Choti Sardarni 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kulwant makes sweets for Mannat

Choti Sardarni 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seher keeping Prince’s books in his bag. Rajveer comes there. Seher promises him that she will handle all her relations well, and he will not have any complains with her. Rajveer says you will handle Prince, but what about you and us, you don’t have time for our relation, we need intensity and commitment, so that we can win all the fights. Seher hugs him and says sorry, says she will try fully. Kulwant hears them and thinks I can’t tell anything to Seher. Assistant tells Zoravar that the workers have problem to work with machines. Zoravar recalls Mannat’s words. Scarlet says stupid women. Kiara says this is creativity for artiste so I understand them well. Zoravar says they don’t earn much and this money is important for him, being bread earners. He says fix my meeting with them. Dolly comes there and asks why the kitchen is messed. Zoravar says he is hungry so he asked Scarlet to make sandwich. Dolly asks her to make bread pakoda. He says he don’t want to have it. Dolly says you will become thin like her. He says ok make it. Dolly asks him to come and help them to make it. Zoravar mixes the batter and puts a bit on Kiara’s face. Kiara runs behind him, but applies batter to Scarlet’s face accidentally. She says sorry. Dolly says you look good while smiling. Zoravar looks on.

Mannat talks to her mother’s pic and says now you don’t have to worry as she is with her family now. She wishes she would have been alive and met the family. Kulwant comes there and starts dancing. Mannat also dances and hugs her. Kulwant says this is your house, and asks her to stay there peacefully. She recalls Harnoor pleading with her, and regrets not to meet her and apologize to her. She asks her to tell her mother that she takes care of her. Mannat says she is watching us and is very happy. Kulwant asks when did she tell you about us. Mannat recalls Harnoor telling her the truth before her death. She then recalls Scarlet and Zoravar insulting her and tells Kulwant. Kulwant asks if Zoravar was with you when the landslide happened. Mannat says yes, and tells that he is a strict businessman and don’t think about people’s emotions. Seher thinks to tell Kulwant that she will handle Prince and Rajveer, and will also search Mannat. Mannat tells that workers want to make Phulkari with handwork, but Zoravar wants them to do on machines. She says she remembers how he insulted her. Kulwant apologizes to her and hugs her. Mannat says it is not your mistake. Seher comes there and calls Kulwant. Kulwant breaks the hug and looks at Seher. Seher asks why are you apologizing to Manpreet. Mannat hides Harnoor’s photo frame. Mannat injures her finger and says I was tying her dupatta, and the pin pierced my finger, so she was apologizing to me. Seher thinks it is a small matter, why Nani was apologizing to her. Kulwant tells that her head is paining badly and asks her to bring tea. Seher goes. Kulwant says sorry to Mannat as she hurt herself. She tells Mannat that Zoravar is a nice guy and stays away from love and emotions, and says this might be scarlet’s work. She then asks her what she would like to have in food. Mannat says ok.

Kulwant is taking tiffin for Mannat. Jeetu stops her and asks shall I make rajma chawal for you. Kulwant says make whatever you want, but don’t eat my brain. Prince and the other boy gets the smell. Kulwant shows the tiffin to Mannat and says she made besan laddoo for her. Mannat says we will have it all. The kids come to the kitchen and sees besan laddoo remains in the kadai. They think Dadi made it, but where did it go? Kulwant asks Mannat to have it and not to give to anyone. The kids come there and asks Mannat if she is eating besan laddoo. Kulwant hides the tiffin, but Prince spots it. Other boy calls Mummy and comes running to Gini. He says Dadi made besan laddoo and made Manpreet di have it and not us. Kulwant brings the tiffin there and says I made it for everyone, I met her first so fed her. She gives laddoo to everyone. Gini tells Jeetu that Kulwant is showing much effection towards Manpreet. Jeetu says manpreet is an orphaned girl. Kulwant feels bad for hiding the truth from Seher. Mannat says we will tell when the right time comes.

Rajveer comes to Seher and talks about Prince’s school and teacher. Seher says she has planned to watch movie with him. Rajveer asks which film, of cartoons or of animals. Seher says there is a hero in the film, who doesn’t know about life, then a heroine comes in his life. Rajveer says hero is good and teaches love to heroine. Seher hugs him. She says we both are stupid and that’s why love each other so much. She says we are Sehraj, I have understood that I need to spend time with you also. She asks will you help me to make us Sehraj. Prince comes there and asks her to search his poem book. Seher says it is in the shelve. Prince goes. Seher says I told you that I will handle everything. She says I have surprise for you. She shows their videos and hugs him. She says this video was shot before we become parents, and we have same intensity of love even now. She says we will be Sehraj always even after becoming grand parents.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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