Choti Sardarni 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Robby accepts Seher and Rajveer as Prince’s parents

Choti Sardarni 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seher asking Harleen to hug her. Prince asks Harleen to agree. Harleen turns to go. Robby comes there and asks Harleen to accept Seher and Rajveer. He tells that he gave time to Prince, and their Khushi didn’t deserve to become a mother, as no mother can leave her son. Kulwant says Robby is saying right, if Khushi had loved Prince, then wouldn’t have left him. Robby says Prince stayed without her father and mother and says I heard him wished for a perfect family and today I saw his wish fulfilling, but you couldn’t see it. He tells Rajveer and Seher that he don’t know if Harleen will accept them or not, but I will accept you both as his parents. He says I have decided to do Prince’s dastarbandi/turban making tomorrow and says Rajveer will do it. He announces it. Seher asks Harleen to play holi. Harleen says you have snatched all my rights and also Prince. Prince comes to Seher and asks her to play holi with him. they go out in the garden area. prince applies color to Seher. He comes to Rajveer and asks for his help. Seher looks on. Rajveer tells Karan that they have to surprise Seher before Prince’s dastarbandi. Karan keeps hand on Seher’s eyes and takes her to show Prince and her pics on the projector screen. Seher looks at it and smiles. Tu hi dil hai….plays…..She asks did you do all this? Karan walks backwards. Seher looks at Prince coming there. Tu Aashiqui hai plays….Rajveer also comes there. Prince holds his hand. Seher smiles.

She asks what is all this? Prince asks her to wait and makes Seher and Rajveer sit on the sofa. He asks will you gift me, your name and will be my Mamma and Daddy for forever. He gives them chain with their pics. Rajveer shows the adoption papers. Prince asks Seher to say fast. Seher says I will be your Mamma for forever. Everyone comes there clapping. Kulwant blesses Seher. Dolly says you are Prince’s mother. Robby kisses Prince. Harleen stands far and gets upset.

Seher asks everyone to do breakfast and then they will write the list, what to be brought for Prince’s dastarbandi. Karan tells that Param reached airport. Servant comes and tells Seher, that someone came to meet her. Seher meets the person, who tells that he came from Bank and tells that Meher Gill used to send big amount to someone, but it were never encashed. Seher asks to whom? Bank employee says he will enquire and goes. Seher gets thinking. Later Rajveer comes to Seher and asks if everything is alright. Seher says I wanted to know if you could select my favorite color. She asks Harleen to select color for Prince’s turban. Harleen asks Seher and Rajveer to decide. Prince asks Harleen to say. Harleen asks them to do as they feel right. Dolly asks Harleen, why she don’t want to involve. Harleen says my belief was like bubble which is bursted and says she couldn’t handle herself. Karan hears them.

Kulwant tells Prince that he shall wear the jacket during dastarbandi. Prince thanks her. Kulwant’s son comes there and tells that the land finally shifted to her name. He tells that they used to play in their childhood with Meher and Kulwant had planted a tree there. Dolly congrats her. She says I will tell you, how to make the perfect holiday destination there. Her another son reminds Kulwant of her wish and says today God heard your wish. Kulwant is sad.

Lawyer asks Kulwant to involve the property in her family will and give it to whoever she wants. Seher asks what happened? Kulwant says she was worried about case. Lawyer says he will handle and asks her to give it to whoever she wants. He goes. Kulwant recalls the Harnoor pleading infront of her, for Mannat.

Kulwant thinks she is burdened by her crimes and sins, she is in debt of that girl and for that she has to give rights to Harnoor’s daughter. She thinks she has to take a decision now itself, and thinks she doesn’t even know her name, so how to give her share to her and asks God to show some way. Mannat is shown seeking blessing from an old lady and wishing to have Beeji like her. The old lady blesses her to have a good husband and all her dreams come true. Kulwant takes a decision.

Precap: Kulwant tells her son that she has added additional person’s share to the property. He asks how she can give away her property to someone, whom she doesn’t know. Kulwant slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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