Choti Sardarni 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mannat Teaches Zoravar The Value Of Unity

Choti Sardarni 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kulwant watching the Dalhousie landslide video and tells Seher that she feels her grandson is in trouble. She calls Dolly and asks if Zoravar came out of the tunnel. Dolly says Zoravar and a girl are still inside the tunnel. Seher assures Dolly that nothing will happen to Zoravar. She tells Kulwant they should pray god to keep everyone safe. Kulwant with whole family prays god for Zoravar and for the girl stuck inside the tunnel.

Mannat and Zoravar continue to rescue people. They finally rescue 2 boys. Boys panic. Mannat cheers them up. They both carry boys towards the door when Mannat notices Matarani’s chunni/veil which Khisore was carrying. She asks Zoravar to take kids away and goes to rescue chunni. Zoravar asks what is she doing instead of saving herself. She asks him to go if he wants to and says they believe that until Matarani’s chunni with them, nobody can harm them. She rescues chunni. A stone falls on her head and she collapses. Zoravar shouts Mannat in shock. Harnoor and villagers hear that and get worried for Mannat. Zoravar lifts Mannat and shouts for help. Inspector GST peeps in and asks him to hold the rope and come up. Zoravar recalls Mannat’s words, ties Mannat behind him with Chunni, and asks GST to pull them up. Villages pull them out.

Kulwant hears news about the boy and girl rescuers also getting out of tunnel and congratulates Dolly. Zoravar brings Mannat out and collapses. Kulwant sees that on news and thinks she needs to check if the girl is her granddaughter by checking if she as a heart-shaped mole on her palm. She goes to bring her specs when Mannat’s heart-shaped mole is shown and Mannat is taken away.

Mannat and Zoravar are admitted to the hospital by villagers. Scarlet asks doctor to shift Zoravar to a 5-star hospital as he is not an ordinary man. GST says they consider doctor as god who gives equal treatment to everyone, Mannat is also not an ordinary girl and is the most kind-hearted girl in the world. Zoravar wakes up and tries to leave. Mannat walks to him and says they could escape such a big accident as they were together, now he must have realized the value of unity, the villagers whom he is trying to vacate from their houses are also together like a family. She pleads him not to get them out of their house and says she has only her mother as her dear one and considers all villagers as her family. She says he also must be having a family whom he loves the most. Zoravar recalls his father humiliating him in his childhood and walks away. Mannat prays god to give him some conscience.

Zoravar meets Scarlet and hugs her. Scarlet says she has spoken to her lawyer who will help him vacate the villagers, villagers consider him a loser and he needs to prove his worth by winning the case. Zoravar says he decides his victory and loss, verdict will be out on Baisakhi tomorrow.

Seher asks Kulwant how will they go to Dalhouse on Baisakhi. Bitto walks in and asks who is in Dalhousie, if he/she is the same whose debt she wants to clear by giving her land. Kulwant agrees and says she wants to go there with Seher. Bitto asks why don’t she take him or Ranna along and requests to tell whom she wants to hide from them. Kulwant requests him to wait for the right time. Ginni tells him that family means trusting each other blindly and requests him to wait till the right time comes. Bitto walks away angrily. Ginni tells Kulwant she trusts her completely. Kulwant says let us make arrangements for Baisakhi.

Next day, Baisakhi celebration starts. Kulwant’s family celebrates Baisakhi in Attari while Mannat celebrates with villagers in Dalhousie. Villagers feel sad thinking if they will celebrate Baisakhi in their village next year or not. Mannat cheers them up. Attari villagers visit Kulwant and insist her to contest for MLA election this time as they are with her. Kulwant tells sheer that villagers consider her as a leader, a leader is the one who protects and keeps everyone united. Seher cheers her up. Kulwant says she is exactly like Meher. Seher says she has Meher and Kulwant’s blood in her. Kulwant performs a ritual on he and hugs her. On the other side, Harnoor performs a ritual on Manat and hugs her.

Prince feeds sweet rice to Kulwant. Kulwant prays god to give her a sign of her granddaughter and send her home. Everyone dance and enjoy the festival. Seher takes Rajveer aside and says she wants to tell him something. Rajveer says he doesn’t want to know as he knows Sher and Naani are hiding something, he will wait until they inform the truth. Seher hugs him emotionally. Celebrations continue at both sides. Seher holds Kulwant’s hand and leaves for Dalhousie. Mannat thinks storm not only ruins things always, it leaves some good signs also; she is having good vibes. Zoravar with Scarlet performs prayers. Akhil informs him that the task is done.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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