Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi runs away from the airport

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pakhi says let’s shop, airports are boring. There’s time in security clearing. Mohit hears all this and realizes she’s at the airport. Shanaya says who is it? He says network company. Dadi tells Samir Agastya isn’t in office. Yug sees a guy like Ishaan and says stop.. The guy starts runnign. Yug runs after him. Yug stops him. Shubham says who are you? Yug says why were running? SHubham says who are you to ask? Yug says Ishaan is pretending to be in coma? Shubham says who are you? you’re keeping an eye on my house? Yug says I don’t need to answer you. the day I catch your brother for his acting I will give him oscars. Shubham leaves. Ishaan sneaks out. Shubham texts ishaan I’ve distracted him. The way is clear.

Samir asks dadi where has Agastya taken Pakhi? I did everything he said. We are going as well. Please ask him not to harm Pakhi. Dadi says I don’t know where they are. Please trust me. Agastya would never harm Pakhi. He loves her a lot. I know he’s done many mistakes. Shanaya says I called di’s all friends. She’s with no one. Dadi says that means she lied to me while leaving. Agastya and Pakhi do the shopping. He says let’s do security clearance. Pakhi says Mohit do something.

Scene 2
Singh is taken to the car from the police station. Ishaan waves at him. He leaves smoke under the car. There’s a panic, no one can breathe or see. Signh gets on Ishaan’s bike. Pakhi and Agastya are in line. Agastya says I can’t leave her alone. He’s in the long queue. Yug looks inside Ishaan’s room. He says boss was right. Ishaan isn’t here. Yug gets a text Singh ran from the jail. Yug calls Agastya and says Singh ran from police custody and Ishaan isn’t home. Agastya is shocked. He says what? Find out what they’re upto. Agastya looks for Pakhi.

Mohit says I know they’re at the airport but where is Agastya taking Pakhi. He calls on the number and says hello Pakhi di.. Yug hears him talking. He says this is Pakhi’s brother. How is he talking to Pakhi? The security guy picks the call and says we found this phone in airport’s lost and found. Yug grasps him and says who were you talking to? Where are you going? Mohit says airport. Mohit says who are you? Is this a way of talking. He realizes it’s Agastya’s man. He says my parents are coming from pune. I was going to pick them from airport. My cousin sister wanted to go as well so I was calling her to pick her up but her number was off. Yug says go now. He says idiots, boss will kille me. Mohit takes a rickshaw and goes to airport.

Scene 3
Agastya comes to a girl and says Pakhi.. Pakhi.. A woman gives him black rose and says someone gave this for you and this ring. He reads the letter if you wanna see Pakhi alive confess all your crimes in 2 hours.

Mohit comes to the airport. He says to the staff let me go in. My sister is there. I need to meet her. Agastya is in shock. He looks around for Pakhi. He can’t find her anywhere. Pakhi is wearing a viel. The woman disappears too. Agastya calls the security and says my wife is missing. SHe was just here. how could she get kidnapped from the aiport. He looks around. Pakhi walks around him in the viel. Agastya is worried. She takes off her face covering and says this is my last shot Agastya. Agastya asks security to look for her. Pakhi leaves the airport. Agastya comes out as well. Pakhi crosses the road. Her viel falls off. She sees Agastya and hides her face. Pakhi hides behind a car. Agastya looks around. Pakhi runs. A guy pulls her in a rickshaw. It’s Mohit. He says let’s go. They see Agastya coming from front. They hide their faces. The rickshaw drives past Agastya. Agastya says what is happening? How could Pakhi get kidnapped frm the airpot? He asks the forces I am Agastya Raichand. I will check all security cameras myself. The woman with ring is also there.

Scene 4
Dadi meets the lawyer. He says the case between Agastya and his step mother had been dragging for years. We are losing that case now. Dadi says what? We’re losing the case but you said our case is very strong. Then how can verdict be against us? He says proofs we gave aren’t enough. Here is the verdict’s copy. Dadi says I know what that woman did. There must be some way to punish her. Agastya still lives in fear because of her. Lawyer says we have no proofs to give in the court so the case gave verdict in her name. Dadi says that means she’s out and free? She’s not scared of anyone? He says please inform Agastya sir. Dadi says he’s alreayd so worried. She looks at his childhood photos and says my Agastya looks so happy. After so long I removed her memory from his life. A toy falls. Mona picks it. She says lawyer told me everything. I know she will come to Agastya and do something. when she left, she was pregnant. What if she comes back with her child as the heir of this wealth. That’s what she wanted. Maybe she’s against Pakhi and Agastya being missing.

Pakhi hugs Mohit and says thank you bhai. You came on right time. He was taking me somewhere. God has saved us. Pakhi says let’s go to Malakpur. Mohit says that’s out of the city. Why?

Episode ends

Precap-Agastya says detained your dad, I tried to kill Ishaan. Pakhi slaps Agastya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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