Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi signs the divorce papers when Malishka pressurizes her

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Rishi mentions he feels she would never sign the papers of divorce, Dadi says he came to understand very soon since till yesterday his mother believed her Kundali was beneficial for him but now because of the second Pandit believes she is not good for him, Rishi replies that she doesnot believe in her Kundali but sees Lakshmi and after leaving the house she did everything because of the relation which exists between them, it is called marriage which they want to break however the relation between him and Lakshmi above all these relations, Aayush entering exclaims it is called love and he must never forget it. Dadi replies she is feeling really nice because of it, Neelam entering the room asks Dadi to come with her since she is really old and would not be able to bear the divorce, Virender questions what other response was she expecting from her but he must try to call Lakshmi before she meets Malishka.

Malishka is standing while Neha is looking at her, Malishka questions the reason she is staring so Neha replies she was looking at the dress and questions from where did she buy it, Malishka doesnot reply when Lakshmi calls Malishka who is glad that she came otherwise her cousin would cayuse a lot of pain but then she is actually clever as she was the first one to see her with Rishi, Lakshmi replies she never thought Malishka would come to her house, she hands Lakshmi the papers revealing that she is going to divorce Rishi, she advises Lakshmi to hurry up since she doesnot have much time however Lakshmi replies even she is going to say it clearly that she will never sign the papers because she will always live with rishi. Malishka in anger replies she will never be able to come between the love oif her and Rishi, he was only married to her because she could help him end the Markeshdosh but it is now like that so everyone knows the truth, she must end the drama and sign the divorce papers. Lakshmi replies Rishi has the Markeshdosh and she can end it all. Malishka replies she doesnot believe in it all and until Lakshmi was with him then Rishi suffered a lot of problem but ever since she came to this house then he is living without any worry.

Bani mentions that her sister will not sign the divorce papers, Shalu also starts arguing explaining that her sisters love Rishi and they both can sort it out themselves, Malishka in anger warns them to not interfere as she is talking to Lakshmi, Malishka threatens her saying she will call her father who will buy it all after which they would be thrown out of this Chawl, and will not even have anything to eat. Neha mentions she is glad that she is not Lakshmi otherwise she would have to bear Malishka, Rano calls her as Nagin but seeing how angry Malishka is she makes up storis and exclaims they both should keep them out of their fight, Malishka exclaims they live with Lakshmi because if she is going to benefit from her then should also suffer, Malishka asks Lakshmi to sign the papers as she will surely get what she deserves, Malishka explains that she has no point in returning because she has crossed all the limits with Rishi in their relationship but there are still some left however Lakshmi knows what she is trying to say, Lakshmi starts thinking about all the times when she saw her with Rishi, she questions where does she want to sign.

Rishi is trying to call Lakshmi but she is not answering, Virender wonders why is she not answering when Aayuh replies that what if Malishka reached there and she is talking with her, Rishi replies he knows she will not sign the papers eve if anyone went to her, Aayush questions if they have made a pact to live with each other forever then should also tell them, Virender reveals that there are somethings in love which cannot be explained when Aayush questions if he is telling the truth, Rishi replies that he doesnot know anything but he just feels Lakshmi will not sign the papers.

Lakshmi asks where is the pen since she will sign it, Shalu takes Lakshmi to the side questioning what did she say to her when Rishi came to save her from Balvinder, she said Rishi came to save her because he wanted to be with her. Lakshmi starts thinking how he stood in front of the gun for her, Shalu questions if she doesnot remember how he stood for her, Lakshmi explains the house where she went today, they did not even let her meet him and even threw her outside the last time, she knows they would not let her be a part of his life and so she feels this is the right thing, Malishka calls Lakshmi as she found the pen, Lakshmi explains that whenever something wrong is about to happen then they feel it but she is not feeling anything wrong so knows that it would be the best for her, and also Rishi.

Malishka hands Lakshmi the pen, she hesitantly looks at Malishka before sitting on the sofa, she looks at the divorce papers and starts recalling the wedding as if it is going backwards and her relation with rishi is going to end, she signs it thinking about all the memories she has with Rishi, how he would always come to help her whenever she needed it. She finally sings it, Malishka is smiling seeing it while both Rano and Neha are really shocked. Lakshmi is feeling as if everything is rewinding in her life. She stands handing the papers to Malishka who is not able to control her laugh, she thanks Lakshmi hugging her mentioning she is really unpredictable just like her because she thinks like her, she used to hate her as she was in the life of Rishi however now feels she is her best friend as she has given the best gift of her life, Lakshmi asks her to go and also take the signatures from Rishi but she must do it by tomorrow because if it gets delays then she will not be able to do anything however Malishka assures she will not let the divorce to stop. Malishka thanks Lakshmi since she gave her everything and even then, is standing like nothing happened. Rano asks Neha to pinch her since she doesnot know if it is a dream. She is excited as they are going to be really wealthy.
Rishi and Virender walk down the stairs when Neelam asks if he will still say that Lakshmi will not sign the papers, Virender replies that he is still adamant that she will not sign the divorce, Neelam replies she doesnot know f they are so simple because now they will find out how wrong they are about Lakshmi. Dadi explains that Malishka called Neelam to in form her, she stops her mentioning now Malishka will tell them the truth.

Bani entering the room questions what did Lakshmi do as she knows how much she loves Rishi and even his Markeshdosh is about to get stronger after two days, she needs to be with him but instead is going to leave him. Shalu explains she should have called Neelam to insist that she doesnot want the divorce, Lakshmi asks what will it do since she told her she wants to be with Rishi but Neelam did not believe her, Bani questions if she will stay after the divorce, Lakshmi explains they even refused to enter her in the house and even blocked her from his contacts, she knows now both Malishka and Mummi jee do not want her to be a part of his life.

Malishka enters the house questioning why are the standing when Rishi questions if she signed the papers but Malishka replies she indeed signed them, Rishi doesnot believe a word she is saying explaining he knows Lakshmi really well and she will never sign any paper however Malishka replies she is glad as they would now not believe in a fake relation, Rishi takes the divorce papers to check if she actually signed while even Virender and Aayush are shocked wondering how can she sign, Rishi is heartbroken.

Precap: Rishi asks Malishka what you said that Lakshmi signed the divorce papers. He asks, that’s her sign, right? Other side, Lakshmi tells her sisters, my and Rishi’s relation is for lives. Let’s see whose faith wins. Mine or Mummy ji’s and Malishka’s.
Other side, Neelam says, just by a sign, you won’t get divorce. You and Lakshmi will be called to a family court.
Lakshmi says to her sisters, whose judge is the God and the God doesn’t need any proof.
Neelam continues, and when you go there, you will know yourself that Lakshmi wants to give you divorce.
Lakshmi says, God has made our relation, how he can let it break.
Rishi says, I will go to Lakshmi, meet her, and then only I will know the truth.
He reaches Lakshmi’s home and asks if she signed the divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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