Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya sees Ishaan

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pakhi faints on the road. Agastya picks her and cries. He says Pakhi open your eyes.. Pakhi opens her eyes.. She says this blood.. What is this? He says it’s color. Someone shot from paint gun to scare you. He picks the letter you have 48 hours only. If you don’t confess your crimes, this will be a real gun. Agastya shouts at his guards. Agastya hugs Pakhi and says I am with you don’t worry. She says in heart you have 48 hours only.

Agastya comes home with Pakhi. He says are you okay? Should I call doctor? She says I fainted in fear. I am fine. He says someone attacked you and you are saying it’s nothing? I can’t lose you. I won’t let anything happen to you. She reaclls everything. She says you ruined my life. THis is not your love, this is insanity.

Scene 2
Agastya comes to dadi. He says dadi when Pakhi got attacked I was so scared. My heart stopped. What if it was real? I would have lost my reason to live. DAdi says now you know how it feels when your loved ones are in danger. No one does all this without a reason. You know what wrong have you done to anyone. If you love Pakhi and want to save her confess the crime he’s talking about? You will be a bigger person in Pakhi’s eyes. Your love will win her heart. Agastya says no.. If I tell her the truth, she will hate me for life. I have to find this person. I know it’s not Pakhi’s dad. Maya would never go against me. Singh is in jail. Ishaan is in coma as well. I don’t know who is doing all this but I will find out.

Scene 3
Ishaan comes to meet Singh. Singh says get me out of here. Agastya won’t let my bail happen, he knows I can’t do anything from here but if I get out I won’t leave him. Agastya comes outside. He calls Yug and says I am going to meet Singh. Keep an eye on Pakhi. Ishaan says we’re trying to get you out as well as soon as possible. We have bothered him enough to make him confess his crime. I need to leave now. Ishaan leaves. Agastya is coming in. Ishaan collides with him. He sees Agastya’s face. Ishaan leaves. Agastya says stop.. He says why did I feel like I saw Ishaan but how is that possible? Ishaan runs. Agastya runs after him. Agastya says Ishaan stop.. Agastya runs after him.

Pakhi hides from the cameras and call Mohit and says there are cameras all over the house. Try to hack them please. Ishaan comes to a building. Agastya comes after him. Ishaan hides under the bags. He calls Yug and asks him to go to Ishaan’s place. Agastya locks the gate from outside. Ishaan is worried. He tries to go out but he can’t. Ishaan calls Pakhi. He tells her everything. Pakhi says to dadi I want to go to temple to pray. So I feel better. Dadi says Agastya won’t like it. He’s scared for your safety. Pakhi says I want to go. Dadi says take the guards. Pakhi sneaks out. She says I am sure Agastya or Yug are going to Ishaan’s place.

Agastya is on his way. Pakhi comes to the temple. The guards are with her. She says you can’t come inside the temple with guns. I want peace there. Stay outside. Agastya says if it was ishaan I made a huge mistake by leaving hi, alive. I won’t do that mistake again. Pakhi takes a bike and follows Agastya. She throws nails in his tires. His tires puncture. Pakhi looks at him. He calls Yug and says my tires are punctured. Come to my location. We need to go to Ishaan’s place. Pakhi comes to the shed. Ishaan is scared. Mohit brought her some things. She asked him to stay in the temple with the ring so Agastya sees that as her location. Pakhi says Ishaan where are you? He says where is Agastya? She says let’s go fast.

Agastya comes to Ishaan’s place. Shubham says Agastya you here? Was it something important? Agastya shoves him and goes to Ishaan’s room. He’s there with mask on his face. Agastya is shocked.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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