Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anita’s and Angoori’s revenge

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu in home getting ready to jog. Tiwari walks in and greet her. Anu says why did you got late don’t you want to go for jogging and loos at Tiwari thinks feel like we got him and ask what happen. Tiwari says I’m in a situation, my friends birthday is coming so can’t decide what to gift him. Anu says okay how good friend he is. Tiwari says so close that if I sneex he is ready with handkerchief. Anu says if he is so close then you should know what to give, what does he like. Tiwari says he like shirt a lot. Anu says why do I feel you are talking something else tell me what you want to ask. Tiwari says okay I’ll ask you and says tell me where were you in afternoon. Anu says are you my husband or father or elder brother. Tiwari says no. Anu saya then how can you ask personal question to me it’s my life. Tiwari says okay from now on I’ll not ask. Anu says if you do it then you won’t be able to ask my any question because I’ll stop talking to you. Tiwari says okay then let’s go for jogging. She says no my mood change. Tiwari says okay and start going out. Anu calls someone and start talking on phone. Tiwari stop to listen. Anu says did he wake up okay I’ll make an excuse and will be there, oh come on do you think Vibhu will dare to stop me, don’t worry I’ll be there after all how can I leave my only love sign, okay bye. Tiwari listen everything and says what was she talking about is she living double life.

Vibhu in market following Angoori.
Anu in market Tiwari following her. She looks Tiwari in front camera of her phone.
Anu and Angoori act like meeting eachother. Angoori ask what are you doing here. Anu says I’m going for my cooking classes, so I thought of helping Vibhu because he do a lot of work. Angoori says this is great I’ll also come to eat. Anu ask her you are also going somewhere. Angoori says I’m going yo office. Anu get shocked and aays you didn’t told. Angoori says I didn’t tell so that I can surprise everyone and they both leave. Tiwari and Vibhuti listing to them from distance and says need to find out where they are going.

Tiwari follow her and says what is this place where cooking classes are going in. Man see Tiwari and start playing sound if crying baby. Tiwari see Anu with a baby and hide to see her from out of window and says who’s baby is that. Anu says what happen to my baby now I’m here. Tiwari in shock. Man walk to Anu says so you are here I thought you won’t come today. Anu says till the time my baby is here I’ll come back again and again. Man says make him quiet my ears are paining. Anu says I dare you to say anymore word for this baby or else mother of this child will take revenge and don’t forget I’m his mom. Tiwari cry and says how she could be the mom and break my trust, he walk away. Anu says to man he went and ask him to stop over acting.

Angoori in a place calling tony. Tony walks out. Vibhu spying on her says so he is Tony, bhabhi was praising his body. Tony walks to Angoori. Angoori start acting infront of him and share her feelings. Tony walks to her and says that’s why everybody treat me as Godfather and says babydoll someone is listing me. Angoori says should I go and look. Vibhu hide himself. Tony says don’t worry my three guard dogs will take care of him and ask Angoori to dance for him.

TMT in there room. Messaging eachother. Malkhan curse Happu Singh. Tillu says he has beaten us badly. Teeka says this pain will not go this way and ask Tillu for the rum. Tillu says why do you want this rum. He says I’ll message myself. Malkhan I’ll drink it to reduce my pain.

Tiwari and Vibhuti sitting together. Tiwari says to Vibhu tell me why you are not drinking. Vibhu says if I drink then everything will come out. Tiwari says then it’s okay you should not drink. Anu and Angoori in balcony listen to them. Vibhu ask him tell me why you are not drinking. Tiwari says I don’t want to drink because I may reveal a secret. Vibhuti says let’s do one thing our inner thoughts need to come out let’s count to 3 do bottom’s up and say our secret. Tiwari says Anu is having a baby with someone. Vibhu slaps him and says Angoori is dancer of a don Tony. Tiwari slaps him and they both start arguing and tell there story what they saw. Anu and Angoori listing and laughing. Vibhu says are you sur. Tiwari says yes I saw her buying shirt for someone and today morning I listen to her talking to that man. Tiwari ask are you sure dor Angoori. Vibhu says I saw Angoori talking to a man yesterday and today. Vibhu make drink. Angoori calls Anu and says now game has started and it will be more fun in future. Anu says you are right Angoori if they didn’t have said us fool then we would not be playing this game with them. Anu and Angoori excited.

Rusa at TMTs house ask them what happen to you. Tillu says we went for an interview today over there we had an fight with few boys because there was a rule, the applicant with girlfriend will be eligible for interview. Teeka says if unemployed boys like us will roam around then unemployment rate will increase. Rusa says so you fought for yourself I’m really impressed. Malkhan says if you are liking it then we are also liking it. Rusa says my Juji told me how you reveal everything about Happu Singh and now I feel I shouldn’t have written that poem for you and apologize to them. TMT says no it’s okay. Rusa says I just want us to be good friends and says take care and leave. Malkhan says she want to become friends with us. Saxena walks to them and say if you carry your practice in same way then in sometime Rusa will start loving you, think she came to your house and ask to become friend so carryon with your practice he gets a message from Kate he says she is coming to kanpur to meet me.

Anu in bathroom acts as uf she talking to her baby. Vibhu outside listing I didn’t know she could ditch ne so hard.

Angoori on phone acts like talking on phone says those small business men ar not giving you money shoot them and I’ll handle the pistol. Tiwari listen to her and get shocked

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