EDKV2 Suvan FF – School Time Part 17

Precap: The results got published. Everyone worked for the fair.The fair is going on. A lot of people are visiting. All the students are busy in their own stalls. Working, greeting people whoever coming over, telling them about what they are presenting or selling items. There are various types of stalls, some with food, some with show pieces, a few with some projects, one with book stall while there is one with a caricature artists. There was one for learning crafts while one for learning rock climbing. There is even a horror stalls while one stall is dedicated for entertainment. Shravan is working on a food stall, serving people with water and light snacks. Sahib comes with a phone to him.Sahib: Shravan look at this. The point count has begun.Shravan looks at the phone screen, it’s the website for the students, where the point numbers keep rising on both team sides, it’s currently in two digits. Shravan looks around.Shravan: Where are those three? From where they are counting and putting these numbers?Sahib: No body knows. Even Anish’s gang tried to find them but failed. But from wherever they are doing this the count is authentic. I tried to keep up for some time in the start of the fair. But soon more people started to come and I lost my count.Shravan: Well let’s just trust on Kanchan. She is smart. She will pull this off fine. I heard that she took some more students from both the gang to help her in this point counting. Good thing is everyone trust her, both the gang. Now we should focus on our work if we want our points to rise.Both of them gets busy on work. Bunty comes to the fair. He goes to Anish’s stall, it’s a shop for puzzle. There are several puzzle to buy while some puzzle contest is going on. Anish looks down on Bunty.Anish: What are you doing here? This is not your friend’s stall.Bunty: This is a free fair mia. I can go wherever I wish.Anish smirks.Anish: That was not what I meant. This is a stall for puzzle, of course which you won’t understand. That’s why I thought you should go to your friend’s food stall which is better suited for you.Bunty: Who told you I can’t understand puzzle? I understand better then you. I will solve whatever puzzle you give me within a sec.Bunty picks a puzzle. Anish takes it away from him and keeps it down.Anish: You let this go. How about you try more daring something. I remember what you said back in the camp. We have a stall very much suited for you.Anish signals a friend of him. He takes Bunty in front of the horror stall. Bunty pretends to be daring and gets inside. But he gets scared of the horror stuff and comes out. Anish and his friends laugh.Bunty: Fine mia, now see what I do.Bunty calls someone. Anish and his friends laughs at him and goes back at their stall. After a while Anish notices a lot of youngsters of their age are crowding in front of the civilian stalls. He sees Bunty looking at him with a proud eyes. He makes faces towards him and gets inside the crowd. Anish calls one of his friends.Anish: What’s happening there? From where suddenly this many people come? Who are they?: They are from Shravan’s old school.Anish: You mean from Bunty’s school?He nods in answer. Anish clench his fists in anger.Shravan’s old friends greets him. He makes his old friends meet with his new ones. They soon gets friendly and chats.One of Shravan’s friend: Shravan you have forgotten about us since you came to this army school.Another friend: Yeah, you just meet with Bunty now. Aren’t we friend anymore.Shravan: No yaar, just suddenly I had to change school and adapt to the new place. A lot was happening, I didn’t get any time. I can never forget you guys. Just because my school changed doesn’t mean I don’t think about you guys.: I heard you fall inside bathroom and broke your leg?Shravan: Who told you?Everyone points at Bunty. Bunty pretends he didn’t hear anything and tries to go to the next stall but everyone holds him. Shravan pretends to beat him up and everyone including them breaks into laughter. Shravan tries to explain them that his broke leg first that’s why he fall, not the other way around but that doesn’t help much changing their impression. They starts talking about when one of them broke hand while playing cricket, another one falling from tree while trying to pluck fruit for others, one who broke his leg in accident and make fun of Shravan. After all the roasting one of his friends asks him: Shravan what was about those whole fight Bunty was talking about? Does this army students here bully you?Shravan: Does anyone exist who can bully Shravan Malhotra? Don’t worry about these things. You guys came today in this fair for me, I feel really great. Please go around all the stall. A lot of good stuff is around there. Everyone here worked really hard.Shravan sends his friends off. Now a lot of them even goes around the army stalls too.Bunty: Mia what did you do? I brought them here to get you more points. Why you let them go in the enemy stalls?Shravan: Bunty, this is my school. I can’t let my friends from old school get the wrong idea. And more importantly they aren’t wearing the discrimination glass that everyone in this school wears, look at them. Do you think they can different which stall here belongs to civilian students and which belongs to the army students? They are treating everyone the same and respecting the hard work everyone did here. And all the students did work hard.Shravan gets back to his stall. Anish and Suman was watching this all from behind.Anish: Show off.Anish goes back to his stall again while Suman smiles and looks at Shravan.The fair comes to an end, all the people visiting start to leave. Slowly the students start packing everything too. Shravan takes some stuff and goes to the roof. Some students were there already, keeping goods for the time being. Shravan notices Suman among them. She notices him too. Both of the smiles and waves at each other. After the work ends both of them goes at a side and looks down at the ground where everyone is busy packing everything up.Shravan: I didn’t got a chance today to meet you at all Sumo.Suman: I was working as volunteer, there was a bit shortage. But I saw you.Shravan: Really? Why didn’t you called out to me?Suman: You were busy.Shravan: Yeah, today was hectic.Suman: No, I meant you were with your old school friends.Shravan: Oh you should have called out to me. I wanted to introduce you to them.Both of them looks in front of them.Suman: You miss them?Shravan gives a little smile.Shravan: Sumo the thing is we all knew that we won’t be together forever and we were ready for that. What I wasn’t ready for was that we parted sooner then I thought.Suman sighs. Shravan notices.Shravan: What is it?Suman: Nothing, I just remembered my friends from my old schools. I also didn’t studied here always. But let’s talk about that some another day. Tell about your friends.Shravan: Hmm, well where to start. Last year when we attended the farewell of our seniors we realized next time it will be our turn. We started making plans so that we could make the last year of our school memorable together. We had plans for the prom night, for the picnic. We wanted to buy a gift for our favorite teacher before graduation. Well I guess they will still buy a gift but I won’t be there with them.Suman: Shravan, I feel sorry. Maybe if I didn’t said anything like that then you would have still be in your old school.Flashback shows Devraj asking if it would do any good to Shravan to admit him in the army school. Both Shravan and Suman stares at each other then she answers in positive saying it would fix him in two days. Flashback ends.Shravan: Don’t be. It’s not like my old school is in another city or state, it’s still here. Maybe I will go there on the farewell day or take part in the gift buying. Honestly speaking even I was angry at you at that point. But then everything changed.Suman looks at Shravan in confidence, Shravan looks at her with a smile.Shravan: I started making friends here. I made my buddy.Suman smiles, Shravan smiles too.Shravan: Yes I may have missed my plannings with my friends there but I did a lot of stuff with my new friends here. I took part in parade, did a play at the fest and won, we went to trip, camping at night. Now we are doing a fair together. In fact I am realizing this today Sumo, now I have two schools with full of wonderful friends. Thank you.Suman: I’m truly happy that it all worked out for you here.Shravan: Almost worked out.Shravan’s points at Anish and his gang down at the field. Looking at that Suman sighs.Shravan: Well I think I was destined to come in this school Sumo. Without Shravan Malhotra it would have stayed as boring as it was. I’m here to save you all.Suman: And there you go with your nonsense again.Shravan laughs. Both of them turns to leave but notices the excitement between the students in the roof. They looks down and sees everyone down in the field and whoever is seen inside the school from there is also seems to be excited about something. All of them are looking at their phone. They hears the students talking about the points. Shravan takes out his phone and checks the score board. Suman looks at his phone too. The points have reached three digit and still rising. At a point it stopped, and check list below appears where the fair has been checked. Team civilian is ahead with a few points. A lot of mix emotions comes from all the students. They started chattering. Suddenly the points starts rising again and it comes to a stop. Another box gets checked in the below named the exam. This time the the army gang is ahead of them with a few points. Shravan looks down at Anish’s gang, by then Anish have noticed him with Suman in the roof. He gives a smirk at Shravan, then leaves from there. Though it didn’t seemed like he was very happy. Another round of emotions comes from all the students. Shravan and Suman looks on.Next: Anish and Shravan take part in election as canidet.

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