Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi gets shot

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pakhi comes there. She sees Agastya strangling Samir. Pakhi takes a scarf and hides her face. She throws a letter on him with a rock. It hits Agastya’s back. Agastya picks it. Samir struggles and runs. Agastya reads it enough of it Agastya. Time to expose you. Pakhi is hidden. He looks around. Ishaan says thank God Pakhi didn’t come in front of him. Agastya says that means it wasn’t Samir. Who else knows my truth? He gets angry. Pakhi leaves.

Samir comes home. He says Prema.. She says are you okay? What happened? He says have you packed? Are you ready? She says please sit. He says we have to leave. where is suitcase. Shanaya comes. He says don’t forget anything. Pakhi comes. She says papa what happened? Samir hugs her and cries. Pakhi cries too. Prema says what’s happening? Why are you crying? What is it Pakhi? Pakhi says he is stressed. He will be fine. Take him to the room. Prema takes Samir to his room. She says your blood pressure is high. Shanaya says di what is happening? This was too much. What’s wrong with papa? Pakhi says I don’t know. He’s stressed go see him please. Pakhi says you made my dad live in fear every moment Agastya. It’s your turn to live in fear now.

Scene 2
At night, Pakhi eats the dinner. Agastya looks worried. Naveli says bhai why are you so worried? Who is threatening our family? DId you do anything about it? Pakhi says he went to the police station. we will soon find out who did all this? Pakhi says didn’t you go? I thought you went to police station directly from office? He leaves. Pakhi says eat please. Agastya calls Yug and says what are you doing? Will you do something once Pakhi finds out? He says no one suspicious came to office. Agastya says you always have excuses. Check all the records. And Singh shouldn’t come out of the jail. Get more cameras installed. Pakhi comes in and says see I got you ice cream. I know you are stressed. He says I can’t eat it. Pakhi says I would love it if you eat. He says if you make me eat. Pakhi makes him eat the ice cream. He says it’s good. Agastya coughs. Pakhi looks at him. He starts suffocating. Pakhi recalls how he throttled Samir. She looks at him holding his now throat. Agastya struggles to breathe. Pakhi says I never wanted to hurt you. Now you know how it feels when you make others go through this? The pain you give to others, how does it feel when it happens to you. Agastya falls on the bed. He can’t breathe. Pakhi says Agastya.. what happened? She says dadi.. She says dodo.. What happened? Nothing will happen.

The doctor checks Agastya. He says Agastya ate something he’s allergic too. He’s fine now. Pakhi says but Agastya didn’t even eat anything. Ice cream? Was it this? I got it for myself. Does this mean the person who threatened me mixed something in it? What did I do? Nothing is safe in this house. I am so sorry. I didn’t even know. Dadi says it’s not your fault. Who is after my kids. Who is this person and what do they want? Agastya says it could harm Pakhi. What if she ate it herself. Agastya says thank God I ate it and not you. What if something happened to you. Pakhi hugs him and says you should rest.

Scene 3
Agastya hires new watchmen. Pakhi says who are they? He says I can’t take anymore risks. Until it’s resolved, they will stay with you. Pakhi says I don’t need bodyguards. You should keep them. He says I need to keep you safe. Dadi says he’s right. I would be satisfied that you’re safe. Mona says no one cares about our security. Agastya says I have arranged security for the whole family. Pakhi says you had to go for shopping. Make a list and send a servant. You should avoid going out. She says I had to shop for papa. how can anyone else shop for them? We won’t stop living because of these threats. You can come with me. He says okay I will go with you.

Shubham asks what happened? Ishaan says it was Pakhi. Agastya has hired body guards for Pakhi. He tries to be God in other people’s lives. It can ruin our plan. Shubham says don’t do this. You know he’s a dangerous person. You’re alive that’s enough for us. Why do you wanna get in trouble? If he finds out he can harm you again or papa. Thank God papa is out of city. How long? Agastya can harm anyone and you know that. Don’t get in all this. Ishaan says no. I was a dead body for days. I hate that person with all my heart. I won’t give up. Shubham says what do you wanna show? You still love Pakhi? He says I am not doing all this to get Pakhi back. But how do I tolerate that Pakhi is detained with him and he tortures her family all her life? And I pretend to be in coma all my life? Dont I have a life? I have to close the case on me as well. He is a criminal. He belongs in the jail and we will send him there.

Scene 4
Agastya and Pakhi shop. He says you got so many things. She says papa mama will be so happy to get it. She says candyfloss? Let’s get that? Agastya says where’s the driver? A biker stops in front of Pakhi and shoots her. Agastya is shocked. Pakhi falls down. Agastya runs to her in shock.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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