi is frustrated that Sai knows about Rajiv but she doesn’t. Omkar questions Mohit if he knows anything about Rajiv and Shivani’s recent meeting. Mohit denies. Pakhi asks again who is Raiv. Bhavani says she doesn’t want to talk about Rajiv and will not spare him if he doesn’t anything again.

Precap: Sai shows Virat their wedding dresses.
Virat frustrated asks if she is planning their marriage again. She says she wants his help in reuniting 2 broken hearts like them and get them married.

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