Dhadkan 1st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Deepika And Nikhil Stay Away

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Dhadkan 1st March 2022 Written Update


Written Update:-

The episode starts with Nikhil saying that I called you but you didn’t respond. Deepika declares that”I was busy,” please don’t chase me too many times. He asks if you’re relaxed and if you’re not reacting too much. She states that I don’t want to believe that there is a false hope it could be just an underlying friendship. He claims I’m discovering some more than friendship. this was an opportunity to make a connection with me. She claims I’m not in a good relationship and I do not want to be in a relationship with anyone else so we must not get together or even talk. He states wow, I like your personality, You say what you feel without hesitation, keep it up, enjoy your day. She also says that. She leaves.

Sia as well as all the doctors visit patients. They want Deepika. Peroz asks is it OK, you’ve come late. Deepika says it’s not allowed to me if I am late. Avinash’s sister explains to them about his depression. Deepika checks Avinash. Her suggestion is TB cases. She mentions she is Dr. Roy requested that Sia could help him. Sia will be a great mentor, and she wishes him luck. Sia walks away. She spots Sameer approaching and steers clear of him. He asks if she is getting up fast. She replies yes. He tells her that you’re going to help me, will you be able to meet me in my the cabin. Sia is not interested I’m scheduled for an impediment appointment with Chakravorty. He claims that I am aware that there is a conference going on throughout the day, so my cabin, please. She joins him. He is able to see Chakravorty arriving. Sia isn’t able to see him.

Peroz visits Isha. He asks him why you are asking me to follow you You can also come and meet me. She responds that I was required to leave to calm an uneasy patient. He holds her hand, and she declares Vir says things that aren’t true and he has said the right thing today and ego shouldn’t be a factor between two couples. She walks away. Peroz states that Vir is now an agent double between us. Vir claims that the intestinal intestines are blocked and visible on the CT scan. Avinash’s sister is scolding him. Vir states that if a girl does not like you, the next girl you want to see but stressing about it isn’t needed. Deepika wants him to assist his medically and not offer such advice.

A woman relates the story of her son who works for an MNC company. She claims we are a family that is respected and that 15 girls have rejected him due to Acne scars. The girls are looking for looks We are losing patience and time Please help. Sameer is examining the man Kanak. The woman says I’d like him to be with a nice lady. Peroz and Isha debate. She suggests it’s healthy to debate in order to become skilled surgeons. Sameer claims we are able to treat Kanak and the outcomes could vary, but it’s likely to have adverse consequences. The woman says that his wounds should not be visible. Sameer suggests an operation that can take the scar off and then stitch the wounds. Kanak gets afraid. Sia asks Kanak is he sure about this. The lady tells us we’ve got an issue. Sia states that Kanak will have to make a decision about the procedure. The lady asks what your son saying? It’s best not to be a helper, we did not want to be insulted There are many alternatives. Sameer apologizes, we could stop for a moment, enjoy a cold coffee and it’s my turn. He takes Kanak and his mother to the lounge for VIPs.

Peroz as well as Isha are sitting in the cafe. She claims that I played an aggressive game with you and you have caught me. They laughed. Vir is there. Peroz doesn’t let him sit. Nikhil is in need of Chakravorty. Nurse informs him that he’s in the operating room. He says I’ll sit and wait. Sia is asking how you can accept this view as a traumatized man and his mother is prejudicial, if she forcefully do this and he is left with marks on his mind and will not receive any treatment it’s not fair to him. Sameer stares at her. He says you’re looking at this situation emotionally. We as doctors are trained to do our jobs. Our job is treating the patients. We need to correct them, not making judgements about them. If there’s nothing wrong with the patient… The doctor then asks why this shade is so dark. lipstick is on the market today. I’ve received compliments from you that you felt great you must be right. She states that Isha gave the shade to me, but I was not interested in to receive it. He says that you were loved and felt comfortable and we’ve all become bored and we think our lives is dull, maybe Isha believed that these shades would be a good fit for you. What’s the issue? If anyone is looking to improve our appearance numerous girls have rejected Kanak she says. Gupta feels bad for her son. She would like girls to look at her son’s beautiful face and be impressed by his beauty. Kanak isn’t aware that a few tiny changes can boost his appearance, and if Kanak is admired, the other person will like it too but sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us. enough damage has been done is that I need to take care of damage control. Kanak goes.

Chakravorty gets to meet Nikhil. He tells him that he have read your research paper and I am really impressed, and I’m waiting to see. Peroz says Peroz versus Vir, 1-0, I didn’t feel insecure. She says that someone compliments us, and later criticizes us. It’s difficult to understand, Vir is not the only one. Isha has been flirting with a person via phone, but be cautious, and take care. She leaves. Deepika requests Vir to keep an eye on Avinash. She visits Chakravorty. He tells her that Nikhil is interested in working with FMS in his research project It will be a game-changing project. I’m very excited to work with you. me. He congratulates Nikhil and gets on phone. Deepika claims that you are making use of your wealth and power to pursue me. You are like the other guys, but the packaging is distinct. He says that you’re thinking that I’m making use of my money and power to get to know you better, but your judgment is unfair I’m not sure of the horrible men you’ve encountered, and you’ve included me in the group and I’m angry. I’ve become this brand through my mind and heart, I’m proud of my accomplishments I called to inform you about the project that was the brainchild of Chakravorty I am not willing to take any of your judgements Don’t put so much impetus to yourself, I’ve never used cheap strategies for meeting you. I’ve always been sincere, and I wish you all the best, have a great life. He visits the lab to talk with the employees. He requests them to get food first. Deepika comes. She apologizes for the incident of yesterday I was harsh and judgemental I am not ethical Sorry to me and you. He says okay, and I agree. She says thank you for your cooperation. He says, yes, we’re doing fine. She says, okay I’ll finish my work and then come back later in the evening. She leaves.

Peroz says that you are my friend, and you must help me, I’m experiencing nightmares, it’s pure trauma. Sia apologizes, but the but the truth is so traumatic. She relates the story of her doctor. Roy. She states that she wants to know what he is thinking about. He inquires as to what the reason is. She asks why she’s asking about. Isha You Romeo did not get something for your friends. He asks me what’s happening. She tells me that you’re giving me advice about relationships. She reminds his friends, Meera, Isha and Divya. She states that Isha is a huge flirt, it’s Karma You wanted to be a GF. They head to their locker rooms. They spot Isha asleep on the shoulder of Vir. Sia affirms that this is the case.

Nidhi advises you to choose a the position of chief resident in general surgery. Deepika suggests I look for a good candidate. She is hugging her friend. Nidhi says Dr. Divangana. Divangana claims I came for an interview to be a chief resident. She hand in her CV. Deepika tells her I am familiar with you and I’m ok with it from my part, go with she to the doctor. Khanna. She claims that I am not in a position to be free, and I’m working so we’ll head to ER. Divangana suggests you tell me about your work. Deepika claims you’ll get chosen. The group has a meeting. Deepika describes the ER. The patient is taken there. Peroz helps Isha. Sia watches. They speak to Deepika. Isha thank him for calming her. She leaves. Sia claims she’s going to cause you a lot of stress Very sad, do not worry, I’m here to help you relax.

Chakravorty is a fan of the study. He thinks Deepika’s input is valuable. Nikhil is asking if we can get another doctor. Chakravorty is not adamant. Nikhil says she’s become the head of ER She has a lots of work to do, and I do not want to burden her with more work, and I would like someone who is able to work full-time on this. Chakravorty is in agreement.

The patient falls down. Divangana comforts him. Nurse asks you who you are. Divangana replies, “Don’t be worried. I m a doctor. Nurse calls Chakrvorty to attend an emergency. Chakravorty arrives. Divangana provides updates on his patient’s heart arrest. Chakravorty is able to check the patient. He confirms that he is stable, congratulations you helped save the life of the patient. She says thank you for your help. I am doctor. Divangana Mishra, I came to this place to give an interview to be chief resident in anticipation of the appointment of Dr. Khanna. He says there’s no reason to delay now You have been appointed. She asks you if you’re certain. He says that sometimes it takes an entire lifetime, and other times just it takes a few minutes to find an able person.

Vir Asks Sia what she did today. She replies that she is that she is fine. He claims I’ve met you in the past with the doctor. Roy. She wants to know how you manage to have time to talk. He replies that it’s basic information. They debate. She remembers the name of Dr. Sameer. She’s feeling sick. Nurse asks if you are okay. Sia responds yes, and then goes. Peroz asks if you didn’t sleep well? Vir cause you any trouble. Isha says no. Peroz says that we don’t really know the whole story about you. What makes you happy. She talks about her former boyfriends. She inquires as to why this have to do with her. He says that I am putting in efforts. He wants her to talk about her life. She replies sorry, I do not consider it essential. She is arguing. She walks away. Sia and Sameer enter the lift. They take a few seconds. She considers avoiding. He tells her to”Stop, I heard you’re interested in a specialization in plastic. I’m not following you around, Deepika told me. She inquires about what you say about juniors. He is very clear about everything. personal issues, visit my office. I have plastic books, I believe you should go through it. Deepika update Chakravorty regarding Somesh’s case. She tells her that she’s going to the lab for research. He states that Nikhil has said he’ll be more relaxed with any other doctor. He claimed you are overwhelmed by work and he needs an all-focused doctor and now Divangana is here to help you out, and I’ll talk to her. She says that’s okay that he chooses to see whoever is his preference. She walks away.

Nikhil introduces his lab Sameer. Sameer says nice lab great, how’s your recovery going . Nikhil says great and very soon I’ll be waiting for you to start the morning run. Sameer says it’s good that you are here. Isha takes care of a girl’s wounded. The man Tarun talks about the girl’s problems. He says that her father has hypertension and her mother has an allergy to dog. She is responsible for her dog, and she is exhausted. Peroz says Isha, let me do my work. Isha claims that I am working. Tarun affirms that he knows all regarding the details of his GF, Jessy told him everything. Isha affirms that Tarun is very familiar with her and isn’t concerned, Jessy trusts him.

Deepika and Nikhil meet up. Sameer and Divangana watch them exchange glances and then leave. He meets her and asks why she did this. She doesn’t know I’ll determine. Isha says that we’ve done the tests and everything appears to be normal. We suspect she may suffer from chronic fatique. Peroz describes the signs. He suggests they consult the psychotherapist. Peroz and Isha fight. Tarun says that you’re as close as siblings? I was a victim of this with my little sister. Jessy states that if I’m suffering from the same condition, what can I do to get my condition under control. Tarun says it’s fine. He asks her to speak to her dad and mom. Tarun states that your face doesn’t coincide with siblings. Peroz and Isha quit. Divangana tells Deepika, Vikrant era is gone, how do you feel. Deepika says that I hope he has peace, that era is gone for me, I’m transitioning to a new relationship… I’m not sure, it’s not my time to wait, I’m not ready to be one of these guys would all like to be the hero of the damsel in distress, but it’s not for me, it’s not for me. Divangana says that not everyone is the same. Deepika says that her experience was similar. Divangana wants to know what transpired during the hallway. Deepika says it’s not worth it. Isha says sorry. Peroz says respect, trust and time are necessary to build a relationship I’m willing to discuss. She asks if you’d like to know me more. He agrees. He apologizes, but I’ll try my best to be the perfect partner. She promises that I’ll try to comprehend your viewpoint. They hug. Deepika is thrown into Nikhil.

She says that you’ve eliminated me from this venture You are trying to get the blame on me. He claims that you told me that we shouldn’t be other than friendship. am in love with you, but you don’t have feelings for me. I must be able to accept my feelings as well, but I must get out of the way and you’d like me to inform Chakravorty concerning this. She agrees, we’re in the same boat, but if my presence has a negative impact on you, I’ll keep my distance from you. He inquires with seriousness. She affirms that we’ll pretend we don’t have a relationship. He can say whatever is what I like, excellent. They are. Yeh dooriyaan….plays….

Isha claims that I am going on a hike together with my friend Gautam. Peroz becomes angry. Sia insists that you remember to breathe when acting like a fake mature. Peroz says it’s nice, but are there any other guests coming. Isha says that no, Sunny was coming, but she’s not here right now. Peroz requests that I send you pictures. Isha says there’s a rule that says we don’t snap pictures here. Sia says nice rule. Madhvi declares that Chakravorty was busy. Nurse BrahmaKamal will start work from today. Nurse BrahmaKamal gives the plant to Deepika. Deepika speaks with her. The nurse informs her about the unique flower BrahmaKamal which blooms once a year. It’s a blessing My mom gave me this plant to bring luck. I was thinking of giving it to you. Deepika states that you wouldn’t like to take it back. Nurse says you’ve saved many lives, and you’re needed more. Deepika says thank you, and thank you for joining FMS. Nurse says I’ve read a lot on the internet to improve my knowledge. Deepika suggests a great choice.

Nikhil says good run today. Sameer insists that we should take a cycling this weekend. He can see Sia along with Peroz talking. He smiles. Peroz tells him that Abhay phoned and talked about his dad. He was an epic doctor. She laughed. Nikhil discovers Sameer looking lost in Sia. He says, Sia, I didn’t observe you gazing at someone, please don’t tell me you did. Sameer mentions the parking area… Peroz says not to turn around, Sameer is sitting with Nikhil. Sia is asking questions really. Peroz asks what is causing your heart rate racing, what are you so nervous? You were dancing , and then you kissed him. She says , stop it Let’s go.

Sameer states that I didn’t realize this time around, and now I realize that she’s a friend I’m attracted to someone, she’s too young, she’s lovely, and I’m not interested in relationships I’m an unassuming, free-spirited person. I’m not sure if it’s right to think she will understand how charming she is. Madhvi advises the nurse to concentrate on her work and not engage in a relationship with doctors. Vir looks on. Nurse keeps her head. He invites Madhvi and assist. Madhvi goes. Vir presents himself. Nurse says it’s my first time working. He tells me I’ll explain to you what you need to know if you require assistance. He thanks her and notes down what she’s learned. He asks her what you will make of the notes. She tells me that I must help my sister become a doctor, just like you. She raises her head. He asks, are you alright. She replies yes. Sia is there for a visit with Sameer.

He is found with patient Mona. Mona says that you don’t need another appointment. Mona claims that you don’t find any flaws in me, you’re very adorable. Sameer says that you’re so busy. She claims you do not have time for me, which is why I was forced to visit in order to see you. He says sorry, but we will be in touch in the near future. She tells me to contact you when I get back home. He promises to meet shortly. She leaves. Sia is watching. He says that she has left. She asks, is she your ex-wife. He says it means that I will also have the chance to ask questions about my personal life. She is unable to answer, but I came to collect the books. He hands to her his books. She stares at him. He asks, are you listening. She responds that she is, and I’ll be reading this thank you.

A patient is taken to the ER. Vir examines his patient. Brahmakamal claims he’s not able listen to you. Vir examines his pockets and forces him to use the aid for hearing. He speaks about the condition to his patient. She starts to fall asleep. Vir examines her. Peroz smiles at Sia having read the books provided by Sameer. Nurse calls them. The nurse explains about Ishaan’s burn. Sia is requesting the nurse to contact Doctor. Roy fast. Deepika claims that Brahmakamal is bleeding, please call her family. Madhvi says she is not family in Mumbai.Precap:
Deepika believes that life doesn’t provide an opportunity to anyone. Divangana says Nikhil likes you. Nikhil and Deepika meet up.

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