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Choti Sardarni 25th Feb 2022 Episode Written Updates


Scene 1

Rajveer is thinking about Prince. He is holding Raj’s hands. Rajveer leaves. Prince is up and tells dad to please don’t leave. I’m scared all by myself. Rajveer assures me that I am here with you. Don’t worry. Param claims that your hands are big. I’d like to give you a demonstration. He tells me”What?” Rajveer demands that he wear glasses. Prince declares that here are the things I’d have to accomplish with you. You’ll go to the school I attend with me. You will teach me to ride a bicycle, and my classmates are a bully to me. I’ll learn from you, right? He is sure. Prince says we’ve missed you so many times. Did you go to where you were? Khushi says she was playing with dad? Have you shown him what you’ve got to him? Prince says let me show. He shows his drawing. He tells us about our happy family. K mama me and you. I did what my mama said. Seher is looking at the girls. He tells me to upload that picture here. This is the greatest daddy cup. You’re the most amazing, aren’t you? The locket you choose will be engraved with your photo and I’ll wear it. This is my sweet treat for you. I ate one of them and gave one to you. I will show you some of my toddler pictures. We’ll take a trip to Disney land. Khushi says yes. It’s time to eat now. Prince tells me to have dinner with my dad’s hand. Rajveer leaves. Khushi tells him that if he does not have food he will not be able to take the medication.

Rajveer is a patient of the medicine. He’s unable to help Prince take a bite. Seher advises him to throw the bites. Raj turns to her and demands that he take a bite. Seher is looking at the two. Khushi claims to have water.. He claims that daddy will provide me. Rajveer gievs him water. The water pours over the. Rajveer says sorry Prince. Prince says that it’s fine. Prince says I’m feeling cold. Khushi asks me to take something. Rajveer rips off his shirt. He asks if I want to wander through the streets like this? Rajveer demands that he dress in his shirt. He says that I have grown. This is the shirt you wear. I’ll keep this hoodie for the rest of my life. My hands are as big as you. When am I going to grow a beard as long as you? Rajveer asks Prince to rest. He snuggles Prince into his bed. Seher goes away. Prince is holding his hands and asks him to don’t leave your to his daddy. He ties Rajveer’s shoe laces. Rajveer says Prince. He claims Prince can do anything.

Scene 2
Karan is what? Harleen has manipulated you into making the decision? Param states that I was influenced by Seher. Harleen did not want to do this. Kulwant tells Harleen what you’d like to know? You’re using an infant. Have you noticed the child’s health issues? This is a crime. Harleen claims that I’m doing the right thing in the best interest of my girl. I don’t care. Kulwant affirms that no one will be victorious in this war. Do you really care about Seher? Harleen declares that she is my daughter too , but I have a love for Khushi. It’s my child. Param claims Harleen only took care of Khushi. We must establish Raj’s innocence after Prince improves.

Rajveer leaves Prince. Khushi is in the room and is able to stop him. She says Prince is very happy to see you. Where do you want to go? This is your bedroom. He is telling you to stop.. Don’t believe that I am doing all this to benefit you. I’m doing it to help Seher and for that child. She thinks that this is the best method to deal with things. But she will soon realize that this isn’t the right way to handle things. She doesn’t want her child to be in pain. I’m going to prove that soon I’m not his father. Rajveer is at Seher. He tells me I can’t accomplish this. Khushi is making me feel like I’m suffocating. Seher insists that we think with a cold mind. We’re doing this to an infant. Rajveer claims I’m not his dad and I’m done with the matter. Seher tells him to take care of him. He asks, can you take care of him? Seher says yes , I can. Seher reminds me of my childhood. I’d only miss my dad for five years. I never saw him for a long time. I understand his pain. He calls you dad because he’s heard. It’s not his fault. This is not the fault of anyone else. I’m there with you every step of the way.

Scene 3
Bobby Calls Seher and tells him that you and Rajveer are required to attend an event. Rajveer promises to come. Harleen says , how do you each be together? Kulwant claims they’re married. They’re just doing some drama in front of the Prince inside the house and not out. They’ll be going to the party, as will we. Raj is holding Seher’s hands.

Rajveer creates Prince to eat. He tells him that now you’ll be my singer. Rajveer says I can’t sing. Prince says that you don’t like me. Rajveer sings for him. They dance. Seher performs a song from behind. The children play together with Prince. Rajveer forces him to eat. Seher’s tears are wiped away and he praises Seher for being so courageous. Thank for your courage. Seher promises that I will always be there to help you.

Episode ends

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