Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi plans to return to the Oberoi Mansion

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Balvinder questions if the constable did not see anyone so handsome as him, when he says the constable should take his photo however he explains he is going to hand Balvinder in the new police station since there are a lot of people like him here, the driver questions why is Avinash arguing with a person like him, he takes his attention off the road and doesnot see the person crossing the road, Balvinder warns him so he turns the car and they hit the pole, Balvinder seeing the opportunity takes the keys from the pocket of the constable before running, they both turn to catch him however he robs someone of his bike before running on it.

Balvinder while riding the bike is only thinking about how Rishi had beat him in front of Lakshmi, Balvinder exclaims now he is going to take revenge for what happened by killing Rishi tonight, he climbs up a pole to the room of Rishi, he sees him sleeping on the bed and sits on top of him with a knife in his hand, Balvinder then stabs him in the chest with the knife exclaiming he will not get Lakshmi and die, Lakshmi suddenly wakes up calling the name of Rishi, she rushes to the door then Shalu tries to convince her that nothing wrong happened because they are in their room, she asks her to see Bani who is still sleeping. Lakshmi goes to sit back on the bed but is not convinced that everything is fine, she exclaims that she knows it will be true but Shalu doesnot listen it, Lakshmi reveals that she also saw another dream in which a lady wearing black clothes took him away, it turned out to be Malishka. Shalu and Bani donot believe it but Lakshmi mentions that she will not let anything wrong happen to Rishi this time.

Rishi wakes up in the morning when he is shocked to see Lakshmi applying the medicine on his hand, he questions what is she doing requesting him to stop, she asks why does eh move so much saying he even talks a lot, but now must not say anything. Lakshmi says he talks without thinking, she questions what was the need to beat Balvinder like this, he replies that he could not bear the way he was pulling her, she mentions nothing would have happened to her, Rishi in forms her that nothing scolded him like this, beside his mother but now she can say anything. Rishi explains that they all; are just superstitions when people say that by eating the herb the skin starts glowing as it is not the case however, she doesnot need it at all Lakshmi then asks him to stop talking, he agrees it was a bad joke. There is a knock on the door, when he opens it to see Malishka standing there, she greets him introducing the doctor revealing that he is going to apply the bandage on his hand, he turns but is shocked because there is no one there, Rishi starts covering it and then refuses to take any sort of medicine, Malishka starts arguing with him saying he himself agreed to take the medicine by the doctor, he calls Rishi who sits down thinking the reason he is remembering Lakshmi even if she is not present here. Malishka is really worried.

Lakshmi placing the bag mentions she needs to be with Rishi, she asks if they both would not question her, but Shalu and Bani refuse, she insists that they ask her Shalu replies that she loves Rishi a lot, Lakshmi gets tensed reply this is what she thinks about, Chacha jee starts calling Lakshmi who rushes out to the lounge revealing she will come back. Chacha jee asks her to see if this is her charger, he advises her to keep it safe. Shalu and Bani bring the suitcase which worries Rano who questions what is going on, Lakshmi replies she came to tell them but was not able to since they were all asleep, Neha asks what is the real question since she did not even reveal the reason, Lakshmi informs because she is going back to her house, mentioning the Oberoi Mansion, Chacha jee mentions he always prays the troubles in her life end and she lives a happy life as this is also her right, Lakshmi replies she is going but not because of any right, she is only leaving because of Rishi as he is a really nice person, Shalu is here because Rishi stood beside her so if her Kundali has something that is better for Rishi then she can do anything for him.
Malishka exclaims she is going to live with Rishi in the room soon and then there would not be any need to knock but instead everyone else would have to knock, she goes into the bathroom.

The doctor questions if there is any other problem however Rishi is confused if he should reveal his feelings, the doctor mentions he has prescribed some medicine and multi vitamins, he is about to leave but Rishi stops him revealing that he needs to ask him something, he has a friend who sees something in his room which is not actually present, the doctor explains it happens because if someone really likes a person and wants to remain with him then they see the person, Malishka thinks she knows that the person is none other then Lakshmi. Rishi questions if he should ask the friend to take treatment, the doctor replies there is no treatment because he feels the patient is him, and he is seeing Lakshmi because it is better for him to be around her so he should stop seeing her, Malishka getting mad questions if his work has ended but the doctor in forms that everything is upto Rishi.

Rishi replies that he has started to think a lot, Malishka questions if he is thinking about Lakshmi, Rishi replies he has started to think about her and it is because of Malishka who has made his life into something which he cannot bear, he even feels as if he cannot tell her anything otherwise, she would get mad with him, he has even started lying to her which is to prevent her from getting mad with him, at first when she would get mad he thought it was cute but now he is getting irritated and now cannot bear her tantrums anymore. Malishka leaves questioning if he is for real, Rishi sits down on the bed wondering why did he say it all to her knowing this would anger her, he thinks if it is because she gets fed-up leaving him alone.

Rano questions why is she planning to go now and should have agreed to leave with Neelam, as she would have even given them money, Lakshmi replies that it is really different now, Rano questions what is so different, Bani reveals she has started loving Rishi, hearing this both Shalu and Lakshmi look to her in anger, she at once puts the entire blame on Shalu, they both then run out to bring the auto. Lakshmi reveals she is only going for Rishi since he is a really nice guy, when Chacha jee explains even her father would be glad to see her going back with a smiling face, Shalu comes revealing the auto has arrived, Lakshmi takes the blessings of Rano before leaving.

Malishka with a sad face enters her room, thinking how Rishi said he cannot bear her tantrums anymore and even exclaimed if he is saying this all so she leaves him, Malishka exclaims she has forgotten everything for him, and even herself but now the only thing that will happen if their wedding and she will into let anyone come in between, she hears Neelam walking away while talking on the phone, Malishka thinks that he loves Neelam a lot and doesnot refuse her orders, he even loved her a lot but she still loves her till now, and he is going to marry her just like when he married Lakshmi. Malishka thinks she is going to make sure he becomes her old Rishi and Lakshmi becomes a stranger for them, she desires to start her plan before Lakshmi returns to the house.

Shalu and Bani help her put the suitcase, she advises them both live without any worry, Bani also suggests that she take care of Jiju but Lakshmi explains this is the reason she is going, Bani asks Shalu to never lie as she said that Lakshmi di is going because of her love for Rishi but she never said anything, Shalu replies that nothing like this is every said out front, Lakshmi di said that Rishi came to save her but in reality she came because of his relation with Lakshmi and after what happened at the bank she is sure their relation is something bigger then Love and what is the relation will remain forever.

Malishka goes to Neelam mentioning she is being manipulated as they are making her work according to her desires but even than she doesnot know anything.

Lakshmi is in the auto when she sees the Mandir so requests the driver to stop for some time, she starts praying that she get the strength to end all the problems in the life of Rishi, she accidentally drops the Parshad and wonders what might be happening that caused this evil doing, she thinks nothing wrong can happen to those who are her true people, she leaves the Parshad for the ants, and then takes another.

Rishi is in the car with Aayush who asks if he is waiting for the call but Rishi asks what did he mean because there is nothing like this however Aayush doesnot believe it, Rishi replies he is not waiting for Lakshmi to call him, Rishi informs how he doesnot understand anything about Lakshmi because she doesnot even call him, she never asks him for help even when she is in need, Aayush asks him how is Lakshmi, Rishi reveals he sometimes talks as if she knows him but just after some time she acts as a complete stranger, Aayush questions why is he acting like a typical husband as he can call her but Rishi in frustration asks him to drive fast as they are getting late.

Aayush mimics him which angers Rishi who says that Shalu says truth against him because he is a complete lunatic, Aayush exclaims she is ruining his image when Rishi replies it is the truth however Aayush says even she knows he is a nice person. Rishi replies he is just living in his own world hearing this Aayush gets angry, he stops the car threatening to call Lakshmi, Rishi orders him to end the call at once but Aayush agrees to do it on the condition that he reveal the truth, Rishi denies it all, but is forced to accept saying that Aayush was telling the truth, he accepts he is eagerly waiting for Lakshmi to call him. Aayush starts smiling.

Precap: Malishka tells Neelam and the entire family that all the attacks on Rishi are happening because of Lakshmi. Karishma agrees. A pandit (new one) tells Neelam that the other pandit was wrong and it’s dangerous for Rishi to have Lakshmi around him. Lakshmi sees Rishi in car and calls him, but he doesn’t see her. Rishi tells Aayush when Lakshmi is around, he wants her to stay around him only. Lakshmi reaches Rishi’s home. A servant informs Neelam that a girl has come who is claiming to be real bahu of the house. Lakshmi is about to step in the house when Neelam screams, no. Don’t dare to put your feet in my house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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