Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11



Part 11


Sagar saw a news in the newspaper and became dull.

Ganga:What happened Sagar?

Sagar:In this newspaper there is a death news.The goon who tried to kill me was a professional killer.He is found killed.He must be killed by the mastermind.Now since he is dead,how will we find the real killer?

Ganga:Oh no…what will we do?

Vansh:There are more killers in his gang.We will find them and make them say the truth.

Sagar:But how will we find them?

Riddhima:I have a way.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Sagar and Ganga were relieved.



Vansh and Riddhima met Maya.

Maya:Did you kill Kabir?


Maya:Why so much of delay in killing Kabir?He killed both of you.

Riddhima:He is not Kabir,but his twin brother Sagar.He is a nice guy.We misunderstood him.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Maya was shocked.

Maya:It’s an unexpected twist.Good that you both came to know about his innocence.Otherwise an innocent person would have been killed.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Vansh:You are right Maya.

Maya:You have to find the real Kabir.Right?Where is he now?Any idea?

Suddenly a patient came.

Maya:Bhaiyya bhabhi…we will meet later.Let me examine the patient.

Vansh:Ok carry on Choti.

Maya hugged both of them.Vansh and Riddhima vanished.


Sagar and Ganga prayed in the temple.

Sagar:God,please show us the path to truth.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Ganga:Please show us the real culprit.


A woman was sitting in a cafe.Riddhima went near her.That woman was shocked to see her.

She:Riddhima!You are alive?


She is ACP Bhavya who was Riddhima’s friend.

Riddhima:No Bhavya.I am only a soul.Now only you can see me.

Bhavya was shocked:What?

Riddhima:I know that it’s unbelievable.But it’s the truth.

Bhavya:What’s happening Riddhima?Can you please tell me?

Riddhima told her everything.

Bhavya:It’s so shocking.

Riddhima:Yes.Bhavya,we need your help.

Bhavya:Sure Riddhima.I have always stood for justice and I promise that I will give you justice.

Riddhima smiled.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Riddhima took Bhavya to Vansh.

Bhavya:Happy to meet you after a long time Vansh.

Vansh smiled slightly.

Riddhima:Vansh,Bhavya has agreed to help us.

Bhavya smiled.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Bhavya:I will show you the pictures of some professional killers.You have to identify them.



Bhavya took them to the police station.

Bhavya:You both be visible to everyone.Otherwise the others will think that I am talking to myself like a mad person.Don’t worry.No one will recognize both of you as no one in the police station knows you guys.

Vansh-Riddhima smiled and made themselves visible to everyone.

Bhavya showed them the photographs of some killers.

Vansh-Riddhima looked at those photographs.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Riddhima and Vansh noticed a photograph and got angry.

Riddhima:He is the one who killed Vansh in front of me.

Bhavya:Oh.He is Daksh.Last week we caught him.He is here in this cell.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Riddhima:Thank God..he is near us.


Bhavya went near Daksh.Vansh and Riddhima were also there invisible.

Bhavya:You remember the quotation given to kill Vansh and Riddhima?

Daksh panicked:No…they did suicide.Right?

Bhavya slapped him.

Bhavya:If you did’nt get the quotation to kill them,how come you know them as they are not celebrities?

Say the truth.


Bhavya:Good that finally you admitted the truth.Tell me who gave you the quotation?

Daksh:His name is Kabir Sharma!

Bhavya got angry again.

Bhavya:I know very well that Kabir is not the one who gave you the quotation.Then who?

Daksh was silent.

Bhavya held the gun near his head.

Bhavya:You better tell the truth.Because that person is not going to help you in any way.

Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 11

Daksh uttered that person’s name.

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