Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Jijabai takes Ramji’s pension.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comIn this episode Bhim Rao fed Meera. Rami saw them. wiped his tears. He than took a plate to Jijabai.Jijabai wasn’t afraid about everyone being against her. Ramji said that her husband won’t leave her. Jijabai was asked to understand the love and peace one family can have. She asked him not to convince. Ramji asked her to eat. He politely asked her to sit have her dinner. He told her how everyone has decided to love and respect Jijabai so that she may understand them as well. He informed her about their oath. Ramji asked her to connect her life with children’s dreams. Jijabai thanked him for bringing her food. Ramji told that he would bring his pension tomorrow, will give some to Bhim Rao to being Meera’s medicine. He asked her not to create a scene on it.Joshi came complaining to Varchand. He considered Varchand a ideal, supporter and leader of the upper caste, but unfortunately Varchand proved them wrong, Varchand offered Joshi grapes, than asked him to leave. He would think on what to do next. Joshi questioned. Varchand’s plan to separate Bhim Rao and Rama couldn’t succeed, now even Lakshmi has sided with them. Meera’s broken leg mended a lot of their relations, Joshi left.Anand came home, Jijabai was no where to be found. Hitesh taunted, everyone sided against her. She had no choice but to leave. Daliya asked him to keep quiet. He son questioned; Hitesh wasn’t wrong. Bhim Rao’s family drama never ends. Jijabai came in questioned; she had brought two men with her. She introduced Ramji to them. Jijabai told that his husband is usually ill, so she needs her pension. Jijabai asked Ramji to go inside, he must not stand. Ramji corrected her; he wasn’t that ill. The men questioned Jijabai; his husband wasn’t bedridden as she informed them.Jijabai had visited the pension office asking to get her husband’s pension. Her husband was old and bedridden. The officers asked to have an inquiry.Jijabai told men that Ramji never shows his pain. Hitesh and Joku spoke in favour of Jijabai. Bhim Rao tried to intervene but stopped. Ramji asked to spoke, it was his pension. Meera shouted from inside begging Jijabai to let them live in peace for once. Ramji asked the men to leave, he would come to them in the office. The men agreed. Jijabai questioned them even when everyone was speaking in her favor. The men told Jijabai that she cannot get Ramji’s pension till his alive. Ramji must give a written notice for it. Ramji asked the men to leave. Joku mocked the theatre. Jijabai stopped the men, said that Ramji would give a written notice. She asked Anand, Bhim Rao, Rama, and Lakshmi to convince their father. Ramji questioned. She wanted to check if everyone was willing to sacrifice for her. Jijabai individually went to them, asked them to convince Ramji. They must fulfil their promise, live as one. Ramji tried to stop Jijabai. Hitesh and Joku supported Jijabai. Ramji asked them men to leave, it was his family problem. Jijabai went them. Ramji grabbed Jijabai by arm was about to take her inside. Bhim Rao stopped Ramji. He asked Ramji to pen the notice of granting Jijabai his pension. Ramji questioned. Bhim Rao requested. Rama joined. Anand questioned him. Bhim Rao reminded him about the oath they pledged. Lakshmi joined Bhim Rao and Rama. Jijabai didn’t care about the promise, she asked Ramji to grant her his pension. She went inside.Meera requested Jijabai to stop. She didn’t care, showed her the paper Ramji would pen the letter.Jijabai brought Ramji the paper, asked him to write. Ramji started writing.Update Credit to: Sona

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