Choti Sardarni 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 3rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kulwant running on the road realizing the truth that Mannat is her grand daughter, recalls her words. The priest asks Seher about Kulwant and says Ardaas time has come. Seher tells that don’t know where Nani went. Kulwant stops and smiles, and then starts running again. Seher says I will go and check where she went. Mami says you need to be here, as this Ardaas is for you. Seher tells Rajveer that they used to support amidst the problems between them. The priest does the prayer. Kulwant reaches home. Mannat asks why you have come, I was about to come for the prayer meet. She says lets go. Kulwant comes inside and smiles. Mannat stops and looks at her bleeding feet. She makes her sit and says you might be in lot of pain. She says you left home without wearing slippers, atleast you have worn it. She tears her dupatta to clean her feet. She brings first aid box and bandages her feet. She says we will go to doctor. She gives her water. Kulwant gets up and says you couldn’t see your Dadi’s pain. Mannat gets emotional and looks on in disbelief. She drops the glass on the floor. Kulwant looks at the birth mark on her palm and cries. She kisses her hand. Mannat gets teary eyes and emotional.

Kulwant hugs her and cries. Mannat also cries and calls her Dadi. Kulwant regrets to keep her away from everyone and apologizes to her. She says I did a big mistake and couldn’t see her mother’s helplessness. She says I am very unfortunate, not to apologize to her. She says she wants to apologize to her mother and is bearing the punishment. She asks her to tell her mother that she repented a lot and couldn’t sleep even a single day. She says she has a big burden on her and couldn’t rest until she unburdens it. She says I will take you to your house and will make you get your name and respect. Mannat hugs her and tells that she has always dreamt to stay with her family. She always wished to have Dadi who loves her a lot and finally she got everything. She says she is very happy. Kulwant asks if she is not upset with her. Mannat says no. Kulwant says she will never let her separate from her. She says she is lucky to get her back and will not let her go. She says she is very happy today. Mannat smiles.

Zoravar recalls Mannat’s words that the ladies are having objection to work on the machines. Dolly asks him if someone said something to him, why is he worried? Zoravar says nothing. Dolly says today Robby and Harleen are going to US, and we shall bid them bye. Harleen says I am dying to meet Khushi. Dolly says I can understand that she is beginning new chapter of her life and you both shall be with her. Robby says they want Khushi’s happiness. Harleen tells Zoravar that he has to handled the business now and says this house is yours now and you shall handle it. Zoravar promises. Harleen says she wants to see him married soon.

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