Choti Sardarni 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mannat And Zoravar Rescue Villagers

Choti Sardarni 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Scarlet asking Zoravar if he saw her shameer kameez. Zoravar says it’s shalwar kameez and asks Malexa to teach Hindi to Scarlet. Scarlet says she wants to wear shalwar kameez for Manya’s baby shower and asks if the resort issue will be solved by then. She further asks him not to be upset as she doesn’t want kids because she knows he doesn’t want kids. He thanks her for understanding him. On the other side, Mannat tells kids that she wants 3-4 kids and will build a team. Chacha says he will pray Matarani that Mannat gets a good groom. Mannat tells her that she wants big family and many kids.

Rajveer gets angry seeing Prince and Gullu busy playing a videogame and tells Seher that they shifted to the village to teach its lifestyle to Prince. Seher says they will celebrate Baisakhi tomorrow.

In a restaurant, Scarlet sings a song for Zoravar. Mannat walks in there with kids. Everyone claps and Scarlet’s name after her performance. Kids ask Mannat to show English cat what singing is. Scarlet sings around Mannat and taunts her. Mannat takes mic from her and sings a song in style. Everyone clap for Mannat next and announce a duet competition between Scarlet and Mannat. Mannat wins the competition.

Scarlet tells Mannat that she liked her style and hence is hiring her to sing in the resort. Mannat says she rules over other’s heart and doesn’t do anyone’s slavery. She sugetts to sing in village marriages and earn free food and blessings. Kids laugh.

Hotel manager informs everyone about a landslide at the tunnel and asks everyone to return to their houses safely. Zoravar while leaving the restaurant drops his mobile by mistake. Scarlet picks it. Media reports about landslide. Mannat reaches the venue. Chachi tells Mannat that everyone are stuck inside the tunnel including her Dadu. People stuck in tunnel plead for help. Mannat assures Chachi that she will save everyone. Harnoor comes there searching for Mannat. Mannat gets inside the tunnel thinking Harnoor will not let her go. Zoravar also gets inside the tunnel. Inspector GST asks why did he go in there to risk his life. Scarlet informs that Zoravar is training in disaster management and knows to handle the situation. Dolly calls Zoravar, but Scarlet picks the call and informs her that Zoravar went inside the tunnel to save people’s lives. She gets worried for Zoravar.

Kulwant gets adamant to visit Dalhousie. Seher asks her to get well soon first. Kulwant tells her tha she just can sit idle. Dolly calls Kulwant and requests her to save Zoravar as he enterened into the tunnel at the landslide area. Kulwant consoles her. Bitto plays news and they all watch about the news. Dolly asks Kulwant if she saw the news. Bitto worries for the people stuck inside the tunnel. Kulwant worries for her granddaughter.

Mannat and Zoravar save people from the tunnel. Kulwant asks Seher what if her granddaughter is also stuck inside the tunnel. Seher says they cannot go there at this time. Mannat finds Dadu stuck under a boulder and lifts the boulder with Zoravar’s help. Harnoor gets worried for Mannat. Chachi consoles her. Mannat gets worried seeing Zoravar is about to get hurt, but Zoravar escapes unhurt. She thanks god for protecting Zoravar.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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