Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi scares Agastya

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya wakes up to Pakhi screaming.. He hugs her. Pakhi is crying. He asks what happened? Pakhi shows her photo on the mirror with something written in blood. Agastya is shocked. He reads tell police everything about your sins. You have 72 hours. Pakhi says what is all this? Who did it? Pakhi did it herself last night. Pakhi says what sin have I done? He says whose handwriting is it? Pakhi says I am very scared.. She starts removing it. Agastya says stop. Pakhi says what is all this? I’ve no sin, you have no sin. He says people are jealous of success. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Agastaya asks her to take dadi. He calls Yug. Pakhi smiles.

Pakhi acts scared. Dadi says who could do this and why? Mona asks is anyone safe in this house? What have you done Agastya? He says someone must have pranked. stop it, I will find out who did it. SHe says he did it in your room. Say what you did. Dadi says calm down. She says why is he being targeted if he didn’t do anything? Agastya leaves.

Scene 2
Pakhi comes to her room. She sees that device and tries to open it with Agastya’s photo. The closet opens. There’s a hall behind it with Pakhi’s videos plays, location and footage playing. She’s shocked. Pakhi looks at chains and all the videos. She says Agastya recorded my whole life? He stalked me so much? Why? I hate you Agastya. You ruined my life. Pakhi says I can’t get angry. I have to collect proofs. Few more days. You love controlling other people’s lives right? Now I will control your life. Agastya comes with Yug. He says what do I pay you for? How could anyone come in? He says no one saw anyone coming in. Agastya says I don’t need any excuses. I got Pakhi after such stuggle. Pakhi hears it.

Agastya and Yug come in the secret room. Agastya sits there. Pakhi is hidden in the cabnit. She comes out frm the other side. Pakhi tries to hear their conversation. Agastya says I want footage of the house soon.

Scene 3
Agastya’s manager says someone came to meet you. He says I am busy. Vishal says he is insisting. Agastya says it’s someone.. Samir comes in. He says sorry I disturbed you in between your work. I did all the visa work you asked. Whatever happened with me, it’s okay. Pakhi and Shanaya are very innocent. Don’t do anything to them. You can kill me if I make a mistake. Don’t do anything to Pakhi and Shanaya. Agastya says we are family. Nothing can ever go wrong with pakhi and shanaya as long as I am here. Pakhi comes in. Agastya hugs Samir. He says uncle is saying who will take care of you and Shanaya if they go to London. Pakhi says don’t worry papa. You came here? He says just came to meet you both. Pakhi says in heart he’s pretending so much, you are so scared papa.

Agastya says Pakhi you came to office? You weren’t well. She says I was scared at home and worried. Agastya says scared? I won’t ever let anything happen to you. I will find out who did it. Pakhi says I am scared for you not myself. I have to take care of you too. You didn’t do breakfast. I got you juice. He says you care so much for me. She spills it on him. Pakhi says sorry.. He says it’s okay I will change. Agastya leaves.

Agastya does his meeting and says our team worked too hard on this spying device. It will be very uselful for the military, police and intelligence. Agastya says please the presentation. Pakhi’s videos that he’s recorded play on the TV. Agastya is shocked. Everyone is confused. Pakhi comes in. She says what is this? She’s shocked. Pakhi says what is all this Agastya? What’s happening here? Someone writes on board tell police about your sins. You’ve only 70 hours left. Agastya says Vishal what is this? Where is presentation. Investor says who did all this? What sin are they talking about?

Agastya shouts at Vishal and says was this a joke? Someone replaced all the presentation and no one knows. Call the guards right now. Pakhi says Agastya what is all this? My photos and I didn’t even make those videos? How did they get recorded inside my house? Who recorded them? They placed cameras inside my house. It’s such a big crime. How could someone be so disgusting. Who did this? That person will go to jail for this. Agastya says I am coming. Pakhi replaced the presentation with all the videos.

Scene 4
Agastya stops his car in front of Samir. He says you consider yourself so smart that you came to my office and replaced my presentation? Got me insulted in front of Pakhi and my investors. Samir says I only came there for my daughters. I didn’t even touch your laptop. Agastya says don’t do this drama. You thought you can come and write all that on my mirror and I won’t know? Samir says I didn’t do anything. You made a huge mistake. Samir says I didn’t do anything. Pakhi calls Ishaan and says Agastay doesn’t doubt us. I fixed the tracker in his watch. Can you track him? Where is he? He says he’s with your dad. He’s shouting at uncle and he looks very scared. Pakhi says what? papa? I won’t leave him if he does anything to papa. I am coming. He says no calm down I will do something. If he sees you he will know you did it. Pakhi says you know how low can he stoop. He can harm papa. Give me location I am coming. He says don’t come please. Pakhi hangs up.

Pakhi comes to the location. The car breaks. Driver says it will take some time. Pakhi looks for taxi. Agastya throttles Samir adn says you know I can do anything.. how dare you. Ishaan is worried. Pakhi comes running there. Samir says why would I do that. Pakhi looks at them in fear.

Episode ends

Precap: Pakhi gives a bite to Agastya, he starts choking. Pakhi thinks you tries to choke my father now you will know the pain too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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