Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadi sees Bulbul

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bulbul runs from the venue. A woman runs after her. She leaves. The woman looks for Bulbul in her house. She does arti. The woman says what are you doing. She says we are the best mother-daughter duo. We should do arti. She says you keep dancing and ashaming us. Her dad says it’s her talent. Who hides talent. She says who marries a dancer. Bulbul says I enjoy it. I will find a guy don’t worry. Her mom says okay do what you want. I won’t use your dance money. She says I am collecting money to get my dadi treated. We will dance and have fun together. Her dadi gives her blessings. Her mom says I am always scared for you.

Scene 2
Prema cries looking at Pakhi’s photo. She says I can’t even cry in front of anyone. Mira comes. She says surprise.. She says maa ji I brought someone you really wanted to meet. She says Yug come in. Yug brings in Agastya. Agastya acts like a child. He has tape on his mouth. Dadi comes close to him. Mira stops her. She says Agastya I don’t like punishing you but you did something wrong right? He keeps asking for chocolates. He will see a lot of chocolates now but he can’t eat. Agastya cries like a child. Mira says don’t cry. Go become hen now. Agastya becomes hen. Dadi is in tears. Mira takes off his tape. He says can I eat chocolate mama? She says I said no. Dadi says do you have a heart? You have become an animal. Dadi says I am with you Agastya. Agastya says why did you scold my mom? He bites her hand. Mira says see.. this is called control. It’s all about control. No one can control better than me. See how he’s my puppet now. I will get him in another hospital. Till then he will stay here. None of you should dare to meet him till then. Agastya sings a poem. Naveli and dadi cry. Mira says Yug take him to the room. Yug says what if his memory comes back looking at all this? She says I won’t let that happen.

Scene 3
Bulbul eats with her family. Her mom says it’s Bholaynath’s pooja tomorrow. Let’s go there.
Pandit ji tells dadi about the same pooja. Dadi says I will go there. Mona says how can we go? Mira will have a problem. Dadi you’re her secretary. Please convince her. Mona says I can’t risk Naveli and myself. Dadi says if Agastya gets better Naveli and all of us can get out of this mess. Mona comes to Yug and says sir mom goes to taraknath temple every year for pooja. Can we let her go? She cries every year. Can I send Naveli with her? He says I can’t trust you. I will go with you. I will talk to you. Mona says thank you Yug sir.

Bulbul’s dadi says there will be a miracle today. Yug says to dadi and Naveli there should be no problem today. Dadi recalls everything. She recalls Agastya’s condition. She prays for a miracle. The security shouts at the kids. They say he was stealing kids. Bulbul says what would happen if he takes milk? Should he die in hunger while we do our poojas? Dadi hears the voice and says why do I feel like I’ve heard this voice. Bulul takes her pot of milk and runs away. Dadi says you stole it? Who are you? Bulbul turns back. Dadi is shocked to see her. She recalls Pakhi. She says Pakhi..

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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