Choti Sardarni 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kulwant Reveals A Secret With Seher

Choti Sardarni 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a priest performing Prince’s dastaarbandi/pagdi tying ceremony. Kulwant imagines a girl who asks if she was remembering her and sits beside her. Kulwant offers her laddu. Ranna walks to Kulwant and asks her to come out as everyone are waiting for her. She realizes she was imagining the girl. Girl asks where is she going. She walks to the girl and asks why didn’t she eat laddu. Girl shows she doesn’t want to as she is angry on her and show her mehndi. Kulwant looks at her Mehandi. Girl addresses her as daadi/grandma and asks why didn’t she inform anyone about her, doesn’t she love her. Kulwant says she loves her. Girl asks to inform everyone what she did with her. Kulwant apologizes her and then realizes again that she was imagining her.

Prince’s dastaarbandi ceremony finishes. Seher thinks where Kulwant naani/grand must have gone. Kulwant searches for the girl crying and asks what is her name. She recalls the girl’s words and apologizes her for sending a small girl away from everyone. Seher walks to her and asks which girl she is talking to, if the girl is connected to Harnoor. Kulwant asks if she knows Harnoor. Seher asks who is Harnoor and what is the girl’s name she is talking about.

A man searches for a girl named Mannat. Mannat is introduced. Mannat asks him if he brought all the stuff ordered and carries the stuff to her place by hanging over a hanging rope.

Seher questions Kulwant why Meher used to send cheques in Harnoor’s name which were not issued, why Kulwant went to Harnoor’s village, and why she doesn’t know anything about Harnoor. Kulwant says Harnoor came into their lives 20 years ago when Meher was alive, Harnoor is that girl’s mother and that girl belongs to them; Harnoor had come with that girl, but she didn’t accept the girl. Seher asks whose girl is that, who is her father. Kulwant recalls the event.

Mannat reaches her village and distributes stuff among villagers. She notices 2 brothers fighting, stops their fight, and says the family is like a life jacket that protects them from storm. Villagers discuss that she is a good girl, but doesn’t have a family; god did injustice to her.

Seher insists Kulwant to tell who is the father of that girl. Kulwant reveals Bittu is that girl’s father. She recalls Bittu falling in Harnoor’s love and desiring to marry her, but Meher warns Bittu and suggests Harnoor not to waste her life for a married man. She reveals that Seher sent cheques to Harnoor, but it never reached Harnoor. She recalls Harnoor meeting her after Meher’s death and requesting to accept the girl, but she refused to Bittu and Jeeto’s marriage. She continues crying. Seher consoles her and determines to reunite the girl with her family.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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