Choti Sardarni 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mannat’s Birthday Celebration

Choti Sardarni 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulwant tells Seher that after Harnoor passed away, Bittu and Jeeto were childless for many years and Bunnu was born much later. Seher asks if there was no information about Harnoor and her daughter since then. Kulwant says she tried a lot to find Harnoor and her child, but couldn’t find them, she wanted to correct her mistake and get her grandchild her rights on that land. Seher asks her not to worry as the girl is her sister and part of this house, they will visit Harnoor’s village first and search every place where they can find Harnoor’s child.

Harnoor gives medicines to villagers. Mannat hugs her from behind and asks her to spend time with her daughter instead of working so hard. Harnoor asks who will do the job then. Mannat gives chocolates to kids. Harnoor scolds her for giving them chocolate. Mannat says it’s their age to have chocolates. Harnoor discusses about Mannat’s marriage. Mannat says she is ready to marry and can have two 13 year old boys. Harnoor runs behind her and gets short of breath. Mannat makes her sit, gives her water and then a stick to beat her, and promises to never run away from her. Harnoor says she is fine and it’s a normal cough. Mannat asks if she can get the letter. Harnoor says she will it only on her birthday. Mannat walks away. Harnoor takes medicine and thinks she cannot tell the truth.

Kulwant requests Seher that no one should know about it except them and Ranna. Seher suggests they should shift to Harnoor’s village to find Harnoor ad assures them that everything will be fine. Rajveer walks to them and asks what will be fine, everything is fine now. Seher says Kulwant is worried that how she is going to manage Prince and NGO both. After some time, Seher asks Kulwant what will she do if she finds Harnoor’s girl. Kulwant gets concerned about Jeeto and Gunnu and asks what she thinks she should do. Seher asks her to give the rights to Harnoor’s girl which she deserves.

Mannat celebrates her happy birthday. Villagers wish her. Police inspector GST scolds her for trying to cut the cake without him. Mannat says whole Dalhousie is afraid of him, how can she cut the cake without him. She takes his blessings and cuts the cake. She then asks Harnoor to give the letter. Harnoor gives her a letter. Mannat gets happy and runs from there. She talks emotionally to her father’s shirt and showing his sent letter says she never saw him, has many people in her life, but nobody can replace him. She continues her emotional chat and dances with the shirt. Harnoor watches that and thinks she had to lie as Mannat can’t handle the truth.

Gill family celebrates with a dance. Harleen recalls how Karan took her side and apologizes him in mind. Back to Mannat, she continues chatting to her father’s shirt and says her father’s 1 in millions and must be a star in sky now. She says his family must be somewhere, she asked mummy, but mummy doesn’t reveal anything; she wants a big family who will love her. She reads her father’s letter and gets emotional. Seher thinks that she will fulfill Kulwant’s wish by finding Harleen’s girl.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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