Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ramji lies about his caste.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Varchand asked the women to step aside. The refused to let the woman drown and die. Varchand questioned their audacity to challenge men. Those woman free Varchand’s wife from the men. Varchand asked the woman how they would stop him to which the women replied that they weren’t here to stop Varchand but to drown with his wife. Not only one but all women should die for the greater cause. Varchand called it rubbish. Bhim Rao corrected him, said that these was cold blooded murder which would be case run-in court. Rama told Varchand that their children would question him. Varchand left in anger. Bhim Rao and Rama applauded their bravery, congratulated their win. The appreciated Bhim Rao for helping them identify their strengths. Varchand’s specially thanked Bhim Rao.

Next Morning, Rama packed lunch for Bhim Rao. He asked her to take care for Lakshmi, take her to find work. Rama knew that she was their responsibility. Bhim Rao ought to find work. Lakshmi asked him to work academic oriented. Bhim Rao left for college.

Men came complaining to Varchand that their wives went on strike. The men and their children were hungry and suffering. Varchand went with the men to bring their wives back, will teach them a lesson afterwards.
Varchand asked his wife to come home. She asked for a guarantee. Varchand assured her for good behavior. Women were about to leave. Bhim Rao came with the policeman asking him to note that Varchand assured to behave well, if not he would have to face law. Police told Varchand that a complaint has been registered against him. In case of any other violent attempt on his wife, he would be arrested. Bhim Rao registered the complaint, he had to do it for women safety. Policeman asked Varchand to sign the papers, give a warrantee. Varchand refused. In that case, a policeman would stand outside his house. Varchand’s wife asked him to sign the papers. Varchand along all the men who came had to sign the papers. Policeman allowed them to take their wives. Varchand’s wife took off the poster she made hailing Bhim Rao. She would always keep it with her. Bhim Rao congratulated them for their win. The women were thankful to Bhim Rao.

Deepak came to Bhim Rao. He saw Varchand’s wife holding a poster hailing Bhim Rao. He said that Bhim Rao became a bigger man than Varchand. Bhim Rao didn’t want to be like Varchand, he felt good knowing that he was able to help those women achieve their strength. Deepak gave him a letter given by Guruji, it asked Bhim Rao to reach a certain address.

Puranjan and Ramji wondered if they would be given any job. Ramji had no hope, he didn’t consider himself worth any job. He felt weak. Puranjan asked him not to worry, he would take him to a hospital. Ramji corrected him; he didn’t need a doctor. Meanwhile a buggy stopped in front of them in which an aged men was aching in pain. The driver wasn’t sure what happened to the passenger. Ramji said that it might be a heart attack, he must be taken to the hospital. Ramji wanted to help. The driver stopped him, asked for his caste as the lower caste wasn’t allowed to sit on the buggy. Ramji said that he was from a caste that was worthy enough to save someone’s life. Ramji and Puranjan sat on the buggy. Rama and Lakshmi saw Ramji, wondered where he was headed.

They reached the hospital. Rama and Lakshmi also reached the hospital. Ramji questioned them. Lakshmi followed them here. Ramji brought a man here who was suffering a heart attack. Ramji, Rama, Lakshmi and Puranjan were leaving. The driver stopped Ramji, he thanked him for helping his owner. Meanwhile a woman came questioning Rama and Lakshmi presence in this huge hospital despite being form lower caste. Rama asked why it mattered. The driver questioned Ramji for lying. Ramji explained, he had to lie to save the owner’s life. Woman asked Rama and Lakshmi to come out in broad daylight so that they don’t cast a long shadow affecting people beside them.

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