Bhagya Lakshmi 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on The Episode starts with Rishi and Lakshmi brought out of the lock up. Inspector asks them to sign. Neelam asks Lakshmi if she saw, whatever other Pandit ji had told came true, says you are inauspicious for my son. Virender asks Rishi to come. Rishi says ok. Neelam, Karishma and Rishi are in the car. Karishma says it is good, we didn’t bring Lakshmi with us. Neelam says she can’t bear to see Rishi with her. Karishma asks Rishi what he did there, that everyone thought her as husband and wife. Rishi says we are husband and wife, and everyone will think like that. He says whatever happened was due to Malishka and lakshmi didn’t do anything. Neelam says I don’t care who had called Police, whatever happened with you, is because Lakshmi was with you. Karishma asks him not to say anything. Paritosh calls Rishi and says he heard from Lawyer. He then tells that he has shifted his stuff to resort’s L wing and asks him to come there. Rishi says this might be other side of the resort. Virender reaches home with Rishi and Kiran. Paritosh says sorry for whatever happened. Rishi introduces his family to Paritosh. He says they will have breakfast if arrangements is done. Paritosh says food is ready and tells that flights are closed. Rishi says they will go with chartered plane. He says he will go in the evening. Later he sees Malishka and asks what she is doing here. Malishka says she came to know about his arrest and came here. Rishi asks what did you call Police and asks what you thought that Lakshmi will agree to call Police. Malishka says I have seen her adding tablet in your drink and then she made you drink in the room so that she gets closer. Rishi says nobody was trying to get closer to him and says you knows well why she returned. He says do I need to tell you why she came back. Malishka says she is selfish and takes advantage of the chance. Update in Progress

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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