Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Angoori and Anita’s act come to an end

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari ask Anu who is Vikram. Anu says Vikram Tuteja Boss Kanpur steel plant he is very rich guy, when my needs got increased then he helped me as a supporter. Tiwari giref. Anu says you know Tiwari when Vikarm came into my life I never felt sad I was very happy but from the time Tinku is born he behave very badly to me. Tiwari says so leave him, he cannot do anything to you. Anu says if I leave him he will kill me, few minutes back he was threatening me in call, I’m very scared and feel like if I go in that house don’t know will come back alive or jot. Tiwari says if you don’t came back then what will happen of Vibhu. Anu says I have a plan, when I go in that house and if along with me a housemaid come then I’ll feel more safe. Tiwari says then don’t worry I’ll ask Angoori. Anu says are you mad, she is innocent if he get to know about us then he may shoot us both. Tiwari says this is wired situation. Anu looks at him and says I was thinking if you come with me as housemaid then I’ll feel more safe, if you want you can help me or else Vikram will kill me. Tiwari says no need to worry whne I’m here, I’ll go with you as housemaid. Anu thanks him and he leave. Anu says now they will get to know what happen when they underestimate women.

Vibhuti disguised as lady go to Tony and greet him. Tony ask who are you. Vibhu says my name is Chom Chum Das. Tony as why did you come here. Vibhu flirt with him. Tony says stop kidding and tell who send you. Vibhu says Angoori send me here and flirts with him. Tony ask then says then let’s do a belly dance. Vibhu give him excuses. Tony says okay forget bellydance tell me what else you can show me. Vibhu says I can show you many things but I have a condition, you will release Angoori. Tony says yes I’ll release Angoori and keep you. Vibhu says okay I’ll dance and start dancing for him. Angoori seeing everything and records it and walks to them. Angoori says wao Vibhu you danced so well. Vibhu says what are you saying. Angoori says I have recorded everything in this phone and thanks to Tony.

Anu in Vikram’s house with baby. Tiwari enter the house disguised as housemaid. Anu says what are you doing here it’s not my house it’s Vikram’s what if hear us, he will shoot us. Tiwari get’s scared. Anu says forget for sometime that you are Manmohan Tiwari. Tiwari says I’m feeling nervous. Anu says we need housemaid ask her to wake. Tiwari says yes ma’am. Anu says good and ask him to start cleaning things and leave.
Vikram walks out of room calls Anita and see Tiwari, he ask him who are you and start flirting with him. Anu standing at window records everything. Tiwari says what are you saying. Vikram ask him his name. He says its Kamla. Vikram says my first wife name was Kamla and hold him tightly. Tiwari start shouting for help. Anu walks to them and ask Vikram to leave and says to Tiwari now you don’t have to act as housemaid I recorded what I want. Tiwari in shock says what are you saying. Anu thanks Vikram.

Angoori, Anu, Vibhu and Tiwari sitting in Tiwari’s house garden. Angoori and Anu watching there recordings. Vibhu and Tiwari sitting nearby. Anu and Angoori tease Vibhu on his dance. Anu says wait I’ll show you Tiwari’s video. Tiwari says please don’t show. Vibhu says why not you will also be disrespected. Tiwari and Vibhu argue. Angoori says to Tiwari you must thought earlier about this and ask Anu to show his performance. Anu show her video and they both laughing on them. Tiwari says I took this getup to save Anu from Vikram. Vibhu says I did this to save Angoori. Anu says there is no Tony he is Tunna Prasad. Angoori says yes he is from my Village and he love to act, he work in theatre so I asked him he said yes. Anu says I asked Menals brother in law and he helped me. Tiwari ask but why you want to do this. Anu says because we want to prove you that women are not sentimental foolish puppets. Angoori says she is right and we heard what you were saying about us that time we decided to take revenge. They both remember what they were saying about there wife. Anu says to them you two don’t try to consider women as fool or else we will post these videos online. Angoori says then everyone will troll you and they both leave.

Tiwari and Angoori doing pooja in hall. Angoori ask for prosperity in house. Tiwari says please help me to get my money back. Angoori says to him what are you doing what are you asking from godess is she from money collection department. Tiwari says I’m just praying. Angoori says ask her to keep blesyon everyone. Anu and Vibhu walks to them. Vibhu says he is so selfish and they both start arguing. Anu says stop atleast don’t fight in front of god. Vibhu mocks him. Tiwari gets offended. Anu says forget it, today I have also kept fast for Navratri so let me take some knowledge from her. Tiwari says you are right in that Anu. Angoori says it’s nothing like that I have learnt everything from my mom. Anu says to Vibhu are you seeing how her mother made her so good in pooja, what did your mom teach me. Tiwari says good question Anu as far as I can remember Helan only know about Chaat but don’t remember any mantra. Vibhu get’s offended. Anu says Tiwari is right and ask Angoori tell me what your mother in law taught you. Angoori says I know 500 mantra. Anu says and his mother only sing song. Vibhu says so what she is a morden women what’s your problem. Tiwari mocks him again. Angoori says stop fighting and let me tell about Navratri. Anu says yes please tell me. Angoori start explaining her about Chayatr Mass Navratri and motto and why it is celebrated. Anu says you have prove that education is only not important, devotion is also as important as studies. Everyone join there hands in front of godess.

TMT admit in hospital. Teeka shouting in pain and calling someone. Malkhan says say what you want. Teeka calls Tillu and ask can you hear me. Malkhan says I think Tillu is dead and they both start shouting. Tillu shouts shut up, I was sleeping. Malkhan says how are you available to sleep in this condition. Tillu says if you feel like sleeping then you should sleep because you feel less pain. Malkhan says with body my heart is also broken don’t know when Rusa will come console us. Teeka says to Malkhan no need to cry you remember what Saxena told us we have to do severe penance and then Rusa will kiss us on our cheeks and will say. Saxena walks in and says you should drown and die. Malkhan says what nonsense are you talking. Saxena says nonsense happen to me, today I got message from Kate and I got to know it was not Kate Winslet, it was Kate Ghaslet. Teeka ask is he Kate’s sister. Saxena says he was Pelu. Tillu says what are you saying. Saxena says I’m telling truth this Pelu was messaging me on facebook as Kate, he was playing with me. Teeka ask what about penance. Saxena says that is also nonsense forget that. Malkhan start abusing Saxena and says because of you our condition become worst. Saxena show’s his Pelu anger on Teeka. Teeka shouts in pain.

Anu says to Tiwari whenever you drop me to my grooming classes they comment after seeing you, they say why you come with this class less person. Tiwari get’s offended.

Saxena says to Vibhu this is Ouija board this help you to connect with soul. Vibhu says is it possible to call Khuja Chachi.

Saxena do the ritual with Vibhu and David

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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