Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Jijabai pressurises Ramji to choose between her and Bhim Rao.

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The episode starts with Varchand calling Ramji for standing in support of his every enemy thinking that he would start sympathising with him like Vaibhav. For Ramji it wasn’t matter of personal gains and loss, he and his son Bhim Rao have stood with he just. Varchand asked the people to inform them about Joshi. Ramji knew that people like Varchand don’t fight for their religion or cast or creed, for them everything was about personal gains.

Anand was stopped from entering the factory, he had been terminated and asked to return after a month. Anand questioned. The guard told that there was some imbalance in the budget, the owner has sent Anand and many other workers on leave for a month. Anand questioned again; he went inside to inquire.

Hitesh came and informed Jijabai that Varchand must have expel Anand from his job. Jijabai did right by informing Hitesh. Jijabai would consider it a debt; Hitesh took her to Varchand asking for help. Hitesh and Jijabai went to Varchand, Hitesh left it for Varchand to handle Anand and Lakshmi’s case. She didn’t want them to suffer because of Bhim Rao. Varchand assured them but by suffering a little. Hitesh told that Anand would have been stopped from entering the factory, Varchand must have done something about Lakshmi as well.

Lakshmi was standing in que waiting to be assigned her role, a woman intentionally started an argument with and then hovered Lakshmi on the ground. Lakshmi got hurt.

Jijabai forbids Hitesh from telling anyone about this plan. Hitesh assured her. Jijabai left. Hitesh was willing to do anything to insult Bhim Rao.

The Guruji’s understood that arranging 25 annas within a month was an extremely difficult task owing to Ramji’s ill health and Bhim Rao not being taken for any job. Guruji wanted to help Bhim Rao but because of his wife’s health treatment he was short on money. Bhim Rao understood. Guruji decided to help Bhim Rao by finding him a job. Bhim Rao was grateful to his teachers.

Ramji roamed on the streets recalling Jijabai’s words regarding Bhim Rao’s loss. Arranging 25 annas in a month was hefty task. Ramji started feeling dizzy, he blacked out. Ramji fell on the floor, Jijabai held him asked why he was out of the house. Ramji said that he has to go to work. Jijabai refused to let him work for a whole month, it was her right to stop Ramji. Ramji asked her let go of his hand. Jijabai denied, said that her letting go would affect their relation as well. Meanwhile, Deepak rushed to inform them about Lakshmi being injured. Ramji and Jijabai went back to their neighbourhood.

Meera applied medication on Lakshmi’s wound. Ramji came home, he questioned how it happened. Lakshmi told that she caught fight with a woman at work. Ramji was rushing to get medicines from a doctor when an injured Anand was being brought in by some people. The man said that Anand was hit by a car. Ramji decided to bring a doctor. Jijabai questioned, as it was the only solution for him to get them well and work for Bhim Rao’s education. Hitesh agreed, it was their plan to get Anand and Lakshmi injured. Jijabai refused to let her family members suffer for Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao came in, asking about Lakshmi and Anand. Jijabai said that no strange hit Lakshmi, but it was Bhim Rao, a woman who has never stepped outside the house went out today to work for Bhim Rao’s education and got hurt. Ramji remained silent on the matter. Jijabai taunted him for not caring about anyone else. Anand had never been hurt before but today because of Ramji’s unnecessary desire to get Bhim Rao educated. Anand intervened. Jijabai stopped him. She made Ramji sit, didn’t want him to fell sick again. She cared or him, asked him for a family. Meera asked Ramji not to listen to Jijabai, she was only acting. Jijabai stopped her from intervening. Rama came in, she went to Anand. Jijabai stopped Rama as well. Jijabai questioned Ramji if Bhim Rao’s education was above her becoming a widow, Lakshmi, or Anand’s death. Ramji asked her not to make things dramatic. She wasn’t being dramatic, Lakshmi losing her child wasn’t dramatic, they having no money isn’t dramatic. Jijabai asked Guruji if seeking an answer by stating facts was considered dramatic. Guruji told Jijabai that she was pressurising Ramji. Jijabai refused, she wanted Ramji to decide and choose. Lakshmi asked why Ramji would make their decision. Jijabai asked her to remain silent. Bhim Rao asked everyone to stay out their matter, Ramji would make the decision. Ramji refused; he went inside. Jijabai was determined to make him decided; she went after him. Bhim Rao asked Rama to stay with Anand and Lakshmi, he would go and get medicines. Anand said that it was Bhim Rao’s call to make Jijabai happy hence they must wait for the verdict now.

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