Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya kidnaps Pakhi

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samir comes there with police. He says Pakhi are you okay? Pakhi says papa.. I am sorry. I know all that this man has done to you. Dadi says Agastya are you okay? Dadi says I am sorry. I was helpless in front of his demand. Pakhi says why didn’t you even try to stop him? What he did was so wrong. Dadi says I never thought he would harm anyone. Pakhi says we all know how evil he is. Singh brings handcuffs and says I told you, I solve all my cases. Agastya says you are very happy that you parted me from Pakhi right? No one can part me from Pakhi, not even herself. Not you, nor your law.

Agastya shouts now.. Yug throws in a smoke bomb. Everyone coughs and they can’t see. Samir says Pakhi.. Ishaan tries to hold Pakhi. Agastya takes her from there. He shoves Isshan and picks Pakhi. Dadi says stop Agastya. He takes Pakhi from there while everyone is fainting.

Scene 2
Agastya and Pakhi are in the car. Pakhi is unconscious. Agastya says Pakhi you should rest. You shouldn’t trust these people. I love you, I am not your enemy. I did all this for you, for your happiness. Agstya says to Yug you came on right time. I knew Singh and Ishaan were upto something.

Ishaan wakes up. Everyone is fainted. Ishaan coughs and says Pakhi.. He gets Singh up. Ishaan says I can track Agastya’s location.. He sees the watch on the ground and says this watch had the tracker. We can’t track him now. Singh says we have to go from here. Agastya says Pakhi you don’t need to worry about anything. You will forget about everything and love me. We will go far away from here. No one will be able to get to us. Yug says Singh must have gotten all the ways out closed. Singh directs his men to block all thr ways out of the city. Ishaan says I am sure Yug must have done this. we should’ve thought about him too. Singh says we will find him don’t worry. Yug says to Agastya we can’t take car from here, it’s dangerous. Agastya says have you arranged everything there? He says yes. but how will you take her from here? Agastya sees a procession going.

Scene 3
Shanya says papa what is Mohit saying? Agastya kept you locked in this house? Mohit says yes he’s evil. Naveli says my brother can never do anything like that. Shanaya says dadi has also accepted all this. My dad said it too and police too. You are still saying all this? Naveli says he loves bhabhi he can never do that. Shanaya says how can he take didi, what condition would she be in. Samir says to Dadi your son is a criminal. He kept me tied I didn’t say anything. He’s crossed all the limits now. If anything happens to Pakhi I will send everyone behind the bars. He takes Shanaya and Mohit from there.

Police looks for Agastya. A new inspector Karan meets Ishaan. Ishaan asks where is Virat Singh? He says Virat had to go to give his confession but someone attacked him on the way. He’s badly injured. I am with you on this case from now on. Ishaan says why? He says Virat is my brother so this case matters more than anything. I will make Agastya pay for what he did to my brother. You should go home. Ishaan says I won’t go anywhere until Agastya is caught. Karan says We are here. Ishaan says he can cross any limit. He can harm Pakhi too. The procession comes there. The driver tells Karan we’re going to besakhi mela. Agastya is with them disguised as a sardar. Ishaan walks past him, he can’t recognize him. Karan says stop all this. They leave. Karan stops Yug. He asks where are you going? He says going to meet my friend. He leaves. Ishaan didn’t see him. Agastya gets out of the truck. Pakhi is in the car trunk. Yug comes. Agastya says no one can catch us now.

Scene 4
Shanaya says to Samir how long will we hide from maa? She’s asking about Agastya. She doesn’t know. Ishaan comes. Samir says did you find anything? He says no police is looking everywhere. Samir says please save my daughter God. Please show us a way. Light goes out. Samir cries. Pakhi waks up in a dark room. Her legs are chained. Pakhi screams. Pakhi says open this Agastya. You can’t keep me chained here. They will find you. Please let me go home. My family is looking for me. Please let me go. Agastya.. Door opens. A woman comes in and says don’t make noise. What’s the problem. Have this juice. Pakhi says who are you? Where am I? What place is this? I wanna go home. She says your name is Jugnu. What’s your porbelem? Pakhi says go from here. Please let me go out. The woman says stop talking. Pakhi drinks the juice. She faints. Agastya comes in.

Episode ends

Precap-Agastya says see what I made for you. Pakhi throws away the food. Ishaan says to Samir if Yug gets caught we can have a clue.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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