Bhagya Lakshmi 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi vows to make Lakshmi pay for what she has done

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Lakshmi enters the house, Bani tries to stop Rishi however he is walking up the stairs when Shalu explains that there is still one ritual which is left and the judge asked them to make a video, Rishi turns questioning which ritual is left when she explains that of finding the ring, Lakshmi stops her asking what is the need for all this, Rishi replies that they need to find it so agrees but everyone is really tensed, Malishka leaves in anger when Karishma follows her, asking why is she getting so tensed when Malishka questions why would she stay to watch because both Rishi and Neelam are welcoming Lakshmi, he even agreed to perform the ritual however she cannot do anything, Karishma explains that Neelam and Rishi are not fools, they are only doing this because of the pressure from the court as Shalu is making them remember each and everything but this is just for today after which every other day would be their winning day however she must not do anything foolish like the last time as everything got ruined but Malishka questions what should she do now, Karishma advise her to always stay close to Lakshmi and focus on her because this way she would know all of her plans. Malishka realizes this might work.

Lakshmi in anger questions what is Shalu doing as there is no need for this ritual, Shalu asks if she is not liking it as she herself is really enjoying, Bani also mentions she is glad that her GrehPerwash was performed, Lakshmi says because she was threatening them after taking the name of the judge, Lakshmi warns them both to not do anything after this ritual, Shalu asks Bani to look how she is taking their side when Lakshmi says she just doesnot want Rishi to get mad with her.

Dadi asks them to see how they are once again planning when Virender asks what does she mean, she replies Lakshmi won the case and even had her GrehPerwash so now would be planning something else, Neelam comes informing them that everything is ready, they all go when Neelam is about to put the ring but Dadi stops her saying they need to first tell them otherwise they will say they were not told, she explains this ritual should not be taken as a game because the one who wins it tends to win everything in the life, Lakshmi manages to win the first round which Shalu and Bani celebrate but then Rishi wins the second time and after that when Neelam says that this is the last time still both Rishi and Lakshmi argue however she starts smiling when Rishi in frustrations takes it saying that he assured he will win everything, Rishi leaves in frustration when Virender also goes to the office saying he has an important meeting.
Shalu and Bani ask Lakshmi to get up when Malishka stops them asking if she saw how Rishi won today and since he won it this time which means that he would always win between them both, Lakshmi replies that no matter who wins but only the couple wins, because if she wins then they both win and if he wins then they both win, because this is the only way relations work with happiness, and the house so when both of them agree then the family lives peacefully, she hopes Malishka now understood. Shalu and Bani take Lakshmi away.

Malishka asks if they saw that she also had the courage, Neelam replies she started it but should have done it when the other person is forced to stay quiet but not like this, Dadi says this is all because of her as had she not talked about the divorce then they would be living happily, no one wanted to perform this ritual but were forced to, she leaves when both Aahana and Devika agree with her, Devika asks if she is calm now since she should have thought before going to get the sign, Sonia asks them to sit down when Aahana explains Malishka should be the one to understand it, Malishka questions what happened to them all as they are scolding her but it is because of Rishi so she is going to talk with him.

Lakshmi is walking while Shalu and Bani are smiling, Shalu explains that she will tell it before Lakshmi asks, she is glad because of the reply which she gave her. Lakshmi replies she doesnot want to do anything with Malishka however she instigates her, Shalu says she got jealous when Malishka came to sit beside Rishi, Shalu and Bani both explain that even the judge saw how much he loves her because he could not lie in front of the court and they were able to see how much they love her, neither Lakshmi nor Rishi would say anything to each other, Lakshmi starts blushing but Malishka is really frustrated seeing them.

Malishka goes to Rishi throwing the file, he questions what is she doing when she says that Dadi is blaming her for all that is happening, she is being blamed for Lakshmi coming into this house, Rishi questions what should he say now, she explains she is his love and responsibility so he must go and inform them all what is the truth, she requests him to control Lakshmi because he made her feel special by calling her his friend so now must take care of everything because if he doesnot then she will wrong them all especially him, he doesnot understand so she reveals that Lakshmi desires his property so will do anything for him, Rishi replies he is going to make her life hell so she will never win, Malishka smiles thinking that until Lakshmi is about to reveal her love he will teach her a lesson.

Lakshmi asks them both to stop teasing her but they hug her when she advises them both to go back home, Shalu asks Bani to go while she will come back, she informs Lakshmi that she read in the magazine but the one who has the upper hand in the first night controls the relation, Lakshmi doesnot understand explaining that he is her husband when Shalu replies this is what she meant as he must not be her boss but should only remain as a husband, Lakshmi explains that she knows it all but doesnot know what Shalu was trying to say.

Lakshmi slowly enters the room when she accidentally hits the punching bag so questions what is this, he asks if she cannot see what it is, as he is his friend whom he punches whenever he feels like and if anyone has a problem with it then should leave the room, Lakshmi assures she doesnot have any problem with it hearing which he gets worried so once again confirms, she think the reason he is doing this is so she leaves the room but she will not go anywhere, he in anger leaves the room but comes back explaining he surely wanted to give the divorce but doesnot understand why the judge did not see his intentions, she tries to talk with him however he leaves, Lakshmi wonders how will she tell him that the only reason she came to this house is to stay with him.

Malishka is sleeping when she dreams that both Rishi and Lakshmi are dancing on their first night while she is not able to do anything and is just standing there not being able to do anything, she finally manages to push them both away when they are about to get close however Lakshmi pushes her hand so she falls on the ground, Malishka wakes up from the nightmare, she is really tensed.

Precap: In night, Rishi falls down from the couch. Lakshmi tells him to sleep on the bed, but he doesn’t listen and goes back to the couch. Malishka asks her mother that Rishi and Lakshmi won’t be in the same room, right? Lakshmi remembers Shalu telling him to convince Rishi by giving judge’s name. Lakshmi tries that and Rishi comes to the bed. Malishka calls Neelam to find out. Lakshmi is adjusting Rishi’s head and Neelam sees them like that. Out of the shock, she says, they both are sleeping on the same bed. Malishka gets shocked hearing that.

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