Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Everyone from Sitara visits Bhim Rao on his Birthday.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Bhim Rao being astonished by Rama’s surprise, their entire neighborhood was decorated for with flowers. Bhim Rao asked where everyone was, meanwhile a man playing the drum approached Bhim Rao. It was Bala. They hugged each other, Bala couldn’t miss Bhim Rai’s birthday. Everyone came out. Anand got excited seeing Bala. Ramji, Bhim Rao and Bala gathered around Bhim Ro, they sang him a song fully prepared and rehearsed with dance steps. They sang a prayer for him. Pandit Ji from Sitara also came. He was singing out how Bhim Rao illuminated his deemed soul with light. Sethji from Sitar was there as well. He came and hugged Bhim Rao. His sister came whom he helped to overcome the curse of becoming a widows. She was grateful to her brother for helping her in her worst. Similarly, his Ganaga didi came for Bhim Rao’s Birthday. Manjula came afterwards singing who Bhim Rao has always understood her the best. Afterwards an adult Dhruv, BHim Rao’s childhood friend from Sitara came. He stood with Bhim Rao despite all caste crisis. Mangesh entered the neighborhood with, he came hugged Bhim Rao being grateful to him like everybody as well. Bala sang afterwards to Bhim Rao for being his mentor and support. Everyone sang and danced around Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao went in an illusion, he felt his mother approaching him. She stood infront of young Bhim Rao, hugged him. She prayed for him to always be happy, never to think that he was alone. Bhim Rao had always stayed with her. Ramji brought him to his conscious. Ambadker Guruji came to Bhim Rao. He was extremely proud at his student. Ramji gifted Bhim Rao with a coat. Bhim Rao wore it. As they stood side by side Ramji felt Bhimabai’s presence as well.

As everyone celebrated Bhim Rao’s birthday a furious Varchand along his men entered the neighborhood. Hitesh saw him, went out with Varchand.
Hitesh told how everyone from Sitara came to celebrate Bhim Rao’s birthday. Varchand couldn’t absorb Bhim Rao being happy. He asked Hitesh to poison his food and let the blame be on anyone from Sitara. Hitesh asked for the poison, assured that BHim Rao would be poisoned.

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