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The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi, why is he behaving strangely. He shows her diary and says what will you write against me in your diary. He says I have drank and finished one bottle. Lakshmi asks if he is doing this to scare her. He says no chance, and says you just pretend. She asks if you are drunk? He says yes, I drank today also. He says he couldn’t bear as she is betrayal woman and just pretend. Lakshmi asks what is he saying? He says I know why you have come and I am angry thinking about the reason. He says I came for business here, but you have come here with me to ruin my name and reputation, so that you can take court order in your favor. Lakshmi asks do you really think that I have come for this. Rishi says yes, and says whatever you are doing is for money and asks her to say. Lakshmi says yes, I am doing this for money. Rishi says atleast you said truth. Lakshmi asks why is he doing this, and asks him not to tell her later that he was not in his consciousness and tells that she will not forgive him.

Virender tells Neelam that he knows that she is upset and whatever Lakshmi doing is wrong with Rishi. He says let them come, and then do what you want. Neelam says she will call Lakshmi. She calls her. Rishi asks Lakshmi to pass the bottle. Lakshmi refuses. Rishi orders her to pass the bottle and tells that she shall not receive the call. Lakshmi asks why is he changed? He says you have shown your true face to me. She says you are not in your senses. Rishi asks her to pass the glass. Malishka looks at Rishi from outside and thinks Lakshmi is making him drink, she used to give him tablet. She thinks she won’t let Rishi drink. Rishi thinks this is proof against Lakshmi, she gave drink to me.

Neelam gets furious and throws the things. She tells Virender that she can’t calm down, as that girl’s face is coming infront of her. She asks her to get it cleared and goes. Dadi comes there and tells Virender that Neelam is angry. Virender tells that Neelam is angry. Dadi tells that Lakshmi has returned to ruin Rishi’s life. Virender tells that if Lakshmi does same as the lawyer said then. Dadi asks Virender not to support her. Virender tells that he can’t support her, and tells that he is getting far from her.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that how she can do this, and troubled him. He says all family members are blaming me and curses the moment when he helped her in court. He blames himself and asks if he tortured her as he didn’t have dinner with her. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is making him drunk and will get closer to Rishi. She thinks if Rishi has any soft corner for her then he will not stop her. She thinks to stop her from going to room and calls Police. The Inspector picks the call. Malishka tells that she is Lakshmi and someone is molesting her and asks him to come to the hotel. Inspector asks Constable to come. Malishka thinks Rishi will be in PS and Lakshmi’s night will not be beautiful, but black.

Lakshmi asks Rishi what is he doing, seeing the glass fallen. He gets up and holds her closer. She says he is stinking and asks him to move back. He says he is liking seeing her troubled and runs behind her. He stumbles. She holds him. He says you have saved me, I will save you one day. Lakshmi says it is my mistake to give you bottle and tells that she will throw the bottle. He says he will drink.

Inspector asks Manager about the room no and tells about Lakshmi’s call. Malishka hears and thinks problem solved. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she hates drunkard. She says very much. Rishi says now he will drink. Lakshmi says she will not go anywhere and will be with him all the time. Inspector along with Manager is going to the room and tells that he will save Lakshmi. He knocks on the door. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will open the door. He opens the door and asks what does they want? He asks what is the reason that you disturbed us. Inspector says call was right and asks constable to arrest him. Manager says he is a rich guy. Inspector says I will arrest you too. Lakshmi asks Inspector why he wants to arrest him. Inspector tells that he is drunk and troubling Lakshmi. Rishi asks did you call him? Lakshmi says no and tells that she is Lakshmi and have not made any call. Inspector says you called and said that he is forcing you. Lakshmi says she didn’t call him. She tells Lakshmi. Malishka gets happy and hears them secretly. Inspector says if you haven’t called us, then how did I know your room number. Rishi asks Inspector to arrest Lakshmi also, as she is a betrayal girl and lied to him. Inspector says arrest her as well. Lakshmi says I will come. Rishi says don’t leave her, she will escape from van. Malishka thinks Lakshmi will be with Rishi, and thinks to get him bailed and let her be there.

Rishi asks Inspector not to trust her. Inspector says you both seems to be from a good house, and tells that they shall answer him some questions. Rishi blames Lakshmi for ruining his respect and gets upset. He sees arrested women and men. Lady constable asks them to sit inside and tells that they have raided the nearby hotel and caught them. Lakshmi holds Rishi’s hand. Rishi leaves her hand and sits in the van. He blames her.

They reach the PS. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she didn’t call. Rishi says you called and that’s why we are here. He asks her to file the complaint and take it back. Lakshmi asks Inspector to check the record and tell that she didn’t call. Inspector shows the records and tells that they got the call from her, and she had told that she is with the good person, but he can do anything in drunkard state. He asks shall I call the family members. Lakshmi says no. Inspector says you seems to be from good family, but does such things. Rishi asks what? Inspector says put them behind bars.

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