Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya sees CCTV footage. He sees that she goes in the washroom and doesn’t come back. Pakhi and Mohit come to a shed. Ishaan comes there and says thank God you’re fine. Mohit says Ishaan? Ishaan says I will tell you everything. Pakhi says Mohit saved me and this plan today. Where is inspector Singh? What happened to that plan? Singh comes in. He says the plan succeeded. I am happy you know his reality now. Pakhi says I am sorry. I should’ve trusted you, you had to go thorugh all this because of him. I will get him behind the bars.

Agastya says I want CCTV footage of the washroom. The man says there’s no camera inside the washroom. Pakhi says to Mohit I didn’t tell you about Ishaan so you don’t get in trouble but it’s time to end this game. Singh says you’re right. We have to end his game. I am far more angry on him now. Pakhi says we have to work on our last plan now. Mohit says last plan? She says yes.

Scene 2
Yug says I don’t know where did they both appear? Someone helped Singh flee. Agastya says I should have killed that Ishaan the same day I had doubts. Agastya gets a call. Someone laughs. Agastya says Ishaan I will kill you. Ishaan says I know you’re at my place. But Pakhi is with me. If you want her back with safety confess your crime. Before you doing anything imagine what can I do to Pakhi. Agastya says don’t you dare to touch her.

Mohit comes home. Shanaya says where were you? Samir says I don’t know where is Pakhi? I hope she’s fine. MOhit says don’t worry. Pakhi is fine. Pakhi picks a bottle and hits it on her head. Ishaan and Singh are shocked. Ishaan holds Pakhi. He says what are you doing? She says we have to do this. I am fine. Mohit says I mean she must be fine. She would always come back home. Agastya comes home. Dadi says where were you? Where is Pakhi? Was she with you? Agastya says Ishaan and Singh have kidnapped Pakhi. Everyone is shocked.

Ishaan says we need to dress your wound. Pakhi says my real wound are the ones Agastya gave me. I am ready to take any pain to expose Agastya. Dadi says Ishaan did all this? Shanaya says but he was in coma? Agastya says he fooled all of us. But don’t worry nothing will happen to Pakhi. Agastya gets the video. Pakhi screams AGastya please save me. they will kill me. Agastya please. Shanaya says jeju please do something. How can he do that. Please bring Pakhi back. Samir sits down in shock. Agastya comes to his room and recalls everything. He recalls Pakhi crying in the video. Dadi comes to him. Dadi says I told you the path you were walking on would lead to something really bad. Pakhi is suffering, her life is in danger. Agastya says call a press conference. I will accept all my crimes.

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