Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Neelam slaps Rishi for helping Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comRishi iin front of the reporters reveals that his relationship with Lakshmi is that of their hearts and it doesnot matter if they live together because they are always there for each other, he asks if he is telling the truth, Lakshmi agrees with him, he helps her sit in the taxi while he himself gets in his car.Bani calls out to Shalu, they both hug each other when Chacha jee also wishes how Lakshmi was with her sisters and so she was able to save her, Chacha jee asks her to come and they both hug eachother, Rano asks if he has finished meeting his niece then should also pay the taxi driver, Neha standing in the corner mentions nw that she has returned then must also try to stay in the house, Shalu asks if Neha is talking to her, Chacha jee mentions she is talking to herself, he asks them all to come since he has prepared a pudding, Lakshmi also asks Rano but she replies that she will first meet Guddu’s mother, Shalu questions why does she want to meet her knowing what Guddu has done, Rano replies she is their neighbor and would have to be informed about what he has done. Neha immediately takes Rano away asking what happened, Rano starts questioning if she saw her on the tv, Neha is worried about the money, Rano informs she did not get even a single dime since the police came and Lakshmi saw her in the Godown so she had to return it all.Virender is on the call while entering the house, followed by Aayush and Rishi, he asks them both to freshen up, Aayush hands the bag to Rishi, who hugs him when Aayush exclaims this would be because he saved Shalu, Rishi however replies he must listen as he just wanted to say Good night, Aayush gets mad, Virender asks him to not try and save anyone else since they have to send someone after him, Aayush starts hitting them with the cushions but Virender warns him that there would not be any fighting in the house, yet they are still hitting each other, Aayush receives a call from Lakshmi, she thanks him for his help mentioning how she did not get a chance before, he is trying to dodge the cushions, mentioning she is really nice and among the few people who is praising him, he however falls on the ground dropping the mobile, Shalu informs her that she put the mobile.Neelam slaps Rishi, she is really angry when Virender questions why did she slap him, she asks him to not question her because even he slapped her, Neelam mentions that Rishi is her son and she will do what she feels is right, Virender tries to defend him but Neelam exclaims that she has every right, Rishi informs she would be worried about him, Neelam exclaims she is glad asking does he know where he went as that Balvinder might have harmed him, she warned him a lot of times to never place his life in danger but he did not listen, she says that she could have stopped him when he was leaving with the money but she did not because she knew that these were the teachings which she has imparted on him, so she felt it was the right thing to do, he could have returned but instead he went to fight with Balvinder who is a really bad person. Rishi mentions she told her that she is his mother and knows he is doing the right thing, he went to help Lakshmi because she also has protected him each and every time without caring for her own life, but he cannot live under the help of anyone else, he just helped Lakshmi because it was the right thing to do however, he never went against his mother nor his own principles, he just felt that he needed to help her, Rishi exclaims he would have done anything for her but he really misses her since she always tends to be angry with him, he has gotten tired to defending himself in front of her, Rishi mentions that he wants his old mother back so he can remain happy, he leaves revealing that he is tired.Neelam is standing when Aayush picks the phone, Karishma threatens to see him after all this happened, Aayush however explains that he his reply would be the same with Rishi because he never said anything wrong, they all know Lakshmi has helped them a lot of times, they need to return the favour but this is not wrong, Aayush leaves taking the money with him.Lakshmi is standing when Shalu and Bani question if anything is wrong however Lakshmi replies that there is nothing to be worried about and they need to sleep, Bani mentions that she also got tired because of worrying for them all, Shalu mentions she is the one who got kidnapped, they all sit down Shalu asks Bani to close the lights, they start arguing when Bani refuses however is convinced because Lakshmi says she is going to turn off the lights.Malishka asks Neelam if she feels whatever she said was the truth, she wants to talk with Rishi however Neelam stops her saying that no one would go to meet her, she says that she for the first time slapped her son because he went against her desires which never felt nice, Karishma questions if she is feeling sorry for what happened between her and Rishi, Malishka explains then this means she is wrong however after a while explains she is also going to be the life partner of Rishi so needs to talk with him, she walks upstairs to Rishi’s room.Rishi comes out when Malishka is sitting, he questions what is she doing here, she replies she came by herself, he asks if she came to argue, Malishka questions how did he guess so correctly as he is always w4rong, Rishi replies she always does three things when they are together, she either argues, or taunts him, and starts a discussion. Malishka says she never argues but is forced to because of him, he first tells a lie then when she questions him, he tends to make a lot of stories which angers her, she holds his hand when he screams from pain. Malishka exclaims it happened because of Lakshmi, he must not expect her to give sympathy but Rishi replies he never asked her for any, he got hurt so can he not even tell her. Malishka asks him to sit down but he insists the doctor will come to apply, she asks if he is asking her to leave when Rishi assures, he just wants to sleep, she leaves in anger. Rishi wonders what has gotten into everyone because first his mom scolded him and now even she is fighting with him, and that Lakshmi would not even know what he is hearing from everyone, he lies down wondering what did he just say.Lakshmi is also in her room trying to sleep but she is just thinking about what she heard on the call, Lakshmi tries to sleep but eventually sits up, Shalu exclaims she finally woke up because Lakshmi was not able to sleep, Lakshmi apologizes asking her to sleep however Shalu mentions she is just seeing the face of Balvinder and questions what happened to her after the call since she just got quiet. Shalu threatens to wake up Bani, Lakshmi stops her revealing that she heard Mummi jee scolding Rishi as she is not happy, Shalu asks if she is angry because he helped Lakshmi, she replies that Rishi always stood by her side even when she refused to go back when Mummi jee came and she even in formed her about the Markeshdosh but she still refused, Shalu tries to calm her down, Lakshmi replies that she is feeling bad for how wrong she thought about Rishi, she thought he was selfish and even believed he is a two faced person but she was wrong as he is a really nice person, his honesty can be seen in his eyes and he can fight with everyone for her, he thinks so much about her but she never thought for him, she refused when Mummi jee came to ask her and she is now even feeling bad because he never said anything wrong to her and accepted his every mistake, Shalu starts smiling when Lakshmi questions what happened but Shalu is worried she will slap her, Lakshmi assure she will not slap her so Shalu mentions she is missing her, Lakshmi hits her on her hand when Shalu mentions she told Lakshmi would hit her so she should not have said anything, she lies down to sleep when Lakshmi thinks if she is missing Rishi, she exclaims he would not be thinking about her.Rishi lying down on the bed texts Lakshmi, wishing her Good Night, she seeing his text starts smiling and quickly replies, Rishi seeing that she replied so quickly starts smiling, both of them are lying on their beds thinking about each other.Update Credit to: Sona

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