Choti Sardarni 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Harleen accepts Seher and Rajveer

Choti Sardarni 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kulwant telling that she has done partition of the land. Her son says you have written one additional share, but name is not written. Kulwant says that share was the debt on her and she will give it to the one who deserves it. Mannat is shown and tells the boy that she is digging the land to get her treasure. She takes out the box from the land and tells that it is her Papa ji’s treasure and tells that when she will go and meet her family, she will take her treasure. Kulwant’s son asks why you aren’t telling us the name of this person, and asks if you will give the share to stranger just like that. He says you are very fond of this land. He asks Rana if the property shall be in the house or not. Rana says let Mummy do what she wants. Her son says if you will give away the land to someone just like that. Kulwant shouts at him and says it is my wish and my land. Rajveer asks Bittu to understand. bittu asks if you will give the land to someone just like that. Kulwant slaps him hard and says every debt can’t be returned with money and says it is her decision. Bittu says this time you are wrong and I will never support you. Kulwant says her decision is final. Bittu’s wife tells that they accept her decision. Bittu gets angry and refuses to take any share from this land. Rana asks if he got mad? Kulwant says she is going to Gurudwara to pray for this land share. She goes to the Gurudwara with Rajveer and Seher. Seher says Bittu Mama will understand and will come. Kulwant asks them to come. Bittu comes there. Kulwant prays to Baba ji about Mannat and wishes to rectify her mistake and says this land piece is nothing and if I could then I will give her all this world.

Seher reminds someone that tomorrow is her son’s dastar Bandai. Rajveer tells Bittu that even Kulwant is sad as him. Bittu says I feel her pain, but everyone thinks that I am doing this for the piece of land. His wife asks him to agree to her decision. Harleen meets someone in the Gurudwara. The lady tells that she is feeling sad for Prince, and says Seher is adopting her. The other lady asks why you have given Prince to Seher, and says you have lost him and will be alone now. Harleen says Seher is his Maasi. The lady tries to provoke her. Harleen excuses herself. Karan hears them and tells them that Harleen Bua gave Prince to Seher and Rajveer for his own happiness, and Prince will be her grand son always, and they will never leave her alone and will not distance Prince and her. The ladies leave. Harleen recalls her bad behavior towards Karan and feels bad, and thanks him. Karan touches her feet and takes her blessings.

Kulwant asks Bittu to trust her decision. Later they come home. Bittu comes and takes out her slippers from her feet. He says my thinking is different from you, but I am not different from you. He says I should have thought that whatever you do, is for our betterment. Kulwant accepts that she got much angry. Seher recalls lawyer’s words and thinks there might be some reason behind Mamma’s move to send money to someone. She gets Bank employee’s call and comes to know that Meher used to send money to Harnoor. Seher asks where did she stay? The employee tells the address. Seher thinks to find out. She goes there and asks if you know Harnoor. The old guy tells that Harnoor was here, but don’t know where did she go? She says Atari’s sarpanch used to come and meet her. Seher comes home and tries talking to Kulwant, but she is busy. Seher thinks to talk to her after Prince’s sardarbandi. She asks prince to get ready. Prince says he will become superman. Seher tells that once he gets the turban, he will become responsible and shall take care of the family. Prince asks if Harleen will come. Seher asks Prince to call Robby and Harleen as Nanu and Nani. Robby comes to Harleen and asks her to come, but she refuses. Prince comes there and asks Harleen if she will not come. He calls her Nani and asks her to come, says Mamma told that today is the important day. Harleen hugs him. Kulwant looks at them and thinks she might have lived many special moments of her life alone and would have felt pain when feeling alone. Mannat talks to the lady and offers to do the work at her place, after the puja. She gets emotional.

Seher asks Rajveer where is Prince’s dastar/turban. Rajveer says it was in car. Harleen comes there and asks if I can give this dastar to Prince. She says I didn’t want to come, but Prince called me Nani today, which he never told in 5 years. She says I understood that it was Seher’s values and realized that you are Prince’s real Mummy and Papa. She blesses them to be happy always. Seher and Rajveer seek her blessings. They sit in the Gurudwara. The priest ties turban to Prince. Dolly reminisces her son Inderpal scolding Zoravar Singh Randhawa. She recalls scolding Inderpal. Inderpal says he will take Beeji’s family forward and makes him sit for tying turban. Kulwant imagines Mannat coming there.

Precap: Seher tells that Mannat is coming to meet you, and I will support her in every turn.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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